Sweet Fuse and Gaming Hangovers

It should come as no surprise to anyone who reads or follows this blog that I love gaming and reading. However, I’m probably no different with gaming as I tend to drift towards ‘visual novel’ or ‘otome’ based games. I still avidly read despite if the story has dramatization and has a sort of “choose this or this” answer or path to get to such and such good or bad ending. Kinda like the grown-up version of R.L. Stine’s “Choose Your Own Adventure” except for romance or mystery in these types of games.

Recently I went back into my PSVita game log, and found this game “Sweet Fuse at Your Side” by Aksys. I had bought this game over two years ago and never completed it… Now, the reasons why I didn’t complete this game…

  1. Work (literally exhausted the shit out of me)
  2. School (extremely drained me)
  3. I was too tired to focus after having to do numbers 1-2.

I looked at this game with sadness earlier this week and then realized… I now had the time to do what I couldn’t do two years ago, and that was to finish this game. I was so determined to finish this game regardless of school, work, and also telling myself to manage my time with my other activities. Like my narration channel “The Poetic Investigator” and also my Let’s Play Channel “The Masked Gamer” 

I was damned determined to make sure I succeeded just like I had succeeded in finishing that “Bearly Departed” book for the review I had set out on doing for it. Unfortunately, I was ill equipped to record my game play for my PSVita to show what I was doing and my narration. However, I thoroughly was able to make time to play whilst maintaining my LP channel, Narration channel, juggle school work, work, and also fit my workout schedule in appropriately.

I highly suggest if anyone is looking for romance triggered games or a bit of casual gaming, that Otome or Visual Novel based games are the way to go. These games take you to another level of visual aesthetics that bring to life the imagination and, what else, give you romantic and sometimes either tragic scenes that boosts your empathy… or causes you a gaming hangover. Which is what I currently am undergoing at this given time.

I grew extremely attached to this game during this one week of gamer filled determination to finish (bad eating habits, caffeine, caffeine, and up all night gaming FTW!). But damn, it was worth all those daylight hours shifting into midnight, I got to play all the routes and unlocked the secret one that was hidden in plain sight.

I literally had my adrenaline pumping for that route, because it revealed all the necessary info needed to solve the puzzle of the game.


I felt really in my realm of with puzzle solving and romance in this game, and with the big bang of a conclusion (no seriously, that’s a pun, because shit blew up. Literally.). I was once again, satisfied and overwhelmed with emotions for a game I had completed and now… am able to check off as finished. It’s a sad thing when I become attached to characters and I have to say goodbye for a little while…

I bet you thought this was a review for the game, unfortunately it’s not, however if you do want my rating for it 9/10. Due to the fact only one route felt very abrupt and rushed, which left me feeling slightly deflated because the others had given me closure versus this one. But the game play overall was interactive, it had me hooked with trying to gather all the pieces to what was truly the greatest reveal of the big mystery at hand.

It also, reignited my determination to keep moving forward and taking a step at a time, because games are always about progress versus quick finishes and then BOOM you’re a superstar at everything. Well… really poorly represented games do have those ridiculous modifications, but in most RPG or otome games you see progress over time.

The growth of a character and how they develop is always astonishing to me, same goes for book characters, I am in love with characters changing to become better and or become a villain… (i.e. foreshadowing of this game).

But, alas, thank you Sweet Fuse By Your Side for giving me renewed vigor to keep making progress and just keep on keeping on.


If you guys are interested in this game, it is available in the Playstation store for $9.99, it is worth the money and time! Click Here <—To buy or check it out!

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This is Sharlen, over and out!

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