Elite Dangerous – Station Approach Advice

Unidentified Signal Source

I had every intention of discussing what I was working on, but that’s earning money for a new ship. I make most of my cash doing transport missions, which honestly isn’t super exciting to talk about most of the time. Instead I think I’ll go over a few handy tips since Blaugust has some Elite newcomers.

1 – Approach Speed

So something I often found challenging was approaching a station/beacon/signal source in supercruise. It’s so easy to blow past these things due to excessive speed that I still do it regularly. It only takes one glance away.

aproach speed

The magic number here is 7 seconds. That number on the bottom is an estimate time until arrival. Your ship will attempt to slow you down on approach, but if that number goes under 7 seconds you’re almost certainly going to blow past it. I’ve recovered from 5-6 before, but even the recovery…

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