MAY I FANGIRL OVER YOU?? [Otome Protag Edition]


In today’s blog, I wanted to talk about my personal favorite main characters from otome games that I’ve played. I didn’t want to make a scroll that would roll out of the computer screen, so I debated hard and chose my top five MCs. While it was challenging to choose, these five MCs stood out as remarkable and brave to me.  As time passed in the game, their overall character growth became more defined, their actions in the game’s story helped structure a solid plot and destiny itself. Get your gaming gear on as we dive into Gray’s Top 5 MCs of Otomelandia.





Castle Break was one of the best damn mobile games to have ever come out for Shall We Date, and I’m in mourning that it’s gone for good. I only have my CGs to look at to remind me of the beautifully intricate artwork and music that captivated me long ago. However, what truly held me hostage in this game was the MC, and the difficulties she faced to escape the spellbound castle.

In the game, the MC awakens in a castle and has no recollection as to why she is there and even who she even is. However, she faces many challenges along the way including a demon hunting knight who causes trouble in his route, and also in other routes (still love him though!). While she’s not someone who knows how to fight, she learns that she must in order to survive, she thinks for herself and doesn’t allow others to sway her.


She was a refreshing MC compared to many others at the time, with her drive to gain and also show of compassion. This MC was the rare breed of innocent and tough, MCs that are laborious to find in older games, thus, she remains at the top of my favorite MCs.




Due to OKKO’s shift into allowing players to answer how they want in a game, I find it refreshing to be able to have a balance of emotions with the MC in Arabian Nights Love Story. Her being a nurse was a big plus (because I work in the medical field too!), however, her heart and empathy towards others, and the her character growth through the story amazed me. I don’t think she actually recognizes her own power in this challenging new world she was brought into.

I Love You

Whilst I preferred her personality in Sinbad’s route, the heroine shows realistic emotions such as anxiety, heartache, and compassion towards even her enemies that weren’t actually evil, to begin with. Not only that, but her ability to sense danger because of her empathic nature was also pretty helpful in this game. I truly love her and Sinbad, I just wish there were more routes from the game for us to see her.



Sweet Fuse At Your Side_0071

Saki Inafune of Sweet Fuse at Your Side is by far one of the top best heroines for me, she’s spunky and speaks her mind. It’s refreshing AF when an MC can call a hero out on their bullshit, which is what she does in this game. She is kind, intellectually capable, and knows how to stand up to authority whilst remaining peaceful (at times LMAO). This game is fairly old, and I don’t expect everyone to know it but I do suggest playing it if you can.

The artwork is different compared to our usual ikemen aesthetics, however, I do suggest giving it a try as the game engages you to test your wit. It’s a puzzle and romance type gameplay that keeps you enthralled, and the character development of Saki and the others are unbelievably marvelous. I’m even surprised to say I actually liked the villain as well, which is usually rare for me.


Saki remains on my top list as one of the best heroines because of her integrity for justice, fairness, and overall badassery makes for one helluva MC.



KOR and AKD 182

Kiss of Revenge is an underrated game that I wish was voiced more often in the Otomelandia circles, this game wasn’t as successful with people but it sure as hell was for me. The heroine of KOR was calculating, cutting, and good at handling certain people depending on which route you chose to go into. While in other routes she was written out of character, this MC is definitely a femme fatale when at her most Lady Revenge self.

She took no bullshit, is an ace at her work, and passionate about her opinions and feelings. The best example of her cutthroat persona would be in Naoya Hasegawa’s route where you can see a prime example of her wit and dry candor. Beware, hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, and she certainly makes the men burn in hell when she does take her vengeance.



Lastly, and this is a fairly new MC that entered my field of games, the Sin with Me MC from Voltage USA’s Lovestruck App. Her character uncannily looks like me from back in my training days for the medical field, and I was immediately drawn into her personality with how she felt about dropping out of medical school and going back home. I could relate to her in certain ways where she realized what she thought she wanted to be, wasn’t what she wanted at all.

Her sarcastic and crude remarks earn her a spot on my list of top MCs just because she isn’t some pushover, she challenges the characters of this game. Not only that, but she also brings up valid points that most games gloss over, like how in the slides above she mentions jumping in a car with a stranger can equal only two things. The other part is how her thoughts are, I couldn’t stop laughing with her direct forwardness about certain things happening in the game. Especially the scene about the bear.


She’s definitely not a heroine to mess with, and I sincerely approve of her badassery in the game.





I haven’t played through all of London Detective Mysteria but that won’t dissuade the fact I love Emily Whitley, she’s brilliant, clever, and charming. She actually reminds me of my cousin, which is possibly why I’m biased about her personality and the way she speaks. I know certain people have stated that her voice annoys them, but for me, it doesn’t irritate or hinder me from liking her.

From the beginning chapter when we first meet Ms. Whitley, I’m instantly drawn in by how she is relatable, at least to me when I was her age. While I didn’t have a butler, dreaming about food, not waking up on time, and not wanting to go to social gatherings was definitely my attitude at that age. I loved the fact that she was raised in the countryside, and that her butler was always having a bit of a hard time taming her wild side. No matter, Emily became an instantaneous hit to me when she used certain resources to solve her first case in London for the queen.


While I could say the son of Sherlock Holmes was pretty unhappy with what she did, I was not, and neither was Dr. Watson’s son. Emily earns a spot as my top young heroines in Otomelandia for her quick wit, her relatable quips, and her funny habit of talking in her sleep about food.

✧・゚: *✧・゚:*(*❦ω❦)*:・゚✧*:・゚✧✧・゚: *✧・゚:*(*❦ω❦)*:・゚✧*:・゚✧✧・゚: *✧・゚:*(*❦ω❦)*:・゚✧*:・゚✧



Cardia is one of the more recognizable otome heroines of Otomelandia, a woman who lost her memories, she starts out with ‘almost’ an innocent mindset to the world. However, she is not ignorant and easily fooled by people, she’s able to think on her own and learn the abilities to fight, and even trick her own mentor. She’s a formidable MC to contend with. Thrust into a world that she’s not familiar with, Cardia does her best to understand and assimilate to the rules of society.

Code:Realize ~Wintertide Miracles~_20190202201434

However, while she does appear tough in front of others, we as the readers get a glimpse into her depression, anxiety, and heartache. This makes her character all the more relatable and closely realistic to how some people will respond against hardships and turmoil. While she didn’t make it to my top, she is still one of my likable protagonists that I would entertain anyone to play especially if you’re new to the Otome realms.



Narrowing down my favorite MCs was pretty challenging but it was well worth the travels into my encyclopedia of games I’ve managed to play. While these are my top heroines, I’m always searching for more games with kick-ass females/males/non-binary characters that won’t be afraid to grow into themselves. Many characters I’ve spoken of have a trend that they grow into their true self and learn to fight back against their oppressors, or they make sure to even out the playing field.

So tell me Otomelandia, who are your favorite MCs? Let me know in the comments or make a blog and tag me so I can see who you favor!

As always, thanks for reading my blog, and see you on the gaming side~!


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