The Power of a Name (Horror and Nonsense)

know I can blaugustrebornlogo2018

Welcome back to the nonsense of Sharlen Gray!

I wanted to kinda dump the thoughts that have been haunting me since I started my journey for Blaugust Reborn. Nothing bad, but it’s more as if I have a lot of plans to keep myself motivated to keep posting everyday of this event. At the moment I’m listening to a couple of scary, paranormal, and true crime podcasts to better understand some of the material I have.

Next week will have a longer podcast event, which I’m pretty happy to be able to do, especially since it’s something I love doing. Scary stories, creepy incidents, curses, and hauntings both terrify and intrigue me. Maybe it’s because of my own haunted experiences, that I am drawn to the darkness that we cannot seem to decipher at times.

To tell you the honest truth, I never get scared by the American-made horror movies or stories, I’ve been disgusted (i.e. The Hills Have Eyes), but not enough fear to keep me scared for too long. I think the scariest movie I have seen that was American-Made was Paranormal Activity, due to the fact that it was more realistic for me.

However, the movies that I would never watch again no matter if you dare me to would be Asian-made movies (I’m glaring at you The Ringu, The Grudge, Teke Teke, and The Red Shoes). Just wanted to say before I keep going, I did watch the regurgitated versions Hollywood created of a few films, and was sorely depressed with all the effects that were added. It kinda just made it like a funhouse of horrors than something to strike terror into my spirit and leaving me walking around with a bowl of salt everywhere.

Which brings me to my podcast for next week, I will be discussing what I feel are the top scariest legends of Asia with added dramatizations I’ve created. I will be trying my best to utilize my creepypasta skills to recreate different voices. Hopefully, my voice lessons paid off and I can get by. Until next time everyone, keep blogging!

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