Bad Apple Inc: Outfoxed Excerpt



Bad Apple: Foxed Excerpt

The smell of human exudation and sex hormones were formidable from where Kizuna Eiri stood in the crowd of party goers in the club. It was enough to make her want to rip her own nose off from the excess smell of cheap cologne and highly alcoholic perfumes that resonated in the oxygen in Club Lune. But there was also another scent in the air that made her almost want to reel from impending fear, it was an undeniable musk that made her legs begin to quake. Wolves. The club was owned by wolves, and not just by a small Omega pack that usually run these kinds of establishments. No, as she took another whiff of the air and scented out Alpha and Beta wolves, at least more than twenty of them lurking somewhere around the club.

“You can do this.” Kizuna chanted to herself, she couldn’t lose her nerve now that she had come this far. She wouldn’t have come here if it weren’t for a tip that her second eldest sister, Kaya, may be here. It had been over three months since her sister had suddenly abandoned her and their family in Yama Horo. Kizuna felt her mind slip back to that day when she had come from her routine of running through the hollow, the look of grief on her family’s faces as she came into the den. Kaya was to be the next in line to take over the Eiri Den, since the death of first eldest sister who had been slain by the clan for a betrayal so horrid to speak of, her family had sworn to never speak of such disloyalty ever again. There was much speculation that Kaya’s departure was due to her resistance to be married to someone that was not of her choosing, which resulted in her abandonment of the Eiri Den. The clan elders of Yama Horo deemed that she was to be hunted, brought back to the hollow, and then slain before the clan elders for such insolence.

Kizuna bit her lower lip as she brought herself back from her reverie, she wanted nothing else than to see her eldest sister happy… She gulped, which meant she was also willing to find her beloved sister and give her money to get her the hell out of dodge. Kizuna scanned the dark club, her eyes having a hard time adjusting due to the damned laser lights and disco orb of ridiculousness above her. She closed her eyes again and inhaled, a trickle of fear tingling down her spine. The wolves’ essence was getting stronger, meaning they were closer to her than earlier.

From her own history lessons from her mother, wolves were notorious, territorial killing bastards, and she was a fox in the wolf’s den. Kizuna exhaled a strangled breath, she was already on enemy grounds and none of them had noticed her scent when she came in. She was sure her scent was masked with the Kitsune ward she had conjured before coming into this glory hole. Kizuna ground her teeth, it was now or never, she had to find Kaya, and standing around with underdressed teens and junkies was not going to get her anywhere.

“What do we have here?” Kizuna froze as a warm breath caressed her ear, the deep brogue of the man made the blood for her face drain. Wolf. Shit. Run. Out of instinct Kizuna dropped to the floor and morphed into her fox form shedding her clothes in her transformation. She was lucky the club was dark and the only lighting was black lights and lasers, giving her cover from the humans. Her fox form darted between legs, ping ponging between drunk men and women who were obsessed with the hardcore beat that pumped through the speakers in the club. Kizuna made another sharp turn passing a couple eating each other’s face out before taking cover under a table by the bar, her heart rushing waves of adrenaline to her brain.

She glanced around her surroundings and realized she had sprinted across the huge dance floor without being noticed, but then again everyone was too intoxicated to even care if they felt either a breeze or a tickle against their legs to give a shit. Kizuna twisted her head to focus her eyes at a door across from her table that was guarded by two big wolves. Her nose twitched as she sniffed the air and grimaced. Her heart rate was skyrocketing as she smelled the familiar scent of jasmine and rich earthy musk, Kaya had been here. Kizuna maneuvered her way underneath other tables, careful whipping around the drunk patrons as she got herself closer to the door. The two burly wolves guarding the entrance were menacing, and looked like they could snap her body in half with one punch to her gut. She needed another way into the back room, if her nose and intuition was right, her sister Kaya had either been back there or, Kizuna hoped, maybe Kaya was still here, alive.

“This must be the Lune Lair,” Kizuna thought to herself as she recalled from what her source had told her about the club. The VIP back room known as the Lune Lair, was more so a sex dungeon, rather than a calm reprieve area for hardcore dancers and drunks. A click of a swinging door opening and closing caught Kizuna’s attention, surveilling the room, Kizuna saw the open kitchen door.

“I can do this,” carefully, Kizuna moved towards the bar, once getting to it, she pressed herself against the wood while she slithered her way under stools and dodged kicking feet. As if by a stroke of luck, before her stood a rolling cart of dishes, as much as it was disgusting it would mask her scent a little from the wolf who had found her. Holding her breath, she dove into the cart, just as the bust boy began wheeling it into the kitchen. The cart rolled its way through the open kitchen doors, Kizuna buried herself deeper into the filthy helpings of leftovers in the dray. The stench of half eaten raw steaks and elk, was beyond foul and had her tearing up, but it couldn’t cover up the dominant smell of virile male wolves in the kitchen.

