#OtomeWritingChallenge “React”

Kedamono Kareshi 20 Page 16
Kedamono Kareshi 20 Page 16

Challenge: Hey Chicka! So, remember the good old days of your horror/suspense writing back on Tumblr when you wrote fanfiction for most of the voltage times, but they were all a little ‘strange’ (snicker). Call me a sucker for the creepy genre but can you please retell/rewrite the story about the Vampire and the Witch, you can cut out the ‘sexy’ scenes if necessary. However, most supernatural beasts come with ‘that’ kinda craving, ne~?


Sammi, I’m even surprised you remembered that series because I had to lock that stuff up after the thirty-one days were over for October. I don’t mind rewriting the story a little bit to fit a different audience, it’ll help tie a few things into others… I suppose. However, going back to my roots every once in awhile won’t hurt too much, unless the characters in the story bite me lol.



 “Fleeting Memories…”

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Mud slicked my bare feet, as a low hanging branch tore into the side of my face as I ran deeper into the woods. A cacophony of voices screaming through the forest as I escaped down the side of the mountain. My heartbeat in my ears as I refused to look behind me, the fear intensifying with every step I took until a deafening howl pierced the ominous sky. 

Don’t look back. Don’t look back. 

Tears streaked my cheeks as wave after wave of anxiety slammed into my chest, I could never go back, I could never be a normal girl again. “Agh!” I screamed as my foot caught into an upturned root of a tree, my body tumbling forward into the foliage of leaves, vines, and rocks. I wish I could have died then, praying that one of the upturned stones I rolled over was sharp enough to pierce my chest or cause enough damage to let me perish. 

Alas… The Goddess was possibly mocking me as I found myself sprawled next to the sea cliffs that overlooked the one thing that separated this hellhole from the world. I wasn’t sure if I was feeling tears or blood streaking down my face, or maybe it was both? As I turned agonizingly to my side and began to crawl towards the cliff, if the land refused to allow me to die then the sea shall take my last breath. 

giphy (52)“FIND THE WITCH!”

No… I screamed inside my head as the voices were drawing closer, I couldn’t be caught by them, not again. Dragging myself forward towards the cliff I tasted salt in the air and the gentle caress of the wind as it beaconed me forward to its embrace. Grabbing the edges of the plateau I heard someone break through the trees and let out a blood-curdling scream as I dug my fingers into the earth and pulled myself forward and over the cliff. 

The wind howling around me as I closed my eyes and waited for eternal slumber to finally swallow me whole. 


ayanami rei bandages barefoot cuteg eyepatch feet monochrome neon... ❤ liked on Polyvore featuring anime, backgrounds, nge and pictures
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February 14, 1715 Paris, France

That memory always seems to come back to me whenever I’m not at my strongest, I let out a pathetic chuckle. Memories always had some understanding when to attack you when you were feeling lost, alone, or guilty of a crime. Today, I could of lost my life, and I would have forfeited it gladly in the event of just trying to stop the clock of destiny from causing another person’s pain. Yet…

I examined my hands, my eyes tracing every inch of skin that had been damaged in the skirmish from earlier. Cuts and abrasions left their marks on my flesh as a cruel reminder that I could never escape my past, or just who I was before I came to this century. Balling my hands into tight fists, I could feel my nails digging into my palms but I couldn’t stop shaking with the emotions that churned inside me.

I had been a fool to go into an area without properly assessing the extent of danger I would be putting myself and others in, I had been selfishly wanting to find the truth to create an end. No, I wanted to cause a disruption in destiny and make an easy exit for my soul to stop fate, and shut down a system that could no longer harm others witches born with similar gifts.

A sigh escaped my lips as I finally unclenched my hands, the tendrils of blood nonchalantly slid down my already damaged skin. Getting caught in enemy territory was always a risk, but the sadistic and perverse intentions of the enemy… What I had seen would fuck with the minds of any veteran of bloodshed. The burns from the shackles around my wrists ached as I remembered the struggle of breaking my own wrists to slip my hands through the small metal holes.

An unhealthy move, I know, but when you’re used to dangerous situations you learn manners and tactics to assist in escaping from detrimental events. However, I could say I was both lucky and unlucky in this situation, as I closed my eyes and remembered how I had managed to help the others escape, and at the turn of events when I wasn’t paying attention, I had miscalculated and had put my comrads lives on the line.

When the only life I was calculating to put an ends to a mean was my own, sadly, my mistake was now also the reason I was being held captive in my room. If it hadn’t been for the interventions of the vampire king, I… They… I raked my hands through my hair, blood further highlighting the ends of my tresses.

