If I Was One of the Male Love Interests of Otome Games…

Original Challenge is on Amino.

This was a challenge placed in the Otome Amino awhile back that was sent to the Mods, the purpose was to see who we identify closely with as a male character in a game. For me, this was fairly interesting, as there seemed to be only one person who came time mind when the question was prompted.

Introducing the Mysterious Genius Scientist, Lucien:

Lucien 2

Lucien is a neuroscientist that works in the Lucien Bioscience Research Center. He is also a professor at the Loveland University and guest stars on a few shows that the MC creates.

He has a detached personality and he speaks like he is always monotone of something. However, when you work in the medical field or anything related to it in some way, you tend to develop that tone over the years…  Anyways, there are times that he shows distinctive possessiveness and flashes his emotions here and there. In the public eye, he friendly, easy-going, and seems calm, and can be exceedingly flirtatious and romantic. However, don’t let all of what I say fool you, as you progress through his story you find out Lucien’s “sunny” persona is a mask his more sinister self. (Fandom Wiki)

Let’s get started.

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His Looks and Work Outlook

>>I take pride in my work and helping others. I’m drawn to certain core values that I pursue both in medical and science, which is a commonality that Lucien and I share. There is an innate need to study, implement, and assess a situation to give us a proper pathway to what we desire. Hence, a serious attitude towards work, caring for patients, and experiments.

>>His looks, honestly, we both dress the same way for work which was funny as hell when I first met him in Mr. Queen’s Love. I was rubbing my eyeballs and asking ‘why does this man wear almost the same thing I do… When he’s a scientist…?’ However, it’s not a bad thing considering we also both have dark hair, brown eyes, and speak to people in the work field and personal life the same way.

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Working in Medical and Science

We both share a common industry, while he may be more experimental in his line of work. There are different areas of the medical field you can go to in the field as a doctor, whether that’s a practicing doctor or someone who works in the lab, or both. I’ve worked with many practitioners over the years and met some who prefer to be in the labs versus hands-on patient care. It was interesting to see Lucien talk about his theories to the MC and how he’s always in the hospital, a lot of his unique explanations are entertaining to capture and encourage the MC into thinking things through.

While at times, the MC doesn’t understand his cryptic nature, she eventually realizes the things he tells her are good points of advice (when she figures it out). Thus, she uses his advice accordingly while he can fairly say, “I didn’t say anything, I just spoke what was on my mind…” in his teasing voice.

My friends and husband hate that a lot of times I don’t say things directly like a Tsundere would, but I find no enjoyment with giving some a direct answer when they know the answer to what they seek. Sometimes, it’s better to be a little cryptic about your advice, because when they figure it out, people feel better knowing they have figured out the answer themselves versus someone else handing it to them.

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Dark Side of the Moon

>>It may come to no surprise to you, but everyone has a dark side regardless of how we deal with it or not. His dark side is rather surprising, but I feel the duality of his nature also catches onto my own (maybe it’s why I have a soft side for Yanderes). In the world, we wear masks in front of everyone, even here, because no one can see our face and really know our thoughts. The fact about the ‘masks’ he wears is very pivotal in his goals, including how he expresses his dark nature.

Why does this apply to me? Well, wearing a mask is necessary in the world, we all have to don on several of them. Whether it’s the one we wear to present ourselves as the upbeat, hard-working employee of the month, to the doting friend who can hold all your secrets. We never know someone truly, as the only time we can actually be ourselves is when no one is watching… and when the mask comes off… we are more different than people imagine.

I will state this, and it may be because of the work I have done over the years that made this part of me… I do have dark tendencies, however, Lucien may be taking the cake and pie with some of his virtues.

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>>It could be the fact that I enjoy teasing my lover, friends, or family, but there are simple pleasures in seeing them squirm a little under the gaze of someone who can be serious and possessive at times. Lucien projects that in a nonchalant way, which simply is how I do things as well. I find that both him and I share common ground at showing our love for people in certain ways, albeit, it may seem like torture to some of our loved ones but they understand us hahaha!

Alas, our way of showing our motives can be nonchalant to somewhat underhanded (Scorpio tendency), but the possessiveness is real even with friendships and family members. Not only that, that sensual drive is through the roof LMAO.

page break 2seduce me

If I was a male otome character, I would be almost an exact copy of Lucien–Minus his EVOL Power.  I can’t help my nature at times when I’m offline and not typing a blog or writing a story, my best friend at one time told me I was a ‘mysterious jackass’ who likes to tease and torture people with brainteasers for enjoyment. She wasn’t far off the mark from that, LOL.

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