Code Prophecy: Prologue (Fanfiction Drabbles)

“I will find you…”

Their hands touch my face as the light from above us seems to fade like the setting sun, and then they’re gone with the night. I’m here again, looking at the moonless sky with only the stars that seem to understand my sadness… I have been waiting for you while lost in this nightmare of forgotten memories. Just who are you? Who am I?

“Listen for my song…”

“follow the moon…”

“Wait for me.”

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The same dream again…. I opened my eyes and stared up at the black and white striped ceiling overhead, the bed creaked with my weight as I shifted onto my feet to look out the window that faced St. Vinkaine. It was always the same dream, I carded my fingers through my hair, and closed my eyes again as I tried to see the face of the person who said those tender words. Yet, no matter how hard I tried, I could never grasp their face but I somehow feel I would know their warmth against my own skin if I ever brushed against this mysterious shadow who always asks me to wait for them.

I glanced at the clock and let out a sigh, “I need to get ready,” I told myself, and yet I didn’t move as I continued to watch the scenery outside. It was almost time for something else to awaken as well, and since there wasn’t anyone on my tail right now. I welcomed the idea of distraction to clear my head of the dream and watch one of the seven wonders of St. Vinkaine from my room in peace.

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The sun was setting. I got to my feet and placed my hands against my windowpane and watched as the sun languorously made its way beneath the sea of earth, allowing darkness to stretch its arms into the empty horizon. A cloak of velveteen raptured the town, and all seemed silent until small specks of light began to blossom in the streets. Gas lights yawning awake like stars above, I heard the grating noise of the steam engines roar as the city began to move and shift into something extraordinary.

Grabbing my phone, I began to record the city becoming an ocean of luminescent orbs as I watched from my tower at Tres Spades Resort. It was then, in the center of the ground began to open as the city changed from homey little shops to an amass of skyscrapers and casinos galore. They called St. Vinkaine the leader of Keidan-Renkin Alchemy and Science, with the production of Steam Cores that could produce mass amounts of energy the royal kingdom was a peaceful city by day. However, as soon as nightfall came, the town transformed into a metropolis, with the power of the Steam Cores running below the earth it would shift the streets and the small cottages, homes, apartment buildings to go beneath and in the place of those mom and pop shops; sprouted the business conglomerates, manufacturing warehouses, military factions, all of this became known as Twilight City.

It is said the reason St. Vinkaine did this action was to protect its people, and that putting them underground at night kept them safe from outward attacks, whilst Twilight City enforced their military power of Britannia. I held my phone up to record the coup-de-gras of the whole transmutation, as the last infrastructure of Twilight City rose from the center of the city. A bluish orb began to ascend like the sun into the night sky, rising above the skyscrapers until it towered over everything below.

“Here it comes,” I whispered as the light began to flicker and morph, a soft hum could be felt in the air as energy began to spark in the night sky as what was known as the Philosopher’s Rose blossomed in darkness. Hues of azure and golden rays unfolded from the petals of the majestic creation shining gentle light upon the city of Twilight and enforcing a powerful dome-like shield that canvassed the entire land. At first glance, no one would consider the placid flower above Twilight City as a deadly tool, when in truth, it was a weapon carved in the essence of disguising itself as a celestial entity.

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A new and powerful technology that had been created through the Eastern and Western Alchemy, Britannia, gave birth to its newest form of power… more so, announced to the world that they held military prowess unlike any other. I placed a hand on the glass and felt the sensation of energy beneath my fingertips like I always had whenever the rose was in the sky. When I came here, it was such an oddity to see such an extravagant change of scenery once dusk settled into the ground and everything went from peaceful to sin city. However, as soon as I viewed the Philospher’s Rose just like many other travelers to this city, we were enamored by the beauty of its silent grace in the heavens.

“Wait for me…” the words echoed in my mind as I stared at Twilight City, my fingers tracing the blossom in the sky as I felt my chest tighten in response to the voice.

“Follow the moon…” it continued to speak as I kept my eyes on the rose, the sound of a heartbeat roared in my ears as I felt my fingers stop and my hand splayed out on the glass.

“I’ll find you…”

The slithering feeling within my chest grew as I placed my free hand against my heart and felt the ties of anxiety rise, as something from within the voices from my dreams surged forward

“chaos will always find you…”

the glass beneath my other hand cracked instantly causing me to draw back in astonishment. My breath drew in raggedly as I looked at my hand and then back to the window, “what the hell?”

An ominous feeling enveloped me, as I continued to look at the only part of the window that had suffered damage. The spider-like webbing of the cracks laid over the Philosopher’s Rose, giving the blossom of the night a shattered appearance, and a strange feeling of dread sinking to my core.

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