Moose Mug, Notifications, and Keto Biscuits

Unfortunately, as much as I would love for this to be my beloved Fox Club from Voltage Inc Games. It is not, but I thought that having this little picture was fun to have versus my scary ones for my podcast. To be honest, my podcast has a life of its own, I actually had thought I would only be doing a few creepy stuff on it.

However, as I kept going with the podcast and researching I discovered a new passion and creative side I didn’t see of myself until I replayed the podcasts. As of this time, I am going to continue working on creepy and scary podcasts, and mixing them with some creepy pastas.

Scary stories are there for entertainment, but also, I feel they are lessons of making the wrong choice for selfish reasons. I think this all to myself as I bake ketofied biscuits, concoct keto gravy, and drink my bulletproof coffee. I wish I could be on my computer but it is too hot in the office to do my work, so I am working from my ‘mobile’ unit.

You see, my husband is a techie geek, and he loves crafting ways to be either mobile or gamer stationary. Hope that makes sense, but he built my computer, and for times when I need my basic writing tools and I’m on the go. He bought certain gadgets and downloaded apps onto my iPad that I didn’t think were imaginable from my stand point until now.

I love him graciously for making these back up routes for myself in case of the writing emergencies I need to do. LMAO. It is going to be in the high 90s today, and my house has no AC unit, and the fans are useless in this case of dry heat and humidity. I’m taking refuge downstairs in my kitchen with a cold iced keto coffee and praying for autumn to roll in faster.

I don’t usually have a set theme of what I talk about, I feel that writing like this is more as if I’m having a conversation with readers. That way, you get a better idea of how I think and how crazy I am *wink wink*; so think of this as a coffee date then. Who wouldn’t love that?

Earlier last week, I suffered a bad blow with depression, it kept me awake and haunted me for a majority of my nights. Staring at the ceiling and watching shadows from my memories dance across plaster and white paint. These memories are never the kind ones, it’s always the self doubting and angry ones that help fueled my anxieties to the monsters they have become.

During these times… I only get three hours of sleep if the monsters in my head allow me that much time. After the week of depression ceases, my sleeping patterns turn me into a sleeping log, where I’ll sleep for twelve hours for two days before my sleep cycle becomes normal again.

Hm… maybe the host club thing wasn’t a bad opener. I usually played that game because I needed someone to talk to or overall made me feel slightly better with words. That is the power of visual novel games and Otome games, allowing me to be someone else that faces different scenarios of problems to help me solve my own.

I think I’ll end up doing that now, since I’m a bit ahead on my work schedule for school and my writing for my novel. Keep blogging Blaugusters!!

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