Arabian Nights Love Story: Sinbad Review



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(available on iOS and Android)

I may just be extremely biased about this game, just because I loved it so damn much with the character designs, the extravagantly well-done stories, side stories, and the beautiful artwork. It wasn’t hard to love this game, my only sadness about it is that I never got to play this game when it was a standalone app before it got transferred into what is now known as ‘Honey Magazine.” 

However, I have no ire or contempt towards Okko’s decision to merge their games into this amazing app, compared to some other game creators, (LOOKING AT YOU SHALL WE DATE/NTT SOLMARE). 

Anyways, as always I want to state that all my reviews are meant to be read as standalone themselves, which will go over a basic overview of characters and the prologue. There will be some spoilers, so reader’s discretion is advised, but otherwise, if you wish to keep all the prologue and hullabaloo, please scroll down towards the end for the character analysis and CG Gallery!


OKKO’s Honey Magazine


A little bit of info on OKKO and their history, when I first came onto the scene for otome’s I had heard there were free games and also paid games. One of the major ‘freemium’ games besides NTT SOLMARE was Arithmetic/Okko at the time, while I was never a fan of the free games I heard plenty of good things about Arithmetic/OKKO and the games they created. However, due to the ‘otome armageddon’ that caused a serious rift between mobile gamers of these lovely games, we saw a mass downsizing of games and also well-known companies disappearing into the void.

At a point in time Arithmetic and Okko were working with one another before the armageddon occurred, however, from my understanding after looking at a few blogs it was stated that OKKO separated from Arithmetic and ventured out on their own, creating the standalone app, ‘Honey Magazine.’


I was a bit ambivalent to pursue this app due to the issues I had with Story Jar from NTT SOLMARE, and I didn’t want to be drawn into another haphazard relationship of spending oodles of moolah to get a good ending. However, Honey Magazine took the concept of mechanics of Stary Jar’s horrifically money scheming ways and reinvented it into an enjoyable and more engaging experience for all gamers.

Let me explain, similar to Story Jar, I’m the Honey Magazine, you can earn ‘Honey Gems’ per chapter or side story you read, you get a baseline of 3 tickets, and the tickets replenish every few hours. Now, how has Honey Magazine been more awesome and favorable compared to Story Jar?

Movie Imagine GIF

They offer a wide variety of ‘Unlimited Reading’ stories for those of us who can’t afford to buy tickets or ‘honey stones,’ these unlimited stories can be of one character or multiple, and you can earn up to 12-15 stones per chapter read in these stories. Also, in the stories, it’s not a big deal if you don’t choose the ‘premium’ answer as it’s more like a story you can purchase with your honey stones if you want to re-read it in the future.

However, I will state this, gamers I suggest saving your honey stones only for the CGs and the epilogue endings (so you can get some intimate time with your guy), as some of the considered ‘premium’ answers are just more ‘romantic’ scenes with your guy but not necessary for your love to progress; it’s an option, just know that.

Also, it doesn’t matter what answer you choose, as OKKO has given you the liberty to play and answer to what you believe is the best choice. Let me reiterate that, your answers don’t penalize your happy ending, and you don’t need to pay for premium answers to have a HEA.

Head Wow GIF by S4C


The Honey Magazine app is an incredible find, and the game creators are not only amazing people but they engage their fans on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. What more? They hold fanart and writing contests so that you as the gamer get to write or draw out a scene for one (or many) husbands from their app and it can become a story on the app itself. They’re a small company, but I highly recommend you guys check them out and support them, it’s an amazing team and the app is incredible!



The Men of Arabian Nights


Meeting Ali Baba in the backstreets of this historical world, he seems cold-hearted and apathetic towards you. However, all is not what it seems with this man as he has a chivalrous, honest, and passionate side to him. His icy demeanor actually is a mask for his shy personality, which can get pretty wild when he falls in love…

jennifer lawrence wink GIF

(Check out his Halloween Story, and you’ll see what I mean… WINK WONK).



Assad is the brash Tsundere of the game, and he truly lives up to his tsundere personality as being very harsh and crude at times. Yet, there’s a sadness to him as he carries a weight on his shoulders of being the next to rule Bagdad, and having to be responsible for his younger brother. As you unravel the prince’s true demeanor, you find a kind and courageous man who is willing to do whatever it takes to achieve peace for his country. A passionate man, you can’t help but want to get closer in the wee hours of the night…

black and white wink GIF



When you first meet Sinbad, his personality isn’t the greatest as he’s got a switch on him that makes you uncertain what this mysterious man is all about. He’s always stating he’s going to collect the dues you owe him but is that really it? While he seems to have this strange personality shift, you start to recognize small things about him, how he almost looks similar to you and that maybe… you’ve met before? Sinbad is an endearing character and support for his friends, but when he falls for you the passion is hotter than the desert heat itself.

hot alyssa milano GIF
Gray’s true reaction to Sinbad’s route


Secondary Characters

From left to right:

HardyHardy is the loveable and oh so amazing character that assists the MC in the world of Bagda, his beautiful features have all the men and ladies eying him. A dancer for a bar, he assists the heroine in discovering information, and or helping her understand her feelings. Hardy is a memorable character, and we need more of him!

Saadiq-Okay, I actually forgot this guy’s name for a hot minute… because he’s an asswipe… He’s an antagonist and womanizer, you can immediately feel the bad vibes off of the man as soon as you see him in the game. So… heads up, don’t let him touch you unless you’re into his kind of game…

CaisCais was supposed to have a route in the game but it never came to fruition, but he’s a quiet soul who has a parrot who talks for him. He’s a skilled musician and while he may be quiet, he is an empathic character towards you in the game. He’s resourceful and honest, it’s hard to believe he still doesn’t have a route. PLEASE RELEASE HIS ROUTE OKKO (he’s so beautiful).

