Kiss of Revenge: Kyosuke Narumi

Kiss of Revenge is an otome game by Voltage Inc. Driven by revenge by your mother’s death, you become a surgeon and work at the hospital where the director who operated on your mother works at, but you fall in love thwarts that desire. (Voltage Wiki)

It’s available on Android and iPhone.

The Playable Bachelors Who Will Either Suffer By Your Hand or Be Loved By You:


From the left, Issei Sezaki, Junpei Miyashita, Soichiro Irie, Kyosuke Narumi, and Naoya Hasegawa.


In this review, I’m going to be talking about Kyosuke Narumi, the flirty and almost too laid back doctor of Internal Medicine. While he seems very childish and can come off as a slacker, this man is an endearing character for the series and will surely earn a place in your heart (even though he’s a flirt).




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Okay ya’ll, You’ve finally made it to Ebisu General Hospital after working my way up through the ranks at Shimane Hospital. In the beginning, you enter the director’s office and are introduced to Director Sezaki (*cough* cough* shit father *cough* asshole person *cough* scum of Goliath’s toes). Soichiro Irie enters the room and the three of you head over to an expensive restaurant for a welcome lunch.

While Issei Sezaki couldn’t make it because he was attending a patient’s surgery and it’s revealed to be the director’s son. However, you decide to use the topic of medical malpractice as a good form of an ice breaker, and explain about how there was a recent issue about it on the news (yes, nice going MC, totally doesn’t make you look awkward), which makes scumbag director agitated. The situation is diffused thanks to Dr. Irie who then, after the director leaves, reveals that he has been pretending to smile and that you shouldn’t get on the Director’s bad side, hinting about the topic of malpractice you decided to bring up…

We go back to the hospital where you are introduced to the nurses at the department of surgery: Shoko Narumi (Head Nurse), Akako Okida, and Saomi Ikura. Dr. Irie leaves you at this time because he has a lecture at a university but kindly tells you that there’s a welcome party for you later.


Junpei is like…


Shockingly, your old high school crush and friend, Junpei Miyashita enters the nurse’s station and recognizes you. He almost reveals about your mother having passed away at Ebisu General Hospital but you manage to stop him. You find out, he is also invited to your welcome party before the Nurse Narumi brings takes you on a tour through the surgery department.

As the tour ends and Okida rushes in to inform Nurse Narumi about an emergency operation from the Department of internal medicine, and magically, there are no other surgeons available. Since you are a surgeon, you volunteer to perform the surgery despite having no experience doing this specific type of surgery (I actually froze when I saw this and was like ‘no, no, no… that can’t ever happen, and if it has, I’ve never heard of it; MALPRACTICE LAWSUIT AHOY~!).

MIRACULOUSLY,  the operation is successful but just as you were about to stitch the patient back up, their blood pressure decreases, and you decide to do the WORST THING YOU CAN DO.


As if on cue, Issei Sezaki, finally appears to save the day and helps you out but not before calling you out about panicking in the operation room. Both Issei and you switch, and you end up assisting him, luckily for everyone, the operation ends smoothly.

Once everything has wrapped up with the patient, you thank Issei for his help and acknowledge his skills as the Super Doctor. Issei is pretty cold in the beginning so he just leaves and  Dr. Kyosuke Narumi comes in (SPOILER ALERT, yes, he is related to Head Nurse Narumi). Dr. Narumi thanks you for taking care of his patient and makes some comments about Issei because they’re sorta like childhood friends per se.

The scene then moves to the welcome party, everyone but Dr. Sezaki Jr. is present. Your new work colleagues mentioned that Issei isn’t the type to go to parties or gatherings, so to not take it to heart. During the party, you find out that Nurse Narumi has known Dr. Irie since he was a resident at Ebisu General Hospital. This causes you to think about who you need to get closer to… and just as everything is wrapping up, Dr. Sezaki appears and acknowledges your skills. (Voltage Wiki)


Scheduled Check Up on Dr. Kyosuke Narumi

A close friend of Issei Sezaki, this flirtatious doctor is definitely hard not to like, albeit he has a lot of moments where you want to roll your eyeballs to holy high heaven. In Kyosuke’s route, he enters the car behind you, and while the interaction is pretty harmless. You can’t help but be annoyed by him barging into your personal space and asking you to go for another round of drinks somewhere else.


He comes off pretty lax and carefree compared to the surgical department, which is kinda true… This is just me talking from my own experiences and no one else’s, working in the hospital there is a different energy per department or section you work in. Surgery is very cut and dry, not meaning to be punny but it was really rare to meet a surgeon who wasn’t very straight to the point like the edge of a scalpel.

Versus Internal Medicine, we did have the concise and stern types roaming in the department, but a lot of times this crowd was a little more on the chill side. It was also a little easier to get into contact with the doctors here and bring important stuff to their attention. Not only that, but Kyosuke also got immediately friend-zoned in the beginning because he reminded me WAY too much of a former coworker I used to work with.

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The conversation above happened to me before and I swear, compared to the MC, I actually smacked the top of my coworker’s head because he was being an idiot. I wish that was an option here, but they didn’t give it to us, sadly.

