Run Run Run–Alice!

Please don’t let me die waiting for your touch, this mysterious maze holds us in a blind game of trust.

My heart is shattered, fragments of it’s shadow are fluttering in the wind.

Is there a way for the pieces to be put back together? Will you make me whole again?

I’m dreaming in a state of love and ultimate despair, my soul is hanging in that delicate balance.

The cards of the game are on display, but everyone is dressed in lavish masquerade.

Must we choose to hide our true fate behind emotions that are chained?

I’ve fallen down the rabbit hole; into the land that has more mystery than wonder.

Time is spinning backwards, the hourglass is spilling sand into air.

Have we lost to the game that is called fate, will I never feel your touch?

Please hold out your hand for me to grasp in this labyrinth called life,

release my soul and shed light on my shattered heart.

Don’t let me fall any further, don’t cast my darkness aside,

for I need you to accept all of me to awake from this dream.

So breathe me in and hold my like your last breath,

kiss my lips and bring me to life.


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