Anicon: The Rabbit’s Path Demo (Steam Game Festival)

Whilst cruising the Steam Game Festival, I had a chance to look at the upcoming otome/visual novel and horror game scene; hoping for a chance to eye some amazing game concepts and stories. While there were many games on display, live stream, and commentators from other gaming blogs I follow; I found myself only finding a few intriguing titles that will be released this year.

One of these games happens to be from a favorite indie game creator I adore, named Zeiva Inc, known for Dragon’s Essence, Area-X, and X-Note. I’ve been an avid follower of their games and I’m very hopeful for this new release for Anicon: The Rabbit’s Path. I was pretty psyched to see a demo release, and you know what? I’m not displeased whatsoever, as the character, Dhin, is a total dork and reminds me of Takuto from Love Letter from Thief X.

Screenshot (78)

The beginning scene is the basic prologue that we are introduced to in any of the character routes that have been released thus far, without trying to spoiling too much of the game itself. Clena, the MC, gets into a certain predicament with the circus and now has to work for them, however, there’s another clause to this ‘working’ contract that ‘Mom’ (the head honcho of the circus is seriously called, ‘mom’ and is referenced as ‘mom) has made for Clena.

Mom asks that Clena have one of her boys fall in love with her, in the hopes to break ‘certain’ ailments that have been inflicted onto her children. Basically, she tells Clena she has to make one of her sons fall in love with her, and she has a one year deadline to do it. Otherwise… their will be consequences.

Screenshot (79)

In this case, Clena chooses to have Mr. Rabbit fall for her and become her husband LMAO. Whilst she chooses him, Mom and Dalos (the ioldest brother) express some concerns about her choice since… Mr. Rabbit aka Dhin, is known to be a big troublemaker out of the crew. Even though you question Mom and Dalos about Dhin to get more info about him, they shove you off to go live with him and decide not to tell you WTF you’ve gotten yourself into.

In the beginning of the route, you have choices to either explore, clean, or talk with the residents of the game. You have to balance what you do in order to get the best ending in the game, meaning, you clean, chase after chosen male love interest, clean, talk with characters, etc. Which keeps the gamer pretty engaged as you’ve gotta balance what you’re doing like you do in real life.

Uh… Oh the heart meter is going up XD!

Now… to Dhin~!

In this scene, he was trying to climb up a tree for the sake of getting the heroine’s wallet back, however… He hates exercise. For those of you who haven’t played this game, it’s best to play the demo that is available at Zeiva Inc’s website to find out why the boys transform into animals mostly and also learning the special technique on how to get them to transform back into human form.
I had to contain my laughter at the heart meter since I knew where this was going, but his comment reminded me a lot of Takkun from LLFTX that I almost felt compelled to just write a fanfiction of them together. Since… Takkun likes cute things, it was a fair shame that Dhin wasn’t a white fluffy fox, but it’s fine, considering he’s still cute and cuddly as a rabbit.

Poof! Lazy Rabbit Boy!

Poof! Magically turns into cute Shota Tsundere… If you’re not familiar with the term ‘shota’ it usually refers to someone younger than the main character, whether as a love interest or general person in the game. Dhin is one year younger than Clena, and he is probably the most troublesome out of all the brothers from the circus crew.

Apparently his heart meter went up and poof, human boy!

He’s so cute, LOL

While this is just a demo, I highly recommend checking out the game itself and playing both The Cat’s Path and The Sheep’s Path that is available on Steam! As a small parting of ways as I wrap up the demo play of the game, here’s Dhin being a complete baby about a little exercise. Enjoy!

There’s nothing wrong with exercise Dhin…



We didn’t even walk far, and he’s dying LMAO

He sincerely makes it look like he walked a thousand miles when we only walked one mile into town. He’s already dead from just taking a few steps LMAO. Reminds me of another person I know from Love Letter from Thief X…

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