This Coffee is Making Me Awesome

Just kidding! I actually don’t have coffee on me but I’m definitely powering through with a lovely Chai Tea from Choice Teas. Give or take it’s my day off from work, and I’m learning a bit more about myself as I go along this journey of living through passions and understanding my heart’s joys.

I’ve recently rediscovered my passions for gaming; playing visual novels and otome games (romance visual novels). I’m completely over the moon about this, because for a long time I was consumed by just working a job that I have no time to things that I used to enjoy. I was just… too tired for anything and anyone. I’d actually fake a smile or pretend that I was fine when someone needed help or needed coverage at work.

DO NOT get me wrong, I do like helping others, but I was burning both ends of my candle. It felt like I was going to crash any day soon, but I kept plastering on this smile that I was okay and that I wasn’t emotionally broken. It was mortifying to look into a mirror and see myself, dead fish looking eyes, and a face that only the graves would love to see. I was a walking cemetery.

I pretty much felt like there was no point in complaining, I had a job, a roof over my head, a loving family, and a supportive husband. Except… I was always told that there was no such thing as following dreams, and to be realistic about the world once I grew up. I’m still growing up, honestly, and what I’ve come to understand about this world. Is either you let it rule you, or you carve out your own damn path and make your damn throne.

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