Please Be Kind to Doorknobs and Typewriters…

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Hey everyone and welcome back to my blog, in today’s blog I wanted to speak about my dream job(s) that I hope to one day be successful in one way or another. I feel that reading novels or playing games allows us as a person to somehow brush against the fantasy of not only adventure but certain parts of reality that we have yet to arrive at. When I play certain games, we are immediately drawn into the perspective of the main hero or heroine, and we take on the mantle of their personality, which also includes their job.

There have been numerous occasions that I’ve been shipped off into a world and found myself happily immersed in a job that I’m interested in. However, it doesn’t mean that all the jobs I’ve been pushed into are great, like how I became a receptionist for a Rental Boyfriend company because my uncle got sick–And all the guys are troublemakers (I was glad there was no penalty for being a complete asshole to all of them with my answers!).


Regardless, most of the jobs I’ve been blessed to be a part of whether it was short-lived due to magickal happenstance or probable real-life incidents in the game. Here are the top dream jobs I’ve managed to experience as the hero or heroine of a story, and I was extremely happy to have gotten a chance to be employed for, even if it was a game!


Dream Job: Editor


You are an editor at a women’s magazine covering the opening party of a casino in Roppongi, the nightlife district of Tokyo. There you meet a famous actor, bestselling novelist, charismatic plastic surgeon, and a top F1 racer.

Your personal interview is arranged in the VIP room…

A totally gorgeous–and slightly dangerous–love is waiting!

At one point in my life, I wanted to be an editor for a magazine, I just wasn’t sure whether I wanted it to be for a lifestyle magazine or something in entertainment. I’ve mentioned that Seduced in the Sleepless City is one of my favorite games, I’m pretty 50/50 with the heroine as there at times she can be awesome and other times she is a pushover. However, the game focuses on her task at completing a special article on the man of your choosing, it dives in with the interview process, as well as talking points about how to edit the article.

There were a few moments we got to see the article pitches of other editors and writers of the company and participate in meetings for the magazine itself. I was daily impressed with some aspects they presented in the story with how passionate the heroine was towards her job. In certain stories, the MC manages to complete her story as well as fall in love, but there are only a few routes I truly recommend to beginners to this otome. If you want to see the MC in action as an editor/writer for Cinderella Magazine, check out Satsuki Kitaoji’s Route as you get a gentleman CEO and a passionate MC in the gameplay.



Dream Job: Pastry Chef


You’re a pastry chef. You’ve been wrapped up in your job, and your love life has fallen by the wayside.

‘I don’t think I know how to do relationships anymore.’ You go to a singles event on your birthday and five attractive men profess their love for you!

A dramatic love story begins…

Finally, in Love Again is an app geared towards older women as the game focuses on the MC turning another year older and she hasn’t had time to think about marriage or love. While I don’t feel anything is wrong with the aspect of being career-oriented, the MC acknowledges she does want to share a life with someone and wants to fall in love again. She is a pastry chef for a really awesome patisserie in the area she lives in, and OMG I would love to be as skilled as she is in making sweets.

We got a look into the daily life of a confection/pastry chef in this game as we see the MC hard at work in her craft at making cakes and various sweets. I’m actually grateful to the MC in this game as she wasn’t a pushover in most of the routes she was in, she stood up for herself and a lot of the answers against the LI were her standing up for herself or saying something sarcastic. This game dives into the world of yummy treats and romance, and having the mix in this app was pretty ingenious as… Hello, sweets and cakes… Yes Please, SIGN ME UP!

If you’re new to the game, I do suggest either Aki Fujushima or Sousuke Kikuchi!


Dream Job: Librarian

You live a normal life until the day you’re attacked by otherworldly ayakashi, intent on stealing the special power you were born with.

Your saviors also happen to be ayakashi, five very handsome ones!

“We’ll protect you, human. But in return… You must offer your power to one of us.”

Is he only after my power? Or is this love real…?

Enchanted in the Moonlight, oh man, when this game out I was so over the moon for it because the main character’s job is a librarian. I’ve constantly battled with my options for my degree to either become a librarian, editor, or even a writer. So when this game came out, I was immediate to jump in and see what I could find out about this world and the job.

As a heads up, in certain routes of this game, the heroine is 50/50 on either being straightforward or being a complete pushover to the men. I personally was happier to be a librarian more than being a bride of some sort to the ayakashi in the game. The MC is passionate about books, literature, and helping others find what they want in the library she works in. She primarily works in the children’s section, but she does occasionally move around to help her fellow coworkers.

I embraced being a librarian even with the cosmic forces happening in the game, if you want to try out this game, I recommend playing Samon or Chikage’s route!


Dream Job: Detective


You’re a rookie detective, and you’ve got a new case. You’re tracking down dangerous criminals with your experienced partner, but what’s waiting for you after the danger’s over? Is it just case closed? Or could this be the beginning of life-changing romance?

Metro PD: Close to You you are a rookie detective and get paired up with one of the men up above in the picture. When I was a kid, I watched a lot of detective, police, and cops and robbers type of shows and Power Rangers. At one point in my childhood, I sincerely thought of becoming a member of the police force, however, my parents quickly shot that down because they wanted me to be at my desk not in the front lines.

When this game came out, I was quick to jump onto it in the JP store and translate as much as I could to play the routes and be able to kick ass. Albeit, there are some moments where you frown at the MC for the choices the game provides you to choose from, but overall I like how this game mixes action and comedy together. If you’re new to this game, I highly recommend playing Hiroshi Kirisawa and Ryohei Kimura’s routes as they are both sweet and badass, without harshness or forceful characteristics.


Dream Job: Having My Cake and Eating it Too



Usually in otome games, you either get to keep your job or you leave it, but when it comes to Wanted: Son-In-Law, you can actually have your cake and eat it too. You are an editor who works for a very well known publisher and you find out you are also the heiress to a legendary railway company. I liked the fact that the MC is an editor in here, but in most of the routes, a lot of them were either hinting she left her job or become the heiress to the company.

I do appreciate the heroine’s passion to stay with her current job, but it wasn’t until recently when they released Tsukasa Ijuin’s route that I found out I could be an editor and also take over the family business on my own. While your grandfather is keen on marrying you off, the MC in Tsukasa’s route is bold and unabashed about her feelings and we get no penalty for telling all the men off in this game.

If you’re new to Honey Magazine, I highly recommend checking out all their titles in the library app. However, if you choose to pursue someone in Wanted: Son-In-Law, look no further than Tsukasa Ijuin and Iori Nijo.



While these jobs are the more realistic careers we can find out in the real world, I can’t experience all of them in the real world unless I have the education and resume for it. However, at least with games, I can get a bit close to what those jobs may entail if I were employed in them. Note, I do understand that there are more fictional aspects added to the job description than the real-life version, but it is nice to be able to change your careers in the game versus how hard it can be out here in the real world.

Safe to say, I’m probably going to have a ‘fantasy job’ tag for otome games sooner or later since this is a broad area of visual novels. However, what are some of your dream jobs that you’ve encountered while playing games? Let me know in the comments!

As always, thanks for reading and catch you on the gaming side~!


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