Kiss of Revenge: Naoya Hasegawa Review


Kiss of Revenge is an otome game by Voltage Inc. Driven by revenge by your mother’s death, you become a surgeon and work at the hospital where the director who operated on your mother works at, but you fall in love thwarts that desire. (Voltage Wiki)

It’s available on Android and iPhone.

The Playable Bachelors Who Will Either Suffer By Your Hand or Be Loved By You:


From the left, Issei Sezaki, Junpei Miyashita, Soichiro Irie, Kyosuke Narumi, and Naoya Hasegawa.

In this review, I’m going to be talking about Naoya Hasegawa, the young mysterious man who appears to you one day with a letter from your father that has been missing for 12 years. Naoya was not one of the first season bachelors you could romance, his route is available only in season 2 of KOR (Kiss of Revenge).





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One Rough Beginning


The scene opens to the MC receiving a letter from some unknown kid at her doorstep, he pretty much was trying to get his way in until he saw two of the MC’s coworkers. Dr. Issei Sezaki and Junpei Miyashita, it’s pretty evident that when this blonde kid takes one look at Issei, the anger and resentment radiates off of him like a ticking bomb.

He ends up forcing the letter into the MC’s hands and whispering, “it’s a letter from your father,” before running off into the night before anyone could catch him. I found hard to believe because her two co-workers were right there and they did nothing to stop him…

I’ll be honest, I held off playing his route because I am very hesitant to play “Shota Type” routes as of late… Since the Shota Type is becoming more and more sinister-like in their personalities… *cough* Ota *cough* Kisaki


**Shota Types are usually the younger male romanceable characters… IN THE PAST, they used to be very sweet and adorable… However, due to recent trends, they’ve become adapted to be more sadist-like and cruel with their teasing….***




When you finally read the letter that the mysterious kid left you, you realize it is from your father (who up and left you 12 years ago and shipped you off to live with your grandma, disappears, and goes to find justice for the medical mistake that caused your mother’s death; Yea… thanks dad…), you jump for joy and wait for the appointed day to meet your father at a designated area near the train station.

However, when the day of your reunion comes, you are held back by work and end up coming really late to the rendevous point. The MC goes up to almost everyone calling them ‘dad’, and I was like… Child… You carry a picture of your mother but nothing of your father, and you’re randomly going up to people and calling them ‘daddy?’ Lady, no.

However, this is where the story truly begins and we get the best interactions from both the MC and Naoya because I relate to how she handles this situation of ‘cat-calling.’

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While I love how she responded, they should have given us an option to roll our eyes and slap the ‘idiot’ outta the person. However, instead, after the heroine tells the guy GTFO she feels the presence of someone doing a kabedon and BEHOLD:

IMG_1611 - Copy

The interaction here was fairly good banter between the two, and I couldn’t help but be reminded of someone that I know in real life who does this with me all the time. Where they make a completely ridiculous comment and I literally light a torch of hellfire under their ass for being ridiculous.

After having a few more words with Naoya, she is told that her father left something for her in one of the lockers.

Okay, to be honest with you, I was pretty irritated with the heroine on how she wasn’t reading Naoya very well and his actions. It was obvious that he was lying about a couple things, and the whole situation of him having magically meeting her again at this station that her father was supposed to meet her at was already SKETCHY.

She finds medical records of her mother’s operation and a recording with her father confronting Director Sezaki, while the recording was practically botched… The heroine is psyched up to start her revenge plot again.

So this is where the story starts to unravel, Naoya asks the MC to go with him to a nearby cafe and talk with her a bit and apologize for his actions earlier. The MC goes willingly (thus, I need to shake her for being an idiot but, I digress), At this point of the beginning, Naoya offers to be the MC’s ally in getting revenge against the director as Naoya has also been wronged by the man himself.

Although the heroine is hesitant at first, she agrees to partner up with Naoya and the story begins.


My Thoughts on Naoya

The route itself is refreshing, as it’s very rare for me to see an MC go toe to toe with a romanceable bachelor, usually you have to choose the answers that are submissive to earn points. However, in Naoya’s route, you get to say snarky, sarcastic, and funny comments to him and get his ass to either get riled up or blush like an idiot.

As you make your way through the route you find out the Naoya is a momma’s boy, and there’s nothing wrong with that at all. I love having family elements in a story, and Naoya’s mom, Miki, is the sweetest woman I’ve met in the series. Not only that, she still bosses Naoya around, and it was PRICELESS.

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Towards the middle of the story, you start to see the layers of this character come undone, while he comes off as a flirty little brat with no morals at the beginning. You see his character grows and develops. It was endearing for me to see him hard at work, working two jobs to support himself to go through school, and he is a BOOK LOVER.


HE EARNED MAJOR LOVE POINTS FOR BEING A BOOK DRAGON. There were moments when the MC and he would talk about books and he’d cover his ears because she was teasing to spoil the ending of a novel to him. However, this earned him major kudos in my book when he asked the MC to go to the bookstore he works at to see a new book. However, we all know, he was using it as an excuse to get her to visit him and keep him company.

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Also, he’s not honest with speaking his feelings like most Tsundere characters, so they go in a roundabout way of saying ‘I like you’ ‘come visit me’ ‘I miss you…’ Towards the end, Naoya admits that he knows he’s terrible with saying his feelings but he tries to be more open with the MC in towards the end.

While he’s not really upfront with his feelings, he’s very public about his desires and flirtatious towards the MC. Which she usually shuts down because she can’t take him seriously when he does that, also, the fact that he’s seven years younger than her makes her dismiss him …

However, we shouldn’t forget one thing about younger guys in otome games, they hate being teased to the point that they aren’t seen as a man in their love interests eyes…

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In Naoya’s story, if you delve deeper past his overly flirtatious and funny banters with the MC, you realize he’s a man trying to be acknowledged by both the MC and also the father who abandoned him. It’s heartbreaking to see his cries for help, while for some people they just think he’s screaming and being an asshole. However, I recognized he was calling out for someone to acknowledge his presence and not be thrown away.

Which causes him to talk the way he does to the MC at times and how he can’t express his feelings clearly, he’s not used to verbally telling someone his feelings due to what his sperm donor said to him before (trash father Director Sezaki, may you burn in hell).

In the end, both the MC and Naoya come to terms with the ‘revenge’ they were after, forgiving those who had done them wrong. However, also accepting help from the most unlikely ally in his route.

While I did play Naoya’s ‘Another Story’ where you choose to stop your revenge plot to save Naoya from spiraling out of control. I preferred the main route because it ties up all the loose ends from the other routes and gives you a better perspective about this cinnamon roll.

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4.5/5 ✮✮✮✮⋆





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