Otomelandian Playing “Quarantine Life”


While I’m not actually playing a physical game called ‘Quarantine Life’ we are in a semi-lockdown state where I’m currently residing. Since the first initial lockdown that occurred late February to early March, I’ve been working from home and trying to hack away at my backlog of items I stated I would accomplish. With what is happening in the world right now, most of us are settled in front of our screens whether it’s our cellphone, computer, or consoles.

We’ve had to adapt to many things as of late and become more open to learning new information as the days pass us by. In today’s blog, I’m going to be talking about what being in quarantine has taught me about the world and also myself, with visual cues from my favorite visual novels. Without further ado, strap in and get ready for a helicopter ride of sorts as we look into a deeper aspect of Otomelandia and the VN world through my eyes.



What Are You Grateful For?


I’m grateful for family and friends that have stayed close and continued to support one another through these times of crisis and separation. When the lockdown was first issued I was currently visiting family down the coast, both my nephew and I had gone to see my sister and check in on her. I was out of town, away from my husband and our beloved furbaby. It was pretty surreal to see the National Guard had been put into place in certain areas in the city back then…

It was difficult being away from my husband for about three weeks, and even more so, I wasn’t able to speak with my best friend during this time. I was grateful for my sister and my nephew for staying positive, and for those long nights where we sang ‘Frozen II’ half the time to keep us sane. I’m also grateful to a close friend and her daughter for singing broadway musicals to me while I stayed holed up near the coastline.tumblr_n1ff3r9dbE1rjf4f5o1_500


What is the Best Game You’ve Played During Quarantine?


It may not look like much, and it doesn’t have the steamy adult scenes I really like to have in romances, however, this game is so adorable. It was the first game I finished during the early phase of the lockdown and I loved it so hard, it had moments of cute and satisfying moments for the main character and her chosen male LI. The game is voiced and has about 10 different endings, but I highly recommend playing it just to see how heartwarming it is.


There’s so much in love and adoration just for this simple game that follows an MC trying to break a curse that’s placed on her. This game has a lot of lessons to teach if you read between the lines, while the game doesn’t engage a reader to press multiple buttons and such. It truly relies on the romance to drive the plot, which is nice, as this game stands in the original concept of what an otome at it’s simplest is. It is a pick your own adventure without too many RPG elements, so I do recommend this game for any beginner Otomelandian.

This game is available on Nintendo Switch for a good price,  it is so well done, and if you’re just looking for a game that’s easy on the feels and not too daunting with stat rising and such. Play Kitty Love ~Way to Look for Love~



Did You Play a Game That Has Taught You a Valuable Lesson?



The same game I spoke up from above, it taught me one thing, “You don’t have to change. You should be who you are.” During the early phases of quarantine, I was going through some emotional turmoil. There was so much darkness from March to April that I wasn’t sure if I was even going to mentally make it through the struggle that I was dealing with. My depression and anxiety ate away at me daily, I wondered if the decisions I made to pursue my dreams were even valid even to myself.

It was a constant struggle to see the good at times, so when I picked up this game, I had been asking myself if I need to change myself to better fit in this society all over again… And just give up on what I want. I would say it was divine intervention that while I was contemplating this thought, the main heroine said that line, from above, to the male protag as he was also questioning himself. While this didn’t come from a person, this game hit me in my feels and made me laugh tearfully because I needed to see that line.


Closing the doors to the rules you were taught to live by to succeed, and running after your dreams is a difficult journey. It’s easy to fall back into the fatal grasps of ‘imposter syndrome’ and runaway to what has always been familiar versus new. Don’t forget, you don’t have to change, you should be who you are, and you will be fine.


Did Any Games Inspire You to Learn Something New?


Actually, yes, my Sengoku period games inspired me to learn how to do archery from crossbow to the curved bow. I have yet to try something with a longbow but I learned a bit about archery during this time, and I’m proud of it. While practice ranges are not available in the area I’m currently staying again, I have plans to definitely go out and practice again with my nephew or even just myself.

The concentration, intent, and energy you feel holding a bow are exhilarating to me, and when that arrow launches and hits the bullseye. It’s a tidal wave of adrenaline that seems to engulf me and take hold as I go again, resetting the bow and taking aim again, and hitting the mark. There’s a sense of peaceful authority I feel when I concentrate on what is before me. The arrow representing my intent and will power as it springs forward at brilliant speed and chasing the goal ahead.



Did You Learn Something New About Yourself in Quarantine?

Inner strength, I’ve never known what my own power was until I sat in the silence of my own thoughts and listened to the chaos that resided in my head. It’s difficult to sit in stillness and truly hear what your mind is saying versus what your soul is calling you to do. To be in complete tranquillity is a difficult task for many, and I don’t mean sitting in front of a TV, playing with your phone, or just sitting in your room and just reading. I’m talking about sitting in stillness with nothing but yourself and no electronics. No music. Nada.

Reaching into your spirit and just asking to hear what have you’ve been suppressing and is there a way to meet at equal footing to your shadows. It can be earth-shattering but also liberating to fully listen to what your soul has been longing to speak to you in dreams. In all this chaos that has been happening, I’ve learned of my own inner fortitude to see my demons, acknowledge them, and fight alongside them in the neverending battle we call life. Some days I won’t always be mighty, and that’s okay, life is meant to be challenging it’s the only way to learn your strengths to touch the sky or burn a path.

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Last Question, What Has Made You The Happiest During This Time?



Saying that word is the most powerful mantra I’ve spoken daily, whether it’s self-love, family love, friendship love, or romantic love. What has made me happiest during this time is the love I’ve still seen whether from my family, friends, and husband. It’s easy to blow up at one another when we aren’t used to be with one another all the time, and the pandemic certainly tipped everyone’s daily life upside down in my household. 

The one thing that changed was many of us are working from home and in close quarters with one another. I’ve gotten closer to my family in working on house projects and being at home more often for family dinners. I make weekly phone calls between my sister and brother to check in and see how they’re both fairing and what our week looks like ahead.


Lastly, I’m fairly glad my husband hasn’t gone psycho with my habit of starting laundry but never folding the clothes after they’ve been dried. While I’m happy he’s home, I do prefer Yuta to still stay out of the kitchen because he cooks up some ominous things that are for ‘acquired tastes’ (I didn’t say it before my husband’s name is Yuta, which was why there were some weird feelings with Yuta Kajima from My Forged Wedding). I digress, love is what has made quarantine life bearable and heartfelt, and I’m grateful for that.




Quarantine Life has produced many challenges not just for myself but others I’ve met along this journey, however, we still continue to on. Whether we are laughing, crying, shouting, fighting, or chasing our goals; the sleepless nights will slowly fade and we will recognize we are getting stronger every day to move forward. Time doesn’t stop for anyone, but we can walk with it and appreciate what lies in front of us or beside us. What have you learned during this time? Let me know in the comments, and if I’ve inspired you to do a similar blog like this, tag us!

As always, thank you for reading dear traveler and see you on the gaming side~!

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  1. My favourite game that I’ve played in quarantine is Outer Wilds. Exploring through a hand-crafted solar system with plenty of things to discover was great! Loving the content – keep it up.

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