[Geeky Sundays] It’s a Bird, a Plane, Wait! What’s an Optihopter(sp?)?!

Following on the end of #seriouslygeekysundays #sgsun6 by @justgeekingby for the month of June, I wanted to take a spin at the weirdest things I’ve encountered in games (and prayed that the MC wouldn’t die from them). Since I’m all about otome games and visual novels, we are going to see some weird, strange, and creepy contraptions I’ve encountered in Otomelandia. So come along, and hop into one of these weird flying machines from Code: Realize, and let’s get to dyin-Flying!

Code:Realize - Guardians of Rebirth Impey Barbicane Character ...

Yea… we are going to be falling… Probably to our death from the flying machine you made LOL




What is the weirdest fictional technology item you’ve seen?

One of the more stranger items that I’ve managed to cross during my journey across Otomelandia is the Optihopter (I’m sure I spelled that wrong), which comes from the Code: Realize series. This is an invention that was created by famed fictional engineer, Impey Barbicane, who is from Jules Verne’s 1865 novel, From the Earth to the Moon: A Direct Route in 97 Hours, 20 Minutes.


This flying contraption is built to only seat two people and be able to fly at brisk speeds, however, whenever the characters from this game use it–they practically push it to its limits. We’ve crashed a lot in this machine, and I’m glad we managed to survive every time. The Optihopter is a memorable piece of machinery for me since I’m afraid of flying, and the game makes us fly in the damn thing several times…


What is the most disastrous technological innovation?

Code Realize – GALVANIC

The most disastrous innovation I’ve ever seen in Otomelandia is this thing. ^^ Isaac Beckford from Code: Realize created this monstrosity to create the Philosopher’s Stone and realize his dream of creating total calamity. This colossal orb not only means the apocalypse, but it also contains the genius mind of Isaac himself. As if we didn’t need something straight outta Mordor… But I digress, this massive innovation was one of the worst creations to come from the fictional world.

It caused grief, heartache, and most of all utter chaos to fictional London in Code: Realize. I was only thankful that we managed to destroy the damn contraption at the end of it all, but it doesn’t erase the feels I got from Finis’ route when the time came to put an end to a mean.  From both Cardia and Finis’ standpoint, it really cut deep to destroy their own father, but at the same time… It also meant closure.

RPGFan Review - Code: Realize ~Wintertide Miracles~


Who is your favorite robot/droid?

Adam Kurihara

Decoding Love from Honey Magazine

My favorite android is Adam from Decoding Love from Okko’s Honey Magazine, he’s pretty much a child in a grown man’s body. In Decoding Love it is your job as the MC to help him understand emotions and feel love, genuinely, and not from the programs implemented into his brain. He’s such a sweet character, and albeit, I think everyone in the Love Laboratory kinda abuses their intellectual minds to do random modifications to Adam.

While there isn’t a route for Adam at this current time, there is a side story that gets pretty intense if you read through it. I highly recommend checking Adam out in his side story because he goes from cute to HOLY-HELL-WHAT-OMG-I-NEED-A-FAN.

Decode Desire ⭐Review⭐ | Otome Amino



What fictional futuristic item do you think will become real one day?

Decoding Desire】dating games for Android - APK Download

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that I believe ‘Love’ androids will become part of the future, while it seems fictional at this time. There have been articles floating around engineers and programmers creating robots for the use of pleasure and perhaps, actual lovers. There has even been the famed Japanese Sex Doll who looks and acts like a human, and as terrifying as this may seem, this is slowly happening.

Article: Robot Sex

Article: Dark Warning on Sexbots

Article: The Decline of Romantic Relationships and Marriage

I am ambivalent about the future, but I can’t predict it and all I can go by is articles, studies, and conferences that talk about these changes to our evolving society. Regardless of what I may have an opinion on, I can only report on what I can find or learn, and with our society getting more proficient in technology with every passing day, I don’t think I would be surprised to hear that android lovers are now the new romance (as sad as that sounds).


What futuristic vehicle would you love to take for a ride?

Who's the best Love interest in Starship Promise? : Lovestruck

Shouldn’t come as a surprise, I want to ride in a spaceship, I’ve been fascinated with science fiction since I was a child and watched Star Trek episodes. It didn’t help that Toonami also amplify my intense need to want to ride a space ship and go PEW~PEW~ with lasers and shoot asteroids. However, I’ll probably keep to shooting asteroids and aliens in my mini shooter games on PC, and also get my kicks out of Starship Promise.

Who needs relationships anyway?! — Yeah, S3E3 is my favorite - I ...

Flying to outer space in a car-like vehicle, and making a road trip to the moon or mars sounds like a grand old time. While it is a fantasy of mine to one day drive to Pluto and sees the dark nebulas of the universe, I’ll have to reserve that wish to my imagination. Not only that, just cruising among the stars and seeing a whole other galaxy would be one hell of an adventure to talk about.


If you could have any character/celebrity be the personality for a supercomputer, who would it be?

llftx Tumblr posts - Tumbral.com

Hahaha! I would definitely love to have Takuto Hirukawa as my supercomputer personality, why? He would keep me entertained for those long days at work or keep me sane during the dark nights when I feel my head clouding over with sad thoughts. Takuto has a penchant to be so tsundere that he’s a tsun-aho, meaning he becomes a hot/cold idiot LMAO. Some of the things he says are hilarious and that in itself is something I would need on a daily basis when I get too serious.

Kenshi | Otome junkie

I can imagine messing with him when I get home, and him yelling at me for not even giving him my attention. I would probably snicker and say ‘I’m sorry, I had your voice on mute, what did you say ‘pork-bowl-kun?’ I’m certain I’d get an earful from him afterward and maybe he’d pout and pretend to shut himself down because he’s annoyed. But he’ll possibly forgive me once I ask him to make a digitized projection of himself to join me at the dinner table for pork noodles.

It should be all good, and it’ll be a happy day.

hirukawa takuto Tumblr posts - Tumbral.com


Gray’s Corner

Thank you to Heather @justgeekingby for creating such awesome prompts for all bloggers around the blogosphere. This was a fun one, and I highly encourage everyone to please check out geeking-by.net and participate in her creative challenges. As always, thank you for reading, and let us know what interesting tech you’ve found in the fictional world in the comments below!

See ya’ll on the gaming side!


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