A witch who was ready for death, no, I was prepared for my own soul to be stripped from me. Yet that man, his presence haunted me no matter where I went or what solitude I tried to achieve without needing him beside me. Love, passion, and hope were not made for me– I was an entity created for the soul use of bringing pain and triggering a legacy of more bloodshed.

My heart clenched as I remembered Satuski’s eyes when he saved me, his expression reflected anger, pain, and worst of all… betrayal as he lead all of us back to Le Comte’s Manse. Carrying me against him and refusing to exchange any words between us throughout the journey back. The look he held sent chills down my spine, as I felt gripped by the reality that vampires hid their true demons well, but it would take the right person to get underneath their skin to trigger the monster within.


With a bang, the doors to my room flung open with a grand flourish, sunlight trailed in behind the fierce being who presented himself at my door. Anger seething from every muscle in his body as he slammed the door behind him and stalked towards me. Most would of fled in fear, begged for forgiveness at the face of one of the three vampire kings of this world. Invoking their wrath was not something any normal lesser vampire, human, or ghoul would want, but luckily I was neither of the lot.

Satsuki stood over me and took my wrists into his hands, I schooled my features to a blank slate and met his burning scrutiny, allowing him his anger to come at me.

“Do you have any idea what you’ve done?” He snarled as I held my own ground, staying silent as I allowed his anger to wash over us, “we told you to not make such foolish plans without consulting us, without speaking to me first.” I felt his grip tighten as he looked at my hands his fangs sliding out from behind his lips as I sensed his bloodlust curdling within him.

“I miscalculated,” I stated coldly, “I never intended to get Yuzuki or Chihaya caught up in my own plans, but… I do regret my actions in putting them in danger.”

Suddenly I felt my body falling backward onto the bed, my hands pinned above my head as Satsuki growled, “do you even regret putting yourself at death’s door?”

I stayed silent as I held my gaze against his, allowing him to see the truth reflected in my heart, “no.”

I love how guys will pin you down or against a wall then kiss you ...
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Silence danced between us as he stared down at me with his scarlet gaze, a concoction of anger, sadness, and possession seeming to overflow as he seemed to have made up his mind. “You leave me no choice except to do something so you take your life seriously, Athena, and my warnings.”

In a fluid motion he brought one of bleeding hands to his lips, his tongue slowly tracing the cuts and bruises in a delicate dance as he held me under his scrutiny. His saliva healing the wounds as he continued to lavish my wrists, fingers, and palms with his mouth. A steady beating reverberated in my chest as liquid flame began to pool within my belly as his teeth grazed the delicate lines of my palms.

A moan escaped my lips at his ministrations as I realized what he was doing, “stop Satsuki,” tugging my hand back only to have him bring his lips to the other wounded hand. Repeating the same actions, the bed dipping from his weight as our bodies practically aligned.

“No,” he echoed the words back to me as his teeth sang into my wrist and as a wave of pleasure trickled down my body, “I won’t stop, not this time Athena.”

Releasing only one of my hands he let his free arm slide under the arch of my spine as he pressed me firmly against his hard body, allowing me to see him fully and understand the gravity of my situation. “You are free to attack me, Athena, I know full well you have the power to slay a vampire with your gifts.”

He watched me with those eyes filled with desire and hunger, “but if you don’t care for your life like I do, then I will gladly take it from you and make it mine.”

Satsuki leaned his face closer, his lips caressing my own as he held his predator gaze, “I will take everything that belongs to you so that your heart, body, and destiny belong to me.”

“That’s horrib–” My words suddenly drowned as my lips were enveloped in his kiss, the tension that had been building between us since the beginning chaotically going over the edge. Every thought, emotion I had cultivated to this point to keep myself away from this man overflowed as I felt my free hand tingling. The energy flow of power surging and readying to attack him as I lifted my hand over his back and prepared to strike him, my heart racing as I tasted copper between our kisses.

Manga Hapi Mari

A groan escaped me as his lips left mine to trail down my throat and his teeth dancing against my neck as I knew it was now or never, I closed my eyes as I brought my hand down against his back and balled it into a fist. My body arching up to meet his as I bared my neck in submission to the vampire king and felt the sweet joy of his kiss against my flesh.


Gray’s Corner

I had written a small fanfiction about three vampire kings a long time ago back on tumblr, while the scenes are suitable for a younger generation in the true version. It was nice to go back and see this and fix it a little more, albeit, my writing is still not the best, but that’s always going to be my opinion.

I’m glad you read a little of my fanfiction and also a bit of my past style, thanks for reading thus far~!





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