Dangerous Relationship ~Forbidden Romance~ Ryouhei Shindo Review


(available on iOS, Android, and Steam)

What is “Dangerous Relationship“? This is a game where you can enjoy the dangerous world of dating a celebrity. … In a single day, you end up meeting an idol, an actor, a model, a musician, and a comedian, and from that day on, you suddenly change from being an ordinary citizen to being a celebrity’s girlfriend. (Steam Description)


The Men of the Showbiz World

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  1. Akira SenbaA pocketful of sunshine, he’s the other half of the comedic group  ‘Senogi.’ You accidentally meet with this charming man when you bump into him at the crosswalk, he catches you before you fall and seems to be at a loss for words when he looks at you. Will you choose to let him pursue you?
  2. Ryouhei ShindoA major pop star from the group called ‘New Voice’ you bumped into him at the beginning of the game when he tries to escape his fans to get into the studio for a photoshoot. He’s an earnest fellow with a passion for his work, will you choose to let him pursue you?
  3. Kei Toyonaga-He’s the actor you’re assigned to be a stylist, and boy is he not pleased that you are late into work this morning. A vicious mouth on him, he is the epitome of a sadistic narcissist, but why does he act that way? Can he really be as mean as he is, or is it all an act like his shows? Will you let him pursue you? 
  4. Taiga Saeba-After receiving your punishment to clean up a random dressing room for being late, you start to get to work when someone comes rushing in and spewing a lot of rude ass comments. You then realize it’s the famous talent, Taiga, who always carries a mature demeanor… Realizing you were there listening to his personality change, a fairly interesting relationship develops between you two. Will you let him chase after you?
  5. Subaru Oshima-The flirty rockstar, he always seems to have a smooth pickup line at his disposal whether around you or other women. Charismatic and pretty big on his ego to be a rockstar, you wonder… Why he holds a disdain for the entertainment industry, and if he does have such anger towards it, why does he remain?


Chaotic Beginnings

Annotation 2020-06-06 130947

You just got your dream job as a stylist and like any young and energetic newbie, your excitement seems to have boiled over into the next day; causing you to be late for work! Rushing out the door in a tizzy you manage to arrive at the building, anxiety building in your gut since you know the person you’ll be working with is not going to be the kindest soul. On top of you being late you run into a flock of fangirls surrounding the popular artist from ‘New Voice,’ Ryouhei Shindo.

Yesterday Movie running fans squad crowd GIF

Noticing that he also seems to be trying to get into the same building, you make up a scenario as being one of the people who are on his entourage today and manage to escape the crowd. During this moment, Ryouhei thanks you and gives you his handkerchief to wipe off some dirt that happened to get on your bag from the event. However, as you wipe off the dirt from your bag you notice that Ryouhei has accidentally dropped his studio badge on the floor next to you.

With no more time to lose, you pick up his badge and hurry in, thinking to yourself that you’ll just return the badge to the security center.

yelling pauly d GIF

Upon entering the building and bowing your head in utter dismay, Kei Toyonaga blows his gasket at the fact you’re late upon arrival. While you apologize profusely, the actor continues his onslaught of insults as you try to do your job. (FYI, I wanted there to be an option to scream back at this man for being such an asshole. I knew we were late but he didn’t have to keep dragging it on like he did…)

As if he decided to be kind for a moment, Kei gives you something to eat since you skipped breakfast, only to both myself and the heroine’s dismay… The delicious-looking cream puffs he’s given are wasabi flavored… And he states we need to eat them all.

cheryl hines show GIF

The rest of the day seems to go smoothly as you wrap up your time with Kei, but, this motherfucker has other plans for you since he still hasn’t gotten over the fact you were late this morning. Kei ends up taking you to another dressing room that is in utter shambles and things were strewn about like someone decided to have a frat party, he tells you that your punishment for being late is to clean up this room.

With a nod, he leaves you in the room to clean up all the mess and garbage that someone else has left. You sigh, (IMO I would have screamed at him for harassment and hazing) and begin cleaning up the room and just as you were about to finish up, Taiga Saeba enters the chatroom.

hungry team GIF by Fiber One

Stunned by the flurry of rude and brash comments coming out of his mouth, you freeze in shock as he seems to not have noticed you until the last minute. You tell him you were about to leave and that you hadn’t heard anything, but you blow your cover when you repeat something that he just said. So from here, you’re in trouble because that polite mask of his comes right off and his vulgar side comes right on out throw the gates of hell.

ll GIF

He kabe-don’s you into a corner, causing you to get flustered and scared as he questions you. Your answers to his interrogation seem to pique his interest as he draws close and seems to look like he was going to kiss you. Then, as if by an act of divine interference, Subaru Oshima enters the chatroom and saves you from Taiga’s advances.

Exchanging a few words of gratitude towards the flirty but somehow sweet Subaru, you manage to finish for the day and head home in a bit of a daze. Mulling over a few of the events that occurred today you bump into your friend, Tomoko, who teases you a bit about work and such. You playfully exchange verbal jabs at one another before parting at the crosswalk, it’s here where you bump accidentally into Akira Senba, who seemed a bit dazed after catching you.

awkward dean winchester GIF

You thank him for saving you from the fall, but the conversation gets a bit awkward as it seems that Akira is looking at you with some intensity that catches you off guard. Realizing he was making the whole conversation more or less uncomfortable, he tells you again that it was no problem and you both go off on your own separate ways.