Please don’t smell me, Kizuna pleaded as the cart made another turn into the back of the kitchen.

“Daryl, come help me with this stuff before you wash those dishes.” A gruff voice called out from behind her, the deep baritone made her heart race as she heard footsteps come bounding close to the cart. Oh Gods, please don’t let him smell me! She was quivering now, as the wolf came up to the bus boy.

“I’m coming, I just need to put these on the counter,” the boy, Daryl, responded as he started to lift the bottom tray that she was in. Shit.

“Boy, we have a full bar of drunk idiots who need to be served. Do those damn things later,” the wolf responded as he turned on his heel with Daryl following after him.

Kizuna could hear her heart in her head as the foot falls became incoherent with the kitchen sounds, “stay calm… Do what you came here to do.” Sliding herself out from the tray she grimaced as a piece of lettuce and a squirt ketchup clung to her fur. When this was done, she was going to have a nice hot shower. Gods, did she also have Buffalo sauce on her? Settling her paws on the floor she looked around for an exit, the dirty dishes cart wasn’t going to keep her covered forever and she had to find another way to the Lune Lair. As if the Gods were answering her questions, she glanced up to see a vent, and there were boxes stacked in a staircase like fashion leading to it. Taking another look behind her to make sure no one was watching, she began to hop onto the boxes as quietly and swiftly as possible. Making it to the top, she let out a soft sigh. “Almost free,” with her teeth, she pulled at the tip of the old screen that covered the vent, the metal frame came off with a low groan causing her to freeze and prick her ears up and look below. Relief washed over Kizuna as the kitchen staff didn’t seem to hear it, or maybe the cacophony of the club and kitchen noises overcame the sound of the vent being peeled off. With one more look again to check that no one had heard or seen her, Kizuna slowly positioned herself to enter the vent.

“And where do you think you’re going, love?” Her blood turned to ice as she the voice from earlier spoke out to her from below, Kizuna slowly turned her head towards the male, every muscle in her body froze as she saw the alpha male standing in front of the boxes. Kizuna hadn’t even heard him approach. She didn’t even smell him!

She eyed the wolf cautiously as he began to approach, his liquid gold eyes held onto her, almost as if he was devouring her. His black hair was tousled a bit, as if he had been running around, mostly likely because of her. From Kizuna’s judgement, he was tall as hell, and while he wore a fitted suit, even she could sense the lethal aura beneath the exterior. Her gaze roamed over him, if she wasn’t scared for her life about wolves and the fact she was on a mission. She would have complimented the wolf for looking well refined and ask if he was Adonis in another life. Kizuna immediately brushed the thoughts aside as she started to move closer to the vent, her eyes still on the wolf.

“If you come down from there now, I will not hurt you little one.”  His voice was sounded like liquid heat, coaxing her gently to come to him.

Like hell he won’t, Kizuna growled out of nervousness. Sensing that he was going to pounce, she sharply turned into the vent and made her hindlegs kick out hard to send some of the boxes falling as she escaped into the ventilation system. A howl of frustration enveloping her as she scurried through the vents, away from the predator that she knew, would hunt her down.

Alasdair Ward howled as he saw the vixen jump into the small vent, the wolf in him roared as instincts over took him. If the fox wanted to be hunted, he would show her who would win this game.

Alasdair turned to look at a group of his men who had gathered behind him, “how did none of you smell the fox in here?” A few men gulped, while others looked away from his glare, “Do not stand here, track her, find her, and bring her hide to me.” He pushed passed his men, and then shot a challenging stare to all of them, “did you not hear me?” The wolves out of fear, dropped what they were doing and spread out from the kitchen and into the club area. Alasdair reached into his pocket and held a piece of the stray vixen’s clothing that she had dropped when he first tried to approach her, up to his face as he inhaled her scent, his feral side bellowed as he took in her aroma. When he had been scoping the crowd to oversee the drunk patrons, Alasdair had thought he was imagining the exotic smell of jasmine and cherry blossoms. The tantalizing smell stirred the wolf within him to find the source, he had stalked through a crowd of teens and college kids when he saw her. The vixen stood in the center of a crowd with a concerned look on her eloquent face, through the dark lighting of the club he could see her porcelain skin glow like the moon. Her eyes reflected the color of the earth, a deep burgundy and russet that entranced him, and full lips that made him eager to want to see if she tasted as good as she smelled. Black hair the color of ash that was tailored into a pixie cut that highlighted her oriental features, he felt his wolf eagerly command him to claim the beautiful creature before him. Alasdair growled as he remembered how she reacted when he only wanted to talk to her. He shook his head as he tried to fight the feral urges threatening to take over, his human side wanted to talk with the female, his wolf however, wanted to throw her over his shoulder and take her somewhere quiet to ravish her. However, that chance was now gone, and if his little fox wanted to play with wolves. “So be it,” he chuckled.


