I’M TRYING TO WOO YOU… [Geeky Sundays]

Romance is in the Air


Welcome to Geeky Sundays on Gray’s Otome, starting off on a good foot this week, I’m following the tag created by Heather at geeking-by.net. So, July 6th is International Kissing Day so today we will be talking about romance, love, and all the uncomfortably adorable moments in Otomes that I adore. So grab some chocolates, teddy bears, and your favorite guy as we ride into Otomelandia and find out my favorite romance moments Voltage Inc.


Who is your favorite couple?


Excuse me as I just …


I’ve written how Yuta Kajima from My Forged Wedding is my No. 1 favorite man of all time from the Voltage Inc Universe, but I also herald the MC in his route. They are one of the best couples I’ve encountered in Otomelandia and I will never forget how their love was a slow burn. Both characters were determined to work for their dreams, become better for themselves so that they would also be synergistic with one another.

They are the rare couple I’ve stumbled upon in my earlier beginnings that I can’t help but adore in romance and how relationships can be. While they are fictional characters, they are truly the best couple I’ve met besides Jamie and Claire Fraser from Outlander. With that being said, I love these two together and what they represent in devotion and passion.


What is your favorite romantic scene?

Oh Yuzuberry, no one can compare your romance scenes as one of the original Tsunderes I’ve encountered. Yuzuki Kitaoji from Seduced in the Sleepless City is one of the rare gems of a sinnamonroll Tsun-Tsun I’ve encountered that I love and cannot help but be enamored with. He’s not as bad as Takuto Hirukawa from Love Letter from Thief X, but he has his moment so trying to express that he wants your attention. Above is one of his few scenes where he shows you his true colors and how he wants your undying affection.

He was beyond sweet and adorable here, stating he would call every day and that he would hurry up and finish his work overseas so that he can be with you sooner. This is a special scene and I just… ugh, my feels got punched here… I love him LMAO.


What is the perfect fictional place for a romantic date?

The perfect fictional place for a date? I guess I can’t get that creative unless it’s a floating garden in the heavens but I can’t find a screenshot of that anywhere anymore. So I’ll be going with a place that is great for dates whether fictional or in real life, a cafe or patisserie establishment. Places that serve coffee, cake, tea, and savory delights is an ideal date spot for me, and it’s a casual place to relax.

In my experience, this has always been my go-to scenes to take my dates to, as it isn’t a place to crowd them and we can openly talk in the presence of each other. You can choose to sit closer or sit across, talk, and eat while either getting to know one another or catch up with how they’ve been doing. Some cafes I’ve been to have couches and comfortable lounging areas, so these are definitely sexy and intimate places for a romantic date. I’m not into fancy restaurants unless it’s a first anniversary or wedding anniversary.



Some romantic scenes are adorable, and then some are just plain awkward. What’s the most awkward scene you can recall?

Okay, the crown goes to Yuzuki again in this category, he had this weird moment as shown above with the MC. I was a bit confused at first with how the whole thing went down, but he confused the heck outta me and the MC when he said he saw one of our body parts. It was stated in such a way that caused a bit of a misunderstanding between the MC and him, I mean, he just saw feet, not a naked body.

While the moment was awkward, it did turn into a more spectacularly hot moment later at the hot springs scene between the two. Safe to say, while this was an awkward segment between the two characters, the steamy onsen moment made up for the weirdness they endured from earlier.


What is your favorite wedding scene?


I’m… Excuse me as I fangirl


Okay, so now that that has gotten out of my system, I want to talk about one of my favorite wedding scenes, Code: Realize ~Winter Blessings~ Frankenstein and Cardia. I love Victor and how devoted he is to Cardia, and how she is towards him. When they officially tied the knot I was crying and screaming so hard I thought I was going to faint, I may be old, but even I can still fangirl like mad.

It was so damn beautiful, I felt it was the most intimate and elegantly placed wedding I had ever seen. While the others had magnificent weddings, Victor and Cardia took the whole cake with how special and loving their nuptials were. It will forever be one of my favorite wedding scenes of all time, besides Outlander.


Pick a fandom and play kiss/marry/avoid!

The Fandom of my choosing is METRO PD CLOSE TO YOU, back in the day I’d RP these guys and needless to say I would probably marry or kiss most of them, however, there were rare cases that I did have to avoid someone. So let’s play the game, shall we?

Who Would You Kiss?


Hands down, I’d kiss Eiki Yachigusa, he’s a cute and pretty ambitious kid and while I can’t see myself settling down with him I don’t mind stealing a kiss. Eiki has his strong suits with being bullheaded at times and his charisma is pretty infectious, but otherwise, all he will get from me is maybe a coffee date and a kiss. Sorry Yachigusa, I do still love you though!


Who Would You Marry?


He was the last person I ever thought I would like or even fall in love with, or even consider marrying just like Yuta Kajima. However, here we are, if I could marry anyone from this game, it would be Tennoji with his Tsun-Tsun otaku ass. Why? Because I can deal with his antics and we’d both keep each other entertained with hours of arguments and also some romantic moments. The man can get heated but if the MC had a little bit of my attitude, it would be easy as hell to tease him throughout the day.

Either you love or hate his hot/cold temperament, I’m marrying the man.


Who Would You Avoid?


Nomu baby~ I’m totally sorry but I gotta say I would avoid your ass in real life, I can’t deal with the flirty enigmatic type all too well and you’d drain me out quickly. I feel I can handle a himedere, oresama, dom, and sadodere fairly easier than an extremely cheery and amorous person. Nomura was a bit much for me and I found myself always saying, ‘stop it! Heel!’ in his route, he eventually became a sweetheart but … Let’s say I wouldn’t be going for a second round with him anytime soon.



It may not be February but romance is definitely in the air and in this blog, this was a fun detour from my usual bearings but hopefully, it piques your interest in looking for these men. So tell me Otomelandians and VNers, what are your favorite romance scenes or moments? Comment below or make a blog of your own and don’t forget to tag me and geeking-by.net so we can see what your thoughts are!

As always, thanks for stopping by and see you on the gaming side!

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