Otome Prologue


1. How did you discover Otome?

>>>I discovered Otome a few years back when I had the PS3 when Otomate came out with this special edition for Hakuoki. My husband bought it for me when I was still into only playing RPGs, and while I did have a PSP, there wasn’t much for me to get into during those early years. Sadly, I didn’t take a full leap into Otome Helldom until later as while we did buy this for me, I was unable to play it until late 2014 when I moved overseas…

>>>> My first official game was Hakuoki…

BUT… Due to my professional work life at the time, it was incredibly hard to play on my PS3 and get time to play. Working in the medical field was tough, and the short breaks I was allotted was horrendous. However, apparently, the Otome Gods weren’t ready to give up on getting me to join the armada. I had been reading Gintama at the time and there was an advertisement for this game called My Forged Wedding with this dude on it:

I decided, okay… It’s a story and I haven’t had time to read my romance novels, maybe this is a good segue… And Boom…

I never came back LMAO.

  2. What was your first game?

>>>My first game is Hakuoki, but due to the difficulty of my work schedule and life I couldn’t get in the playtime like I wanted. However, my real first official game was My Forged Wedding, I never looked back thanks to these guys…

The Pervert, Saeki (still lots of love for him)
Takao, The brotherly type who can’t take a hint
Yammy-kun, the tsundere
Yuta the adorable comedian
Kuni, The Uncle and the mature one (sometimes mature…)
I have no idea why this didn’t upload at first, but REN-BABY. His broccoli hate is immense LMAO

3. Who was your first character?

>>>>My first character was … of course, the one who was free to read at the time Yamato Kougami:

He was actually cute, and I found his little quirks like talking to his roomba RELATABLE. Okay guys, don’t ever grow up, because you do end up talking to your roombas or inanimate objects MORE than when you were a kid. The fact he can cook was a plus, since I like cooking too, but he did give me some heart attacks through his route; nevertheless, he’s got a place in my heart for bringing me into the fandom.

4. Whom did you first fall in love with?

>>>>In MFW, I fell in love with the LAST PERSON I even considered an option. I am straight up someone who gets too serious at times, I blame my work ethic and my Capricorn rising sign for making my outlook on things all too serious. So when I saw this dude and his info…

I was not fairly enticed with him, not only that, he shares the name of someone I know in real life so it would of been awkward as hell. However, having burned through everyone’s route and the sequels weren’t even up yet, I dove right in and I fell in love very fast and hard for the guy.

Least to say, when I officially joined the otome armada, my new family on tumblr were quick to point out a few things about him and his Yandere-like tendencies.

 However, that’s another post for another time.




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