Somebody Alert the Authorities… 1st Degree Demo Has Me Hostage

1st Degree

Today I tried 1st Degree by Parival, the game is stated to have a complete release in 2021, and I have to say… I AM ON EDGE FOR IT. The game came across my little carousel of games ‘that would be of my interest’ type of ordeal and I’m down for murder, mystery, and BL anytime; so imagine my immediate surprise at how fast I devoured this demo. Or maybe it devoured and consumed me?



Gameplay for the game is very simple to follow, it prompts you early that the game has gore, violence, and sex scenes. You have the option to turn off these scenes at ther beginning of the game and it highly encourages you to make sure you adjust the settings to what you want! Another thing it talks about is the suspicion gauge, the gauge is triggered when you have to pick your choices, a dark eye means your suspicion has risen versus the white eye meaning your suspicion has dropped or hasn’t risen.

So you must weight the consequences of your decisions, just like in real life, otherwise, everything else is pretty easy to work with!


Before we go any further if you aren’t comfortable with gore, sexual situations, or morally corrupt ideals; this game is not for you. It is obscure and has situations that are not morally acceptable in reality. So please, I want to advise this ahead of time, this is a BL that explores wicked elements, and while this was only the demo the introduction signals that there are more ominous moments to come.

So I really want to state this to my innocent crowd, please back away now, because there are some events that occur in the game that I will talk about that won’t sit well for people. You’ve been warned.

Otherwise, if you’re down for some morally corrupt content and fujoshi thrills, let’s dive into dark yaoi fun!



Protagonist, Hero, Murderer: Rei Kuroshima

Screenshot (983)

Where to begin, we play from the POV of Rei Kuroshima, our lovely, charismatic, and sarcastic little copycat murderer. Yep, you read that right, we play as a top medical examiner graduate, who commits murder, to understand how other criminals kill people. His twisted idealism in this VN is a madness of its own, and we as the readers sit tight as we watch him dissect a man to obtain knowledge. The opening draws you in as you’re already on the edge of your seat and realizing what kind of insanity you just walked into.

In the slideshow above, he speaks about certain incision points that need to be made on his live victim, while trying to contemplate if he is correctly doing the right motions to mimick another criminal’s style. However, his efforts are futile as the victim struggles and Rei ends up messing up on his experiment, much to our protagonist’s dismay he ends up killing his victim more quickly than he wanted. Thus ending his case study around midnight with little to no insight as to how the murderer he was trying to copy, actually cleanly cut his victims.

One of the other interesting elements that have been inputted into the gameplay is the cellphone, in order to progress the game, you need to check it daily. Due to the fact you get phone calls, text messages, and also a glossary that updates itself often as you kil-AHEM-study people.

Screenshot (988)

Funny how the next morning you find out that Rei, the protagonist, is also one of the Medical Examiners for the Police Department, and he’s back on the crime scene that he created. I want to say I was getting Dexter vibes here, but that’s another matter entirely, anyways our boy’s personality is a complete switch from what we previously experienced. However, Dexter killed other murderers from my understanding, and Rei… does not do this… I digress.

It was such an oddity to study Rei’s behavior as he switched from being a cold killer to a sarcastic, well mannered, and likable person. His partner, Detective Aiden Steele, appears besides him as they case the scene and practically flirt with one another. I was unnerved with how easy Rei morphed into this individual who showed kindness and genuine humor when we just saw him slice up an innocent man earlier. In my head, I was hearing a barrage of psychiatric terms running through my head but I’ll not pour that here. After a few flirtatious moments between himself and Aiden, Rei heads back to the precinct and heads into the examination room with his victim.

Screenshot (990)

The examination is pretty routine, given one kink… Rei finds a piece of his latex glove that he had been using last night inside the victim’s body, and you come to your first segment of choices. Depending on what you choose, your suspicion can either rise up or stay the same, I chose to stealthily hide the evidence and toss it out of the body (my suspicious gauge rose). Although, cameras are on you, I’m going to hope Rei made a good performance at hiding his tracks, ne~?

After wrapping up what evidence you found, and extracting the organs into their own separate bags you exit the room. It’s here we get another scene that provokes my own morals about marriage and relationships. Remember how Rei complained to Aiden about the breakfast sandwich ordeal in one of the slides above? Well, Aiden delivers and then some, as he corners Rei in the semi-darkness of the hallways beneath the precinct.

The BST is there guys, if you’re not familiar with that term, please check out my Tsunderella post that touches base about it. However, the whole situation really gets antsy even for Rei as he boldly states, “I thought you were married…” towards Aiden which gets him to back off immediately.

While it safely put some distance between the two men, the lascivious looks Aiden kept casting towards Rei still remained even as our he left for the day. I want to state though, Rei was also still thinking dark thoughts about Aiden and even Aiden’s wife, considering that it wouldn’t be a bad idea to have a threesome.