AladdinYes everyone, it wouldn’t be Arabian Nights without the infamous child who Disney spun into the hero of Agrabah, and defeating the grand vizier, Jafar. Now, he’s not a romanceable character, which sucks, but he does play a pivotal key in certain routes. He’s a deceptive one, so be careful, call him the anti-hero!


A Mystic Beginning

nurse running GIF by Videoland

You’ve been working as a nurse for three years and love your job, the best thing about what you do is seeing the smiles on the faces of your patients as they leave the hospital in good health. Life seems to be going well for you and your career, so one day as you are discharging a patient from the hospital.

He decides to give you a gift for taking care of good care of him at the hospital, he reveals to you an antique lamp that has been with his family for a while and he had thought of you when he saw it. At first, you decline (FYI, WE AREN’T SUPPOSE TO TAKE ANY ITEMS OR GIFTS FROM PATIENTS), as the item is an antique and could possibly be worth some money, but your patient insists.

aladdin GIF

After receiving the gift, Mr. Fujishima (the patient), leaves to go home and you continue on with your daily tasks. Eventually, you make it home after a good shift and think to yourself about how you love what you do and that it’s been a rewarding experience. In those fateful moments, you remember the lamp and decide to do some aromatherapy for yourself to relax for the night.

Picking up the lamp you notice a smudge on the side of it and quickly go to rub it off… However, as you rub the lamp a bright light emits from it and soon you realize you are being sucked into the item itself! It is from here, you as the gamer chooses who the heroine is destined to grant a wish for as the Genie of the Lamp!

best friends aladdin GIF by Disney


The Tales of Sinbad


When you first meet Sinbad it is in the dark hours of Bagda, you’re confused look and attire catch him off guard as he seems baffled by your sudden appearance from nowhere. Unsure if you’re dreaming or if what is going on is real, you have no choice but to ask Sinbad’s help as you have gained the attention of a few ill-tempered thieves of the night. The men screaming at you for being an evil entity known as the Djinn, and that you are wreaking havoc across all of Bagda.

Realizing the predicament you’re in, Sinbad helps you escape the skirmish with ease, and while all seems well after you thank him. This bastard asks you to pay him with gold when you explain to him that you don’t have money and that you come from another world. A strange expression takes over Sinbad’s handsome features as he suddenly flips a switch and becomes stern and cold towards you, dragging you to a nearby home.

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It’s here, we meet the beautiful, elegant, and wonderful Hardy, who I utterly adore for all that he’s worth. Yes, I said, ‘he’ but I prefer to call him, ‘they’ as they’ve never specified their pronouns. Anyways, it’s from here that Sinbad and Hardy hear the story again about the magic lamp and how you came to be in this world. For Hardy, they find it unbelievable and they think that you may have been poisoned by the Djin that’s been haunting the streets of Bagda.

However, Sinbad looks at you with an indescribable look, that seems to scratch the surface of your memories. In the light of what is occurring, Sinbad states he will help you assimilate to life in Bagda but in return, you will ‘pay him back.’ A bit confused by his words, you realize his kind heart as he helps you get a job at a local pub that Hardy works at, and that he had brought you to Hardy’s home purposely as he knew they wouldn’t turn you away.

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Without giving too much away from his story, you realize that Sinbad is hiding things behind that miserly mask he portrays in front of people. That he’s been helping the diplomatic ties of Bagda and other kingdoms o his journey through the Middle East and Asia. The man boasts of travels and adventures, yet there is a sadness in his eyes as he speaks about a home he can no longer return to.

The little nuances he gives in his words that signal something deeper lurking beneath his adventurous outlook is what causes you as the heroine to dive deeper into his past and to see who the real Sinbad is. Unraveling Sinbad and finding the despair and heartache that he suffered, and also unable to grant a wish that was asked of him… The weight he carries is heavy on his soul, which makes him keep a lot of people at arm’s distance.

Never allowing others to be close to him, and forcing himself to forget his true home. It was a heartbreaking and bittersweet love experience to get to the point where he admits his feelings for you. But be well advised, there’s many moments of angst in his route, so be prepared for a lot of tissues and snacking on cookies.

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Falling in Love with Sinbad

I Love You

Falling in love with Sinbad, you’re in for the wildest run of your life with him. The man is notorious in his stories for barely making out of some pretty bad situations, but he’s constantly on the move and has luck on his side even if it looks like he may lose. Taking a bet on Sinbad, and giving yourself over to him as hard as he makes it difficult for you to trust in his words at times, but know, he is always on your side.

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He’s self-sacrificing, empathic, and can be a miser–hell a tease if you will. However, when he falls in love, he’s all in for you, and nothing held back. His heart is devoted to you no matter where you go to whether if you choose to stay in Bagda or return home, he will stop at nothing to be by your side. When he does find his way back to your heart, you best believe you better sit your ass down because you both have a lot to make up for.

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Playing both his Romantic End and Return Home End, both are equally amazing as you get to see both perspectives of his love for you and the passion… Woo… Please skip downwards if you want to see that scene because I was turning red. I digress, falling in love with Sinbad was worth all the tears, heartache, and passion received from both endings, and what’s even better? He’s now in my top list for husbands from Otomelandia. LOVE YOU BOO!




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Gray’s Corner

I sincerely love this man, his story, everything. I’m possibly biased because I grew up reading his story and also watching whatever movies my dad rented for us that had him in it. So to be able to romance the guy, and get a different spin on his story was incredible. I can’t recommend his route enough, I wish I did play the standalone app before, but I still recommend the Honey Magazine App, regardless. PLAY HIS ROUTE! ALL HIS ENDINGS ARE BEAUTIFUL ❤


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