Ultimate Nonsense and Blah Blah

Let’s be honest, I have not been the most committed to this blog like I had planned. One the of the biggest reasons was my self confidence to keep writing, concerns with money, finding work, and most of all believing in myself. While I can write everyday and make posts on my online school, for some reason I feel more exposed on a blog than I would on my school discussion page.

It’s a bit nerve wrecking to know that I am troubled by my own insecurities, and I probably am less entertaining than most people. However, I feel what I offer would be just the typical, normal word magic that people may hope to find. If they only search deeper into the web, looking for that nook of solace and comfort.

I am just rambling now, and trying to ease my own thoughts into realizing that writing is my passion and that not everyone will be in love with my words. Hell, I am very sure my grammar mistakes will be the butt of callous comments at times or how I seem to lose track of my words.

Either way, I plan to challenge myself and pursue my dreams of continuing to write, lonely nook or not.

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