Favorite Otome Moments (VOLTAGE INC EDITION)

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Coming from the Otome Amino #20DayOtomeChallenge, I’m going to be talking about my favorite moments that I loved or couldn’t forget in visual novels or otome games. 

You ever play a game and you either laugh out loud or just get hit in the feels? Or maybe you grow an inflated ego and yell at the character on the screen to ‘bring it on’ because you’re prepared to see what kind of trouble you just got yourself into? I’m like that, a lot. While Idon’t have all my favorite moments here, I do have the top ones that make me either laugh, squeal, or tell the person, ‘challenge accepted.’



dragon maid GIF by Crunchyroll
Trying to love a Tsundere like……..

I have my favorite Tsunderes in Voltage Inc and below are a couple of my highly recommended Tsun-Tsun/Oresama mixes. They tend to be hot n’ cold and very funny to poke fun at when given the chance, and when you can turn them red or get them uncomfortable. It’s the best thing to happen in the game, because you’re either rolling from laughter or saying, ‘FINALLY I GOT YOU TO BLUSH, YOU ASS!’

That blush say’s otherwise, Yamato…

Yamato Kougami from My Forged Wedding is personally one of my favorite ore/tsun mixes, he’s a good cook, a private school teacher and he’s really sweet when he stops being a brat about it. He talks with his roombas and he tends to be a perfectionist sometimes, however, when he falls for you he’s the most endearing man. However, trying to get him to blush, be surprised, or bet stunned into silence is pretty hard, so when I actually captured him blushing. Oh… You best believe I screencapped that moment. LMAO!



Takuto Hirukawa from Love Letter from Thief X, is probably the best example of a true Tsundere aka Tsunderella. He can never tell you properly that he is happy you are smiling and laughing with him, so half of the crap coming out his mouth is him telling you that he loves you. So basically what he said up there actually translates to his way of saying he likes how you laugh, even if it doesn’t seem like it. I promise, I’m being serious. LOL.



Akito from My Forged Wedding is another type of Tsundere, while he’s not as brash as Takuto can easily be a cool type as well. Depending on how you want to view it, this photo was taken by accident when I was reading the Halloween Special, and I rarely capture these kinds of moments. However, because of the incident that occurred, which was Yuta Kajima falling on top of me and doing something … Akito reacted strongly, and I liked his concern (aggressiveness) here. 


Awww… Yuzuberry ❤

Oh my god, Yuzuki Kitaoji from Seduced in the Sleepless City, both him and I have a long history of his oresama/tsundere love for me since 2014. I admit I actually was already attracted to him in the beginning when I first started the game, but I went and fell for his brother later. However, Yuzuki has his moments of adorkable events when he tries to be sincere or express his feelings for you. At times the MC was dense as bricks to not understand what he was doing, but you eventually understand when you get him to say it properly.


Stop being a dork. You like me. It means you have the hots for me Tsubasa!

Tsubasa from 10 Days with My Devil has a mouth on him that could be used for other things, like keeping them sealed tight like how he does for his modeling work. However, he’s got a way with words like most Tsun-Tsuns, and he can’t be forthright about his true feelings. But when I caught him blushing and saying this ridiculous statement, I felt that it was just desserts as we as the readers finally catch onto his game. 

Albeit, you probably catch onto to it sooner, but I digress LOL.



shokugeki no soma GIF
The food grudge is real…

Below are some of my favorite moments with the guys from Voltage about how ‘the food grudge’ is real, as much as other people don’t have this kind of issue, I actually can relate to it. Especially if someone steals my food, you best believe that I’m going to get revenge because nobody messes with my food unless I have openly invited to share. Obviously, I’m open to sharing if you just ask but otherwise…. THE GRUDGE IS REAL.



I remember crying from laughter when I saw this moment and was rolling about on my bed because these two are lovable idiots. It was one of the many times I would agree with both Shiki and Haruhito from 10 Days with My Devil about something considered obtuse to a regular person. Obviously, it’s about food, and we do see this happen in their game every now and again in certain people’s routes. I highly recommend this older mobile otome game for anyone who wants a pretty ‘fast-paced’ romance with some sexy demons and food grudges.


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Takuto is going to be appearing in this post quite often just because he’s got so many memorable moments that you can’t ignore, or contain your laughter from. This guy has a huge grudge against anyone who steals his pork noodles, and when I mean he has a huge grudge, you more than likely will find all your personal info and social medias changed to something sinister. Our sexy tsundere hacker truly adores the simplicity of his noodle bowl, and when someone tampers with his food… you best believe it’s on like Donkey Kong.

donkey kong GIF



hercules GIF

I’ve stated in previous blogs and also in my new podcast episode on Gray’s Otome (shameless plug), I’m not a big fan of dom-types as they’ve become pretty volatile as of late. However, if you can search the older games from Voltage Inc, you’ll find the treasure trove of the more likable and incredibly sexy character type. Below are some of my favorite moments with this said character type, and their antics.

Thank you for admitting it.