Crawling through the vents with limited light truly sucked hairy coconuts, Kizuna grumbled as she scurried around in the dark and knocked her noggin into a few dead ends. Her thoughts mulled over the fact that she could use her Kitsune Magick wards and create an opening, however, if she did that, she knew it would send a ripple of energy through club, and almost any wolf, vampire, or creature that held magick in the vicinity would know she was there. Banging into what seemed like the twentieth metal wall, Kizuna abruptly came to a halt as a familiar scent bombarded her senses, her sister’s essence lingered somewhere close by. Kaya must have been brought here, hope flickered inside her as she paced her way towards the aroma. After what seemed like an eternity of zig-zagging, Kizuna found herself in front of a vent that practically emanated her sister’s scent. Pushing her nose against the screen, she sniffed, she could smell faint traces of other creatures having been in the room, but the one that seemed to stand out even higher was Kaya’s. Slowly with her paws, Kizuna began to push against the grate, the vent not making as much noise as started to give way, until the last nudge. Suddenly the steel covering made a horrible scrunching noise as it peeled off the wall and fell onto a couch below her. Kizuna flinched, her body frozen as she could smell the mixed scents of fox, wolves, and jackal permeating the room, almost completely making her want to choke from the stink. Her heart was hammering again as she listened for anyone coming, instead she was met with a pained groan from below. Kizuna felt herself jump down into the room, her body shifting from fur to human flesh. The pads of her feet softly landed onto the rough patch of carpet which sheared into her skin as she crouched down in all her nakedness. Her eyes went wide as she didn’t know what to think as she observed whips, chains, St. Andrew’s Cross, and collars that hung on hooks. It was a dungeon alright, Kizuna assessed as she stood up and looked for the source of the groan in the room. Her heart rate coming down as she realized that there was no one in the room, and that the noises were permeating from the room next door.  Kizuna felt like bopping herself for jumping in without really assessing the situation, she had thought that maybe, maybe, her sister was in here. She closed her eyes, letting the embarrassment of acting on impulse slide away as she sniffed again and got a whiff of sex, sweat, human and animal secretions. The odor slithering its way around her nostrils, as she tried not to gag while she treaded lightly towards the bed. Kizuna sucked in a sharp breath as she smelled her sister’s scent was getting even stronger as she approached the divan. The sheets may have been changed several times from others’ using the room, but it was there, her sister had been shackled to this bed. Kizuna felt her body react to a moment of thinking of what it would be like to be taken by the alpha male that was chasing her.

“Focus, stupid!” She snarled at the fox part of her, she needed to think clearly, what if Kaya had been forced? She bit her lip, as she pressed a firm hand against the mattress. Kizuna let the smell of pheromones of primal feral males sink into her senses, closing her eyes she felt her body shift to fox as she came on top of the bed. Putting her nose down onto the sheets, she dug her way to the actual padding of the bed until she caught a whiff of her sister’s aroma. Three alphas had been in this room with Kaya, the animal fluids were evident, jackal, fox, and coyote. A shiver ran down through her as she imagined the thought of the males holding her sister and doing a forced mating in the chamber. Even as the thought ran through Kizuna’s mind, her feral side decided it would pop another image of the handsome alpha wolf about to ravish her senseless. “Oh, for the love of the Gods, stop it.” She practically yelled aloud at herself, one of the curses of being a Fox-Born was that while your human side could be rational, the animal side always had a penchant for being horny or ridiculous at the worst times. Forcing herself off the bed, she drilled it in her mind that her time was short and that the wolves would find her soon, she needed to get out of here. Jumping off the bed she was about to pad her way back to the open vent when voices and rushing footsteps caught her attention, voices of women resounded in her ears. Frantic, Kizuna looked around the room until she found the laundry basket. Thoughts of rubbing her body against unknown bodily fluids made her grow rigid, but as she heard the door lock for the room start turning, Kizuna bolted for the couch and jumped into the basket.

“We better hurry, Master Ethon wants it set up for the next set of guests who are coming.” Kizuna heard, as she struggled to not gag from the fumes of stink that clouded her nostrils. Oh yeah, I am going to scrub my skin off as soon as I am home.

