Testing at GenCon

Ocarina Farms

Today our info is a little different, but still succinct, because I’m tired and it’s 9pm and we still haven’t eaten dinner yet. Butter Chicken is cooking in the instant pot, but still, a hungry tired Rina is not the most eloquent or verbose of people.

For me, GenCon today was all about testing out new games. I got to demo a bunch by Greater than Gaming (GTG) and got a free pin for trying out a bunch of games. I will do a post later on pins, because i am becoming obsessed.


Of the GTG games I tried I really did like Layzer Riders, an Eighties Tron-esque game, and the Elder Gods game they have.

I also play tested a tap battle game that I think will be really fun if they just fix a few issues, I have to check how much I can say about the game…

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