Grimm Oranges and Sherlock Apples

The titles for my posts are so random that I feel absolutely proud that I can come up with what I feel are witty headliners. Except Grimm Oranges would probably get copyrighted and same with Sherlock Apples. Can you imagine having an orange from some place named Grimm Farms?

For certain if I had found a place that serves oranges with that name I would be jumping to see if I can find fairy tales inside them, or branded onto the peel. Although, I know some of my family members and friends would be mortified to even hear the word ‘Grimm’ in the name of a fruit. They’d probably think the oranges were charcoal colored on the inside or bled onyx liquid… wait that would be a fantastic thing for Halloween (I’ll write that down in my planner).

Then… What about Sherlock Apples? Would we find mysterious clues to heinous murders and crimes, or maybe score a random lucky ticket to meet Benedict Cumberbatch? Either way, I think I’m getting off point on what this blog was supposed to be about…

Oh, right! I wanted to talk about tales and mysteries, since they are a big part of my writer life. I have a miniature library in my room that houses several different versions of fairy tales and fables, and also classics such as Alice in Wonderland. To which I use for references, or to garner facts from when I want a character of mine to represent something from the iconic Jungian Psychology or classic storytelling archetypes. Do I even make sense…?

Practically I think I’m babbling at this point like the Mad Hatter, since I can identify with him in certain aspects and that my mind tends to go awry at times. Maybe I should of named this blog The Apples of March Hare Manor? Since the actual tea party was held at March Hare’s home, but it was called the Mad Tea Party. Which got mistaken a lot over the course of the years of the story re-tellings.

I’m sitting here drinking Tumeric tea and wondering just how out of control I sound on this blog, since I lack structure on keeping to a subject that could possibly make sense. Madder and madder I go, where do the teacups and pot fall, nobody knows…

One response to “Grimm Oranges and Sherlock Apples”

  1. I, for one, enjoy a certain lack of structure. It has an endearing “flow of consciousness” quality that seems slightly more honest than structured writing, if somewhat less thought out. It’s kinda like daydreaming on paper.


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