Okay, this wasn’t a screen cap from Subaru Ichiyanagi’s route from My Sweet Bodyguard, but he definitely makes it hard to resist him in other people’s routes. Similar to Yamato, from up above, he likes to cook, he’s a neat freak and he has a tendency to be over the top, especially when it comes to work and you. He’s hard to get embarrassed unless you do something completely out of left field to him, but when you can make the man blush. Screen shot, laminate it, and hang it on your wall because he’s quite adorable when he admits his true feelings. 


Um… because I want to be nice…?

Keith Alford from Be My Princess was so hard to love for me, just because he feels he’s entitled to everything (including you), he really knows how to get under your skin. However, when you start to understand how this prince acts and talks, it’s easy to figure out what he actually means. Technically in this moment above, he’s quite irritated/jealous that you’re giving gifts to other people, and he’s appalled that he’s not getting all of these said gifts. LMAO. (Jealous boyfriend, ahoy~!)


How about I feel you up, with a barrage of books from your library? (WINK)

Satoru from 10 Days with My Devil wouldn’t be our resident Sadodere if he didn’t have one of these comments up his sleeve. Similar to Ryoichi from Seduced in the Sleepless City, Satoru has plenty of MOMENTS where you either blush, shake your head, or want to take all the pillows on his couch and whack him a good one. However, when I played his sequel, I remember hoping that he would have grown a little, and he did but his opening line to a certain moment definitely had me rage for a bit. LMAO.



What The Fuck GIF

Here you’ll find my ‘what in the actual fuck’ moments, where I couldn’t wrap my head around certain statements or things happening. Then, when I did finally understand them I’d either laugh or just screen cap them like so, and just present the material to other gamers and ask them what they’re thoughts are as well. Obviously, I’m certain that most of it would be… ‘What the actual fuck?’


So back before Pirates in Love got its update and everyone went back to their original JP rooted characters. Shin, the gun crazy Sadist in the game was known as Eduardo and let me tell you something, OMG I swear the crap that came out of this man’s mouth, I was like…




“Whoa… Satan, you haven’t bought me dinner yet or a collar and leash, give me a moment.”


To say the least, Eduardo/Shin is definitely one of those characters you have to be very patient with to understand but sometimes his mouth could be used for other things. Like eating, drinking, and eating cucumbers….

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Now here’s a moment that really threw me and most likely a lot of people for a loop playing Our Two Bedroom Story, that one time Kaoru was asking why we were dumping him… only to realize he was talking to Tama-chan. While the moment should be listed as cute, I still was a bit like ‘well, excuse me what?’ because I wouldn’t dump such a cute guy who happens to hit the door with his head every other day of the week. This gentle giant is pretty possessive btw, if you’re looking for some intense sexytimes with a Kuudere type.


I love you Saeki.

Saeki Takamasa from My Forged Wedding is another one of my favorite Sadoderes, and he’s pretty funny too with his flirtatiously bad lines. He has plenty of moments in his route where you find banana peels, and his gaudy fashion sense to be overwhelming. However, he’s a genuine sweetheart with a bit of a sadist/masochist flair to him. Maybe he can be a ‘switch’? Either way, you’ll never be bored with him and the moments he can provide whilst playing his or anyone’s routes.


That moment… When a guy looks better than you in a dress…

Yep. This happened, plenty of times in some of the Voltage Inc apps, and you best believe the guys wore the dress better than the MC at times. Not that I’m opposed to dressing our heroes in women’s clothing because that’s hella funny and it’s just desserts as punishment for some of them. However, when this moment occurred in the games, I would be left a bit speechless as to why they couldn’t have made the guy character a girl for me to romance instead. While the MC must of felt bruised in the ego, I was more like:

season 1 hair flip GIF by RuPaul's Drag Race


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So this one time at band camp, we went to Hiro’s house and Kenshi said something that made everybody stare at him like he had grown two-heads and sprouted a whip for a tail. I replayed this scene over and over in the old app, and while we are luck to now have a ‘rewind’ feature in Love 365’s app. This is still one of the golden ‘wtf’ moments of the game itself. 

Kenshi from Love Letter from Thief X is typically the brawns of the group and very sweet, but he does have his moments where he is an airhead, but we love him anyway. 

Drag Race Lol GIF by Shalita Grant



oh my god omg GIF by mtv

These are my number one favorite moments in the Voltage Inc games, whether it’s making all the men blush or having someone admit something. A proclamation of love to the MC, these were moments that made me go gaga over the fact that these 2D men could be so cute AF. Like I cannot even deal with how they can make me bark rainbows when they blush or say something sweet, or do something heartwarming, it’s not fair. LMAO!

Says the person who’s writing love letters in the library!

Shion from A Knight’s Devotion is similar to Shiki of 10 Days with My Devil, as they are the cool type character who try not to show their emotions. They hardly allow it to come forward and they sincerely don’t want you, as the reader, or the MC to catch onto when they’re feeling their emotions. I’ll admit, when I first met Shion I already knew he was going to be a very cold version of the kuudere, but when you figure him out, he’s a very adorable bookworm and possessive man who lacks words when he speaks, but he can definitely write about it.



