I Wonder, I Wander

I’ve lit candles that are scented of the seasons to come, welcoming the entities of autumn and winter to come upon swift feet. While in the area I live in California will never be blessed with the beauty of snow, the nip of winter on my cheeks and seasonal favorite drinks will do. I’m always finding myself longing for cooler and less sunny days than others, I feel more at peace when the sky is colored white and gray, and rain escapes the heavens.

Today, I’ve disconnected myself from my computer and sat myself on my mobile platform (I.e. IPad, Bluetooth keyboard, and a portable folding desk), for I felt that I was drowning myself too much with electronic media. Sometimes I will find myself stuck to the computer, and while it is my passion to write, I get drawn to social media areas and attract bad mojo to myself.

One of the bad mojos, is self doubt, and contracting too much negative energies from posts that just reek of nasty vibes and ill intent. I’m an empath, or to be more straight forward, a witch. I’m fairly certain I’ll have a few people guffaw and give me the ‘you read Harry Potter a little too much’ spiel, but you are entitled to your opinions and statements, as I am to my own.

I realized that I stopped utilizing my skills for some time with my magic work, and that’s not something I like doing. I know these things usually happen when I focus too hard on something that I am not fully enjoying anymore, but it just ends up eating the last of my energy that I forget to take care of my own spiritual needs.

A walk in nature, or sitting in the garden will do the trick to elevate my vibrations and heighten my senses. Lighting candles that focus on the seasons that energize me help bring me centered as well, as well as holding my beautiful familiar. Ms. Jasper-Onyx, who seems to be infatuated with a fly at the moment, has always stuck her pretty little claws in my buttocks to remind me to breathe and step away from my computer to reevaluate my chakras.

Also, as I’ve taken a step back and heard the familiar whispers of the wind, and my intuition calling out from the darkness. I realize there’s still much for me to really think and discover to keep doing what I love, and manifest it properly. Writing has been my outlet for as long as I can remember, as I pull out plenty of books with mismatched passages and scribbles from years passed…

So I will write my intent here, as I wonder and I wander through this journey of life.

I will manifest my passions into reality, I will breathe the intentions of my heart and release that intent into the universe. Only love and light may pass to my domain, for I am the seeker of the truth, passions, and the maker of my dreams.

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