Wow… You think to yourself as you make it home, what are the odds that in one full day you met all these amazing celebrities in a work shift? Smiling as you take on this day, you wonder if you will see any of them again, but of course, you shake your head and realize that you will more than likely see them again because of your work.

Think About It Reaction GIF by Identity


Interviewing Ryouhei Shindo


You meet Ryouhei again unexpectedly at the gate where he’s being hassled by or of the security guards for not having his staff badge. Trying to be the good person that you are, you interject at the worst time of the argument as Ryouhei states that someone has stolen his card and it more than likely was a fangirl. Not realizing how bad it looked for you to suddenly hand the pop star his badge after that declaration he made, the security guard allows Ryouhei into the studio but tries to bring you in for questioning.

Ryouhei feeling bad for what he said basically makes up a lie that even the security guard understood was a fib, and lets you go, however, once Ryouhei leaves the security guard once again is about to question you. Luckily for you, you actually have your staff badge and flash that thing at this guard and hurry inside the studio after Ryou. However, as you enter the studio to thank the runaway pop star you are intercepted by his bandmate, Takuya who unabashedly flirts with you.

fresh prince of bel air flirt GIF


It’s in this moment that Ryouhei who is finishing up with his photoshoot recognizes you and drags you off to the side to yell at you. He accuses you of having done something heinous as stealing someone else’s badge to get in, leaving you no room to speak. At this moment, you start to cry as you aren’t given a chance to explain yourself when Ryouhei sees this he instantly calms down and realizes how harsh he was being.

After having calmed down a bit, you explain to Ryouhei who you are, and how you got his badge. Realizing that it was a big misunderstanding, the pop star feels remorse and apologizes profusely to you, and explains how some of the fans have been going through the groups’ bags and even stole his teddy bear that his sister gave him.


After a couple of exchanges of more apologies and calling him cute, Ryouhei asks if you could be his friend. While it does surprise us with his sudden question, you agree to it all the while suspecting that it more than likely is a fluke. However, little do you know that due to this… you’re lives will forever be changed.

Progressing through his route you find out that Ryouhei is clumsy with love as he hasn’t been given a chance to experience anything since he was a kid. So hanging out with a girl, or getting fast food late into the night, or running out to just have a good time with friends, this poor baby is very inexperienced in a lot of areas. Yet, he was always told to avoid women, until he saw and met you. So when it comes to expressing that he likes someone, particularly, you, he can’t seem to form the words as he isn’t sure of himself until someone pushes him.


It’s after a confrontation with Subaru Oshima that your relationship with Ryohei takes a turn for both good and bad as it forces you both in realizing your feelings for one another. Albeit, Takuya also plays a hand in getting you guys together, but let’s just say sexy times arrive after a confession in the locked storage room.


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Falling in Love with Ryouhei


Falling in love with Ryou is fairly a crazy ride of its own right, he’s just as clumsy and insecure as Taiga is, where he has no real experience with women. While he acts childish at times, he will admit that he is being a kid, he is honest and wants to always be upfront with you. He states that he also may not know how to do things, and he won’t make promises on not making you cry since he can be oblivious to thinks but he wants open communication. Which is the most awesome thing anyone can ever say in a relationship because a relationship cannot work without communication with one another.

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However, this sweetheart is sensitive to other’s feelings and can understand people’s emotions enough to know if there is something wrong. He tries hard to prove his love to you in his route, regardless of the crazy-ass women who try to interfere with your relationship, even if it means going against his manager, he goes to great lengths to be with you and be able to love you with all that he is.

In truth, he’s one of the best characters of the game as he doesn’t care about how shameless he may appear to people to show his love for you. His love is obsessive as he does his best to work hard to get enough time to see you even if it means losing sleep, he states that any time he gets with you is what gives him energy. You do scold him for this btw since that’s not healthy if he’s not sleeping >___>…

I digress, Ryouhei knows how to love you right even if he claims he is a newbie at this kind of thing. He tries his best to always understand and be attentive to your feelings, and he tries not to push you unless you give him the cue that it’s okay to be pushed and teased. Wholesomely adorable, loving, and compassionate, Ryouhei goes down as a very sincere character of this game; I recommend him for anyone looking for a sweet, fluffy, and sexy good time.

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Gray’s Corner

This sweet SINNAMONROLL, not CINNAMON… He’s a SINNAMONROLL, is darling and sexy. While he’s clumsy AF with love due to how his work has always made him cut off with any relationships with women, he’s so adorable and amazing at the same time. He goes to great lengths to be with you, and MF made a song for you and sang it to the crowd and told everyone he’s in love with you. Like, okay ya’ll… He’s risking his career because he doesn’t want any barriers to stop him from being your one and only man. OOF~! One of th best bois’ right here!


4.5/5 STARS ★★★★⋆




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