The Cozy Nook

Hello everyone!

My name is Gray and welcome to the Cozy Nook, where I talk about cozy mysteries and try to either replicate the recipes into ketofied goods and or try the crafts spoken about in the novels. I will be reviewing the good, the okay parts, and the just plain I-don’t-think-this-was-a-good-idea-to-read-this-book points.

A little bit about myself about two years ago, I suffered a very bad panic attack which caused a downward spiral for me. Yep, I’m going hard and heavy with this introduction, but I promise it’ll lead up to why I created this blog. You see, I have been working as a nurse for almost about six years now, while it is good money, this is just a job but not my passion. Back to the point though, I started having severe anxiety attacks after becoming licensed, it suddenly came to a point where I wouldn’t even have the energy to move. My attacks would leave me breathless and unable to roll out of bed, it would feel as if someone decided to place the Empire State Building on top of my chest.

It wasn’t until I started reading cozy mysteries and utilizing the recipes and crafts that lay in the back of the books, that I found an outlet to vent my anxieties and frustrations. In turn, I was helping to ease the strength of the attacks and the depression that would cozy up next to me after all the panic had caused.

Reading became a hideaway again, and who doesn’t love a good whodunit? But anyways, welcome once again to my page. I am glad you’re here, and I’m glad you woke up today and felt the sun on your skin. You’re alive and winning.

I hope you can laugh, rage, or possibly get confused with my antics on this page as I’m pretty sure I will go on a tangent from time to time, or I might make a recipe explode…

Until my next review! See you in between the pages. Buh-bye ^_^!


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