I’m a bit late to the party today on writing a blog, but this will be uber short. Since the end of July I was hired on to be an editor, by an extremely talented webtoon artist, for a comic called “Desires of the Heart.”

It has been fulfilling for me, and it helps put my degree to work and gain experience. However, due to recent changes to webtoons policy about NSFW comics, I feel it puts a restriction on the artists creative side.

So with a heavy heart we had decided to detach from webtoons sometime this month, and move to

But… because we plan to do a reboot on the webtoon artist and I have hired on another helpful team member. Who happens to be “one hell of a proof reader” 😂😂😂, to help us bring out the best in this webtoon when we relaunch it.

Instead of the original black and white version:

We’ve now upgraded to this:

While I am very sure we are going to have a lot of people complain about colors and lines. We understand, but the problem we have is that the webtoon artist does this all on a very paleolithic platform….

She draws everything with a pencil and scans it to a computer, then she uses a very old version of Adobe illustrator to draw in the lines. We barely actually figured out how to use color for it as of recent, but it’s been hella fun to learn and create with her.

And if I haven’t mentioned it yet, the webtoon artist is my talented older sister

And I go by the Evil Editor:

August has been ONE HELL of a game changer for me. I’ve lost and found myself, and realized I can’t just settle for less anymore for myself. I also found the inspiration to keep doing what I do best, and my hope is to continue inspiring others to do the same.

Keep on blogging Blaugusters!! See you tomorrow 😊

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