I must contain the fangirl in me and keep her at bay to try and write this small little slot of info about my husband, Yuta Kajima from My Forged Wedding. I swear to the gods above he is so damn adorable and I cannot help myself when I see him blush, even for the simple things, the man is actually a wolf in sheep’s clothing so don’t be fooled by his comedic antics. When he finally confesses his heart to you, I think I started bawling my eyes out besides jumping up and down and almost breaking my phone at the time… Yea, husband got me sprung on him. However, this is still one of my favorite moments from the game.

Billboard Music Awards bbmas billboard music awards 2019 bbmas GIF
*retreats to corner to fangirl scream*


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Okay, so now that I’ve calmed down some from Yuta, up above, I wanna talk about a moment where all the guys from the first season all blushed at the same time. Minus Yuta because the moment was caused by him and the MC, what you see above is when Kunihiko mentions that MC and Yuta share the same room so their shouldn’t be a reason to doubt that ‘adult’ activities are happening.

Yea yea… Because the MC is ‘lily white’ to the men in this crew, it takes no effort to make them all blush insanely at the thought of what the MC and Yuta could be doing. However, nothing was even happening at this point of the route, but it definitely went into my hall of fame of screen caps. 

hello kitty photo GIF



Yutaka Tennoji… Oh man, this guy really… SMH, he’s a tsundere with hints of oresama and gentleman all at once. He is definitely up there in my top husbands for Voltage Inc, and albeit he’s a lot easier to tease than most of the other men listed here. This Otaku/butthead/tsuntsun isn’t so terrible with words but he’s definitely bad at trying to express his emotions. He usually bottles it up to a point that it explodes and then comes flowing out like lava and taking you with him, which I don’t mind since he’s pretty considerate and adorkable. 

This moment was when he couldn’t take it anymore about what he wanted to do with the MC and just kinda, let loose… like a maelstrom… at the office… Tennoji we are gonna get our asses in trouble. LMAO. 

series 11 yes GIF by Doctor Who



jimmy fallon lol GIF

You know… as a gamer there are times that a game breaks the fourth wall or manages to implement scenarios that are far beyond relatable to reality, and you have to sit there and go, ‘yep, that’s me.’ Below are some very good takes on how I feel in real life towards certain things, people, and moments.


kurobane shiki | Tumblr

Shiki Kurobane is definitely relatble on all aspects of the spectrum of real life, he enjoys sleeping, collecting figures, and sleeping. SO when someone wakes me up from a long overdue naptime, obviously, I can be just as cranky as he was in this scenario from above. However, compared to Sheeks, if I don’t get sleep… then my family and everybody else kinda suffers around me because I can be petty like:

Animated GIF


tsundere otome game voltage takkun Voltage inc Love Letter from ...

I work out everyday except the weekends but I hate cardio or anything that has to do with running. So you can imagine how I started to cry and laugh my ass off at Takuto for attempting to run up the stairs, this is relatable on so many levels. I can’t even see how people like those stair climbers at the gym or just running up the side of Koko Head Trail in Oahu, because no, my body is not ready and you cannot make me LMAO. 

cardio kills GIF



Back to my emo days, this comment from Takuto is an actual gem and I couldn’t stop dry heave laughing from it. I know he sincerely doesn’t mean it (I actually think he does), but it was too good of a moment to not screen cap and talk about since he’s just being a dork. This made it to the hall of fame because 1) It’s Takuto 2) This became an ongoing joke with friends 3)It’s relatable on certain days 4)It’s Takuto

Aubrey Plaza Cheers GIF by LoveIndieFilms



harry potter my body is ready GIF

This is more of the wildcard batch that after hanging out with the men from Voltage Inc you kinda just go with the flow of what they say and see what happens. Not to say I was willing to do anything, but more that I was already like, “okay, I like you already, take me, LOL.”


Oh Shion, if only you could have just stayed naked and allow me to ‘scrub’ your back and check over your scars. Since you know, I need to study biology and anatomy for medical research and stuff…

experimenting black panther GIF


Midwinteroasis — Taiga is totally worth it!!!His smile is so...

You know when they first introduced Hyosuke into Love Letter from Thief X, I wasn’t fond of him at first but he does have some ideals that I can follow through with. Like when the men of the Voltage Inc games tell you not to follow them or get closer to them because they need to brood in a corner somewhere… Let’s just say, I like Hyosuke’s approach better. 

Drama Reaction GIF by moodman



260Oh darling, this post wouldn’t be complete without Riki Yanase from Love Letter from Thief X wrapping up my favorite moments with that dirty mouth of his. He’s the oresama/dom that you’d love or hate, but can still be good friends with in other routes. He says some of the more suggestive and provocative lines out of all the crew, and I can’t hate him for being honest with the MC, albeit, I hate the MC for being too much of a pushover in the beginning, but I digress. 

When in Rome, do what the Romans do and let’s have another round, Riki LOL.

Season 2 Nbc GIF by Manifest


Gray’s Corner


What are your favorite moments from your otome games or visual novels? Let me know in the comments below, as always, thanks for stopping by and see you on the gaming side!

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