I digress… Kyosuke is the son of Nurse Narumi in Surgery, and while he has his moments of tomfoolery and childish motives. The man has a heart of gold and is a likable character for those who seek to have a fairly funny but bittersweet romance in Kiss of Revenge.


In the first several chapters of his story, the MC does her horrible sleuthing skills and finds Kyosuke to be somewhat of horrific pain in her ass. Since her work morals and personality is practically obtuse, to be honest, she’s an asshole. I understand that she’s serious about her work and her way of thinking is starkly different from Kyosuke.

However, I was offended by the MC in his route, regardless of her revenge… I really found her unlikable in the beginning, I almost abandoned Kyosuke’s route just because of her dour statements and slander against Dr. Narumi. She backhands Kyosuke’s demeanor and approach to patient care (WHICH WAS BEYOND DISGUSTING, I WAS LIVID WITH HEROINE), stating that he needed to stop fooling around and be serious.

irritated GIF

When you play the route and come upon the scenario I’m speaking of, by this time you might already realize how Kyosuke is the type to present advice to helping the heroine through what looks like a casual conversation and light-hearted jokes. While the reader may understand what he’s doing, the MC (who’s a mess of a person at this time), does not and tells him to GTFO of surgery. 

It’s later that the MC finds out that Kyosuke was trying to convey advice to the MC to help get along with her patients, especially the one(s) who needed surgery right away.

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Nurse’s Note Below:

NOTE: A lot of doctors do not spend quality time getting to know their patients, it’s not uncommon in the medical field to see a doctor only check a patient for two minutes and then leave.

Kyosuke is one of the few rare breeds of doctors who takes his time to get to know his patients and understand them, thus creating a bond with the patient and their families. When you’re in the hospital, in an unknown place, and your family can’t be with you 24/7 it’s a terrifying experience. You see people pop in and out of your room, sometimes they talk with you other times they’re there to draw blood or hang another IV drip and just go about their merry way.

It’s easy to forget that patients are human beings, and the way the MC was going about visiting her patients… Oh, she deserved every ounce of attitude that this patient hurled at her.

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While I’m certain the MC was not appreciative of what occurred, I certainly was glad the patient did what she did. But… I digress, it was after this particular incident and Kyosuke talking with the heroine about a specific teen idol magazine, the heroine was able to speak with the patient above and have the girl open up to her.

It’s then, at this point you start to put trust into Kyosuke and recognize him as a good doctor and person.

Unlike the other reviews I did, I want to express that I wasn’t very fond of Kyosuke’s Another Story, as if you choose to fall in love and give up on revenge. The story takes a bit of a weird turn, and it turns out EXTREMELY ANTICLIMATIC, it really turns into sad fluffy bunnies and stuff, and the story didn’t make sense anymore.

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But if you want the suspense and the thrill ride of a major ‘NO! DON’T DO IT!’ proceed to the Main Story and get MF revenge on Dr. Sezaki and find the truth behind Kyosuke’s medical license and his mother’s guilt. I mean it people, his main story threw me for a damn loop and I was screaming internally with what this man was prepared to do for the love of his life.

In his main route, you find out some very disturbing things that the Director did to keep both Dr. Narumi and his mother in check (it’s so foul, I want to set that man on fire), the crisis that occurs, but also the love of mother comes in hand at the ending. I’m a STICKLER for family bonds and loyalty, and this story struck a pretty hard chord at the climax.

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Also before I finish up this section, I want to give major applause to Kyosuke’s mom, Nurse Saomi Harumi, because she is WONDERWOMAN, like I cannot stop gushing about her. None other than that, she definitely is a force to be reckoned with, you go mama bear!


Falling in Love with Kyosuke

AKD and Kyosuke 089

To fully fall in love with this man, please continue on with his ‘Main Route’ as you discover more about his character and hidden guilt there. While Kyosuke comes off as a goofy person, I sincerely adore his approach to patient care rather than the regular cold patient-doctor relationship we see in the hospital setting. He can seem childish to others, but it’s his way of creating relationships and trust with people and patients in his care.

Another rare breed of a doctor in a hospital setting, you rarely find a doctor like him unless it’s in a clinic setting or a private practice. His flirtatious advances on the heroine are pretty funny, and it is fun to shut him down when he tries to get the heroine to take the bait. I couldn’t help but eventually be charmed by Kyosuke’s way of thinking and approach to his work, he’s a very serious student of medical practices even if he doesn’t seem the type.

AKD and Kyosuke 090

Hardworking, loyal, and a beast he’s hard to not like. I’m not someone who takes an instant attraction to flirts but getting to know Kyosuke and his character. I’m glad that I did, and he’s very outspoken about his appetite for nightly activities with the MC, so beware if you’re uncomfortable with that stuff~! Much like Ikki from Amnesia, he does have insecure moments, especially where Issei is concerned (everyone has a thing about Issei in this game, geezes LMAO).

However, dear otome players, if you’re looking to fall in love with someone who is selfless and compassionate and is willing to even commit something unspeakable just to guarantee that YOU ARE SAFE FROM HARM. Take a ride with Kyosuke Narumi, and have some popcorn and soda ready, and maybe tissues. You’ll need them.


AKD and Kyosuke 091


4/5 Stars ✰✰✰✰

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