Tangling with Noodles and Treasure Hunting

Hi everyone,

I’m doing my check-in for the last day of the week, albeit I’m a lot later than I wanted to be. Life seems to be running at a lot faster pace than I had hoped, and I feel I’m never getting time or energy to capture my goals. I recently hit a reading slump with “Death by Dumplings,” now there’s nothing wrong with this book; it’s actually entertaining! However, I don’t know why I’ve hit this blockade in my reading challenge, and I ended up taking a detour into the romance genre with ‘Treasure Hunter Security Series’ by Anna Hackett:


So far, it’s getting me back into the swing of things since this more of a novella with hot romance, action, and an HFN ending that is swoon-worthy. To be honest with you all, I hope just a switch in genres changes my pace and ends my book reviewing slump.

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