About Me and Otome

 This was an original questionnaire from AminoOtome!

1. What are you currently playing?

I’m currently playing London Detective Mysteria, I’m quite intrigued with the presentation and also the use of historical figures in it. I’m wrapping up my playthroughs with Code: Realize and I wanted to keep with the historical theme for the time being. You’ll most likely see Hakuoki in the future on my feeds.

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2. What’s your favorite genre?

I’m a historical type of girl, but I’m open to all genres that are well written and enticing in otome. There’s something about traveling back into time and seeing a different culture that hooks me, but that possibly can also be related to my book-dragon tendencies as well.

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3. What’s your favorite game?

Sigh, this one is gonna hurt to speak about. My favorite game was Castle Break by NTT Solmare, which was unfortunately taken down along with other very beautiful games. I have a few of my CGs left to remind me about the beauty and wonder of this game, it had a valuable cast that I really couldn’t choose between anyone to like because they all were written so well. It was also a puzzle game with a brave heroine who also suffers temporary amnesia, but she’s amazing! I honestly wish this game wasn’t gone, but it still captivates me even now, and the music was so beautiful AFKGSH;:KKH!!@! ugh I miss it!!

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4. Who’s your favorite character?

Well if I could make a list of them it would go on forever, however, I’ll probably just drop the top three in here.

#1 Yuta Kajima, I’m a sucker for the funny guy since I’m always so serious about everything outside of the internet.


#2 This guy had me at “I’ll change your future.”

#3 Noah, okay, he is too cute for words for someone who is (SPOILER ALERT) a God.

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5. What’s your least favorite game?

Hoooo boy… Uh… This is a loaded question and I’ll just plead the fifth as the game that came to mind is beyond popular.

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6. Who’s your least favorite character?

Well, I can say it freely here. Eisuke Ichinomiya of Kissed by the Baddest Bidder. I prefer his free party version over his paid one any day. I can’t just wrap my head around someone being such an asshole every new passing chapter he’s given. I really did try to like him, but the way he always went and just left the MC hanging high and dry on several occassions… I can’t condone it, even if they tried to write a redemption for it. He shouldn’t need a redemption, if he truly loves the heroine, don’t put her in situations that make us question you.


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7. Who’s the hottest character?

Well… that’s a bit hard too, because a lot of otome men are hot. They’re ikemen HAHA XD. However, I guess for someone who is far beyond attractive I guess it’ll be this guy:

He seemed like a punk in the beginning but he turned into a cinnamon roll, and his eyes really get to me in certain CGs that I forget where I am at times, including one of the first CGs you get with him where he’s pretty much almost naked. He states that he must have undone his clothes in his sleep, which is possible but at the same time… I have no idea if that can possibly be true. However, it made a good fangirl CG:


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8. Which game has the best soundtrack?

I have two games that I love the soundtrack from… One being Castle Break and The Men of Yoshiwara

The music still haunts me to this day.

I actually bought the album from Itunes when they stated it was on sale XD

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9. Who’s your ‘type’? (eg. tsundere, yandere, childhood friend etc)

My type varies, but I usually find myself drawn to either the friendly-childhood type or mysterious type… WHICH GETS ME INTO A LOT OF TROUBLE…

I looked at him when I got the Amnesia game and was like OKAY YOU! Then…. Yea LOL, still love him though

Let’s not forget this one either….

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10. Do you prefer free or paid games?  

 I prefer paid games, I have very little patience at times to do all the random haggling of the free games. However, I guess it’s because when I get home from work, I don’t want to go through 4-5 different motions to get a GOOD or GREAT ending. I prefer being able to buy the game and be ensured that I can get all endings and not have to wait another seven weeks to redo a route to get another ending.

uh... yea

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