Screenshot (1000)

As the scene progresses, we make it home and fall asleep for a bit until we are visited by someone who appears like an innocent little lamb at the wolf’s den. This cute kid named Minami, seems to be the childhood friend of Rei, and albeit, the ‘shota’ type in the game (which makes me truly question if Minami is as ‘innocent’ as he appears).

Since this VN has twisted a few tropes in here to make the game match the dark tones it reflects, I wouldn’t be surprised if Minami turns out to be a killer LMAO.

The option to tease Minami appeared to me during a conversation between the two friends, and I chose to be evil, and went all in with teasing the wee lamb. I’d say it was worth kidding around with Minami as we got to get a kiss from the boy, albeit, his first kiss which seems to rile up Rei. Since, in this moment, Rei presents that he does have some morals about stealing a virgin’s first kiss (since he’s tainted, but ya know…) and didn’t deserve to have Minami’s virgin lips on his own tainted ones.

While Minami had come to us for a study session, and the study session turned into a lesson about relationships. The session gets cut short due to Minami being unable to concentrate anymore and he heads home for the night, Rei heads to bed and his thoughts drift into lala land and the fact he can sleep in the next day. WRONG.

Because dutiful ex-boyfriend, Jun, (who is a volatile excuse of a bad ex-boyfriend-that-shouldn’t-be-in-your-phone-anymore) calls him up in the morning, and asks us to teach his class for him. Honestly, I was pretty irritated that he would ask us to do him that favor, and then ask us what we are wearing at that moment. In that scene you can feel that their is some left-over feelings of regret, sexual frustration, and desire left between the two of them.

However, I was thankful that Rei didn’t give in to that temptation (yet), as you’ll find out that these two are fuck buddies when they’re drunk, I don’t approve of it but what can we do? We aren’t working with saints here LMAO. 

Screenshot (1014)

Dragging our ass to a class that we shouldn’t have even been teaching in the first place, we settle in and tell everyone that all we are going to do is fill out paperwork and call it a day. However a pair of twins who seem to recognize Rei’s name as the lead Medical Examiner for ‘The Doctor’ murder cases take an immediate interest in you. Purposely, these two students wait until it is only you and them in the class, and they coordinate a forced seduction type of ordeal here.

Griffith who makes no hesitation in expressing he’s a dominant takes the lead in pressing Rei’s buttons, and Leo, the other twin, seems to play the part of the Switch out of the twins. The whole scenario had me looking around and hoping I locked my door, because there was some words exchanged that made me turn into a fujoshi.

After finding a way to free yourself from the twins, Rei escapes to meet Jun, and in this is where logical mind kicked in again. So as we are about to give Jun a piece of our mind about having to teach his class, we find out that ex-bf has a visitor from a professor that we all despise. What’s even more disgusting about the whole situation? The porcine Professor, named Osamu, is asking Jun to punish him and tease him and such, and then gift Jun with extravagant gifts.


Yea, that’s a good way to end my day of class. Irritated, I decided to play to choose the option to walk in on the whole scene and tease the living hell outta Jun in front of Osamu. (I was unnerved already, it didn’t help that I was pretty triggered by Jun and Osamu as Osamu is a MARRIED MAN… And he had his wang hanging out, and was begging Jun to ‘punish’ him) While Rei and Jun managed to act out this whole ‘I missed you baby’ moment below, as soon as Osamu got the hint and left, I was grateful to Rei for shoving off Jun and putting ample distance between himself and ex-bf.

However, I did replay the scene above again to see what happens if I yell at Osamu versus teasing him. Ya’ll… If you want to be thoroughly grossed out by Jun, that’s the choice.

Since we find out that Professor Jun is a scumbag, he basically loves playing and tormenting people he would never have sex with, and he likes having baby daddies buying him things. He’s a total sadist and enjoys it to an extent that he can’t just break ties with his playmates, which is how his relationship with Rei shattered. While these two have history, I was happy how Rei shut it down and laid the law by stating that he’s Jun’s heartbreaker, and he will hurt Jun the same way that he does to the people he teases.

I felt the situation with Jun and Osamu practically drained not just Rei, but even me, as that bullshit was bananas. We eventually leave a very forlorn looking Jun to wallow in his self pity and finally go home, we manage to feed our beloved cat, Kii, and crawl into bed to finally sleep in!

However, Detective Aiden calls and wakes our ass up. Stating that we are immediately needed at the precinct, as ‘The Doctor’ has struck again!


Gray’s Corner

I am going to honestly admit, I want to play this game when it comes out. I love the murder/detective twist in the game and the characters are an acquired taste (except Jun, I would prefer him not to be an option). Overall I love what the game creators have done and I can’t wait for the full release in 2021!

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