Bullet Journaling and Zombies

I’ve been told so many times that writing is easy, and that if you are an author, it should come to you naturally.

That is a big sack of lies and crap, because I struggle on a daily basis to write and even think of how to edit my manuscripts. Sure, I can find someone to edit my books, but because I am self-publishing my own novels, I am my own team. There are days I can write like I’m bleeding into the pages and fully form understandable paragraphs, other times I can only put one sentence down.

I’ve been on this constant hunt on how to find a way to keep encouraging my insecure ass to keep writing something, anything, every day, regardless of how piss poor it may read or sound to someone’s mind. But… I continue, I strive to find that Holy Grail of Writing which will make it easy to let the words from my soul just pour down like the rain on gray silver days.

One of the things I’ve realized that can help me, is Bullet Journaling, but Lordt– My penmanship is chicken scratch with monkey dong smooshed all over it. I seriously do not understand how people can get their journals to look so pristine and neat, mine looks like I had a hot mess of a drunk night. WHEN I DON’T EVEN DRINK.

It’s times like that, when I see my journaling skills, I fathom that maybe killing off a zombie hoard would be better than trying to write or journal. However, I then end up finding myself writing an outline of how the zombie hoards rise up from the ground, and the hero/heroine/protagonist must figure out the next best plan; or become one of the undead themselves.

Writing will never escape me… Even when zombies rise from the depths of my thoughts and bullet journaling makes me draw squiggly lines.


3 responses to “Bullet Journaling and Zombies”

  1. Anyone who says writing is easy is a hack. It’s work, and it’s hard, and it never gets easier. We just learn how to deal with it.

    You got this!

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  2. I tried bullet journalling but it’s not for me. I do believe that the pretty spreads on Pinterest and Instagram are the result of many years of practice. So keep going. It’ll get better.


  3. The other day, an idea for a blog post popped into my head. I was in the right place and the right time, so sat at the PC and wrote it all “from the hip” so to speak. No notes, no premeditated thoughts about structure, just the joy of splurging ones thoughts on to virtual paper.

    And then the next day, trying to tease any sort of coherent sentence out of my brain was like pulling teeth. That is the nature of writing and it happens to everyone from the humblest of bloggers to best selling authors. The key is to recognise it’s a process and that you have to put aside your feelings and apply yourself to getting the words out regardless. And on the days that it sucks, it may bring you some comfort to know you’re not alone.


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