Steam Game Festival: Crimson Spires Demo


Today’s blog is going to spotlight a new otome-visual novel style game that has been created by Woodsy Studio. Truth be told, I hadn’t heard of this company and thus, I’m disappointed in myself for not having found their games before. This indie game company has several visual novel/otome style games under their belt and I’m amazed that I’ve never stumbled upon them before until now.

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Gray’s disappointed in herself…

Woodsy Studio

I definitely have another batch of VNs added to my gaming list for this summer, as I’m thoroughly impressed by the game content that is showcased on their website, and also on Steam. One game I definitely have my eye on (whilst I wait for my next paycheck), is ‘miraclr‘ where you are thrown into a world of Archangels who are about to bestow a miracle upon the earth.

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What I’m happy to see, is this game gives us the option to choose our gender, and customize our character. While I know most VNs give a static character for us to play, it’s really beautiful when game creators give us this option, so that we can fully immerse ourselves in the game.

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^Customization options^


However, I’m getting away from the main point of my blog, because I wanted to talk about how this fabulous studio created this up and coming new game that emphasizes dark romance elements. Can I say, vampires, supernatural, mystery, romance, and detective enthusiast here (jumping up and down and waving arms), and I am enthralled with the overall design of the game itself. Check it out~

Erika Wright

You play as former FBI turned Sheriff Erika Wright, and you have just gotten off shift from work and seem to be heading home when your boss calls you to an urgent matter. While I’m not one to allow work to bother me after hours, and I sincerely wished Erika didn’t pick up the phone, she did, and we suddenly find ourselves being lead into the secluded areas of Missouri in the night.

(SIDE NOTE: The game is fully voiced, and that’s another plus side so you may hear familiar voice actors in the game as you play through!)

Arriving on the scene where the incident has occurred, there’s already a sense of foreboding and unnerving creep factory as you look through the windshield. You already begin to question a few things about this situation in your mind, and even I was a bit skeptical, but because work is work… We head out with our guard up to investigate.

I dig the grainy feel of the game’s background and the music was definitely on point with making my nerves become frayed. The game control was fairly simple to adjust to, and I was thankful the movement wasn’t sticky or stocky as we moved forward towards the crime scene. Anyways, we make it towards the scene and it’s pretty gruesome as we find bodies of US Marshall’s strewn about, but one… has been torn into a grotesque manner.

After canvassing the area, you realize the criminal that was housed in the van was not among the dead, this isn’t good considering you now have a missing murderer on the loose. After drawing some conclusions, you notice a blood trail that leads towards a liquor store, thus running into a survivor of the crash, US Marshall Jones.

I thought this facial transition was a darkly funny considering he’s covered in blood and limping, but working in the medical field bloody, gory, and body fluids of all kinds don’t scare me except for snot being sucked back in via nose. BLEGH! However, the opening itself intrigues the reader from the get-go as we already spring into the ‘impending conflict’ that is about to occur.

In a quick turn of events, you’re immediately brought into a life or death situation with Agent Wright and the person you’re supposed to help arrest. August Flynn, known as the Heartbreaker Murderer, takes Jones hostage, and you come up to your first set of choices on whether to ‘stall’ or ‘shoot.’ In this situation, the skills I had drilled into me in these kinds of situations with people or patients kicked in and I chose to ‘stall…’ while it may seem like it had worked… It doesn’t. As your stalling only prolongs the true inevitable beginning of the real start to the game, as you soon find yourself in a more dangerous position soon after the incident.

Amidst the conflict crimson spires rise from the ground as all of you seem to be caught in a wave of confusion and awe, except for August, as he seems to hint that he knows something about this whole ordeal in the first place. However, we won’t truly know what knowledge August truly has about this occurrence until the game fully comes out. What more, the fact that during your confrontation with the man, he reveals that he is not a killer and that he was framed, hence, we have another mystery to add towards the story itself.

Meaning… Is August just a means to an end, or is he in on all this craziness that is happening in Bataille?

Sadly, you don’t get to stay partnered up with Agent Jones for long even though you just got reunited, and as things take for a very horrific turn as his head goes bye-bye when he approaches one of the spires… While in shock from losing Wright in an unexplained manner, August Flynn saves you from repeating the same mistake Jones had done, which also makes this whole situation even more confusing. Since the Heartbreaker murderer is supposed to be ruthless and such, yet… he saved you from being killed…

As you both August and you look up, it dawns on you as the screen slowly fades, you begin to question why your boss wanted you to go to this nearly abandoned area of Missouri. We already knew the van was supposed to head towards the city and not through the back areas of Bataille, and now the fact that August and the now deceased, Agent Wright both stated that a strange beast had been the culprit for what caused the van to go astray from the main road.

As the demo ended, my detective mind kept ticking, I’m so eager to see this game in its full release, and my hopes are to romance everyone in the game. As it boasts four romanceable characters:


I’m hyped for the game release this year, and I’m even happier that it’s going to be released in September, so not a long wait at all. Cheers~!

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