“I would love it if Master Ethon tie me down,” the woman squealed as she threw sheets into the laundry basket, which made breathing even more harder for Kizuna as she continued to try and remain calm, whilst being suffocated with unknown bodily fluids. Oh no, Kizuna paled, this sheet has urine on it. Oh Gods…

“I would much rather have Master Alasdair do it, mmmm, the way that man wields a flogger. I’d let him do sweet torture to me anytime.” Kizuna should have been appalled at what these women were talking about, whips, chains, collars, sex toys were far too extreme for her own likes. But as she felt another load of acrid sheets landed in the basket, she couldn’t help but feel a twinge of curiosity about what they spoke of.

“That’s the last of it, let’s drop this off in the laundry room.” Suddenly the basket was lifted, and she felt herself floating until her ass landed in a rolling bin with a nasty spank, a squeak of pain escaping her jaws.

“Did you hear something?” Kizuna curled herself tighter at the bottom of the bag, dirty sheets be damned.

“I think it’s just the cart, it’s old ya know?”

She held her breath as the women fell quiet for a few moments before, she felt the cart begin to roll in a slow pace through what seemed to be an endless hallway. Kizuna’s breathing was shallow, but she could feel herself starting to lose oxygen from what seemed like an eternal walking spree. Suddenly the cart jerked immediately to the right and Kizuna heard a door swing open.

“Okay, we’ve got other rooms to do. So, let’s go, maybe we can get rewarded for doing good work!”

If she had enough air, she probably would have had the energy to roll her eyeballs at this comment. Keeping herself as calm as possible, she waited for the maids to leave, as soon as she heard the door swing shut. Kizuna transformed into her human form and climbed out as if she were in a basket full of spiders, she felt nauseous from all that she had endured for the last few hours. She now knew that Kaya was alive, and that she could have possibly ran off with three alpha males, or had been kidnapped. Either way, now was not the time to think over her findings, it was time to get out of here. But as Kizuna stood there, she realized she hadn’t thought up of an escape plan.

“Shit,” Kizuna looked at the scent ward that she had placed on her hand, the magick was already fading, and the wolves would soon catch her scent and find her. Panic flooded her as she noticed no vents or windows were in the laundry room, turning her head, she looked at the swinging door and noticed costumes hanging on the side. Going to the clothes, she gasped, leather bras, underwear, latex suits, and a wide variety of naughty costumes hung neatly before her.

“When in damn Rome,” Kizuna rubbed her temples as she made a grab for a black suit that rivaled that of Catwoman and matching black combat boots. God, I hope I don’t look like an idiot. The latex glided onto her flesh, and conformed to her body like a second skin, a strange heat began to build inside her stomach as she moved lithely in the suit. The feel of the attire against her body, made her heart begin to race as her nipples strained against the front of the fabric.

“Stop it.” She snarled as she took a pair of cat eyed black goggles and placed them over her eyes, and for the hell of it Kizuna grabbed a whip. “I’m already insane for coming in here, might as well go all out.”

Stepping out of the room, she sniffed the air and then looked both ways. Good. No one was close enough to the laundry area to see her and ask her what she was doing in the laundry room. Carefully, she walked back the way the maids and her and come from, turning a few corners, she managed to pass by a few couples who stared at her with interest. Kizuna kept a straight face as she hurriedly walked faster. She knew there had to be another exit close by, making another turn she began to jog, the heavy footfalls of her boots echoing along the halls.

“I should of chose the kitten heeled boots,” Kizuna growled at herself as she finally found a sign that pointed to an exit, she was almost home free. A sigh of relief washed over her as she found the door, now all she needed to do was disable the alarm and get the hell out of here. Touching the steel frame to freedom she began to look for the wiring to shut off the warning system, when a familiar hot scent engulfed her. Wolf.

“You are a very bold lass.” A voice came to her, like sweet honey and liquid chocolate pouring down her throat. “But I think it’s time we put an end to this hunt, unless you want to get rough punishment.”

Kizuna turned to face the wolf from before, a devilish grin spread across a fanged mouth as she watched the wolf give her a slow appreciative once over, Kizuna felt her body warm to his gaze. It was as if he was already pinning her down and touching her, “come now, vixen, or I’ll have to do something that you’ll live to regret.”

“You’ll regret ever meeting me, wolf,” As the words left her lips, she took hold of the whip by her side, gripping the handle and swinging it forward. A loud crack emanated in the hall way as the whip made impact and slashed open the golden eyed wolf’s shirt, good lord he was ripped. Kizuna looked up just in time to see him lunge, she immediately shifted to fox form and heard the man knock into the door. Alarms blared as she realized he had opened the door with his impact, without hesitation, she fled through the opening and out to the concrete. Kizuna’s adrenaline pumping through her, as she picked up speed. She was about to let out a laugh of triumph when she heard the baying of wolves. A shiver ran across her spine as she didn’t dare look back, the orchestra of howls that reached her ears told her one thing. The wolves were declaring a fox hunt. She was royally screwed.

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