Terror Pods and Creepypastas

Ever have one of those long days at work and you come home and think to yourself, “man, I can sure use some tea and Creepypasta narrations.”? Well that happens to be me, because I am a weird person with fairly eccentric moments (i.e. the disaster that is my blog). I love horror stories, I love the thrill of the imagery the story being told creates for me in my mind.

Sometimes a creepypasta is so good that I will replay it over and over, other times, I’ll just sit there and wonder what the hell I just listened to. Wondering if the narrator purposely chose the story to troll the listeners or if that they had run out of options to choose from. There is always a scary story that is to die for.

My favorite story happens to be “Hachishakusama”, beware though, it sounds all nice and bright when you read the title and feel as if that the story is just pure childish. However, the reason why this story got me so good is because of the realistic nature that this story held. I won’t get into too much details on it, as it would be preferable for someone to either listen or read it.

Over time, and years of growing up, things that I had been told that weren’t real or were practically unfounded began to show signs of some truth. Call it ridiculous, it is up to you to decide, but all legends, myths, and even our childhood fairy tales contain strands of truth. Maybe the real truths of the stories had been drowned out over the many years of storytelling, just like in the game ‘Telephone’ that I would play in kindergarten.

I still get vicious chills listening to this story, it has been over a year since I stumbled upon the urban legend from Japan. However, the sounds and the storytelling still renders me speechless, even now as I listen to it … the hackles on the back of my neck stand at attention.

In need of more horror stories of the same stride? Take a look at Yami Shibai, especially “The Umbrella Goddess.”


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