Ambition, Love, and Revenge? A Minuet in Power


Ambition ~A Minuet in Power~is a visual novel/otome game that appeared on the Steam Games of Summer Festival awhile back ago. While I’m unsure if the demo still remains active, the game boasts some unique elements and interesting stat raising to accomplish the story at hand. If you’re a game player who likes to have more engagement with your otome or visual novel games, then step right up and get ready to either dominate France with your seductive wiles or remain in poverty and betrayal. 

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The setting opens to the main character, who is named Yvette, arriving to Paris with the hopes of meeting her beloved fiancee, Armand, whom she has been exchanging letters with since she lived in the country. She’s excited, hopeful, and you can feel her sense of anxiety building as she is given the choice to read her beloved’s letter, tell the cabby to quickly get to the tavern, or watch the scenery of Paris fly by.

With the opening already giving you a set range of answers, you can feel out what type of person you want Yvette’s character to be like. Either you can act the part of a rich and haughty lady, a humble woman, or a virginal innocent, the game pairs your answers to certain stats that you either gain or lose.


Bar Maid

In the demo, you are taken to a tavern that your soon-to-be husband is supposed to meet you at, however, after asking the barmaid to help you. You find that no one wants to speak or even give any hint of gossip about your fiancee, which further bothers Yvette and causes her to start asking people herself if they may know a thing or two about his whereabouts.

Yet to her dismay, as soon as she approaches anyone about Armand, they all seem to up and run away from you and or avoid any contact with you as if you were the plague. After all the unsuccessful attempts trying to garner any info about your man, Yvette leaves the tavern and heads to the address that is written on the letters her fiancee has been sending her.


Once she leaves the establishment and briskly walks towards the home address that is written on  the envelop in hand, we get a glimpse into Yvette’s dreams and fantasies of what she expects her life to be with her fiancee. It is a fairly lovely fantasy, as, during this time, I would think many fantasized about being around the rich and noble in this time. We also get a glimpse into Yvette’s heart as she seems to be the starry-eyed, and hopeful type of person as she feels determined to make herself into someone in the society of Paris.

home, sweet home

Yvette’s dream

However, as soon as Yvette approaches Armand’s home, the house is nothing like she had pictured. As we observe the home is broken down and practically close to shambles, with trepidation we are greeted by the head maid of the house, Camille, who is in shock that I had been carrying my luggage around the whole day. While she does shoo me inside, she explains that my husband-to-be is missing, and that she is not even sure where he has gone to, and during such a conversation of a missing husband, she brings up that I must attend a party in his stead.

An Invitation

Obviously, I choked at this, considering we are missing Armand, and he has a shit load of explaining to do because even I was confused by what was happening. While you’re given the option of being a snooty-nosed lady, I didn’t find that Camille deserved any hate from us considering she also is troubled by the disappearance of Baron Armand. In the end, with much disdain and anxiety, I manage to go to the party of Baron de Termes in a lovely virginal gown.


While I happened to choose the choices that seemed to raise my stats in popularity of the crowd, it was soon set afire as Baron de Termes degraded Yvette in front of everyone. Explaining that Baron Armand was sleazy filth and that he had only been inviting him to his establishment to make fun of him, and he also knew that your husband-to-be is missing. So in light of his party, he decides to make you the substitute of his foul-mouthed ideals and doesn’t let you get a word in to even defend yourself.

We practically get scapegoated and thrown out of the party to which I chose to shout insults at the house in a fit of rage, because I felt I had the right to complain. While my stats in looking good in society dropped, my stats for royalty approving of my brave antics increased. It’s here that the demo asks you to pick from three of the carriages that happen to be in the parking lot, as some asshole told my carriage to leave without me.

Screenshot (875)

I chose from two different carriages, having a priest as a passenger and the other, a decorated soldier who happened to be in attendance at the party. I managed to make good with both men, on either run and increased my stats for royal influence versus societal influence. Overall, I actually enjoyed this brief playthrough as the unique art and characters make the story intriguing.


Not only that, it’s set in Paris, I am in love with the architecture and the influences in the game that relate to the early 1700s of France. I have listed this game on my wishlist and I am hopeful for the full release of the game in the coming months.

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This is fairly one of my shorter reviews of games that debuted their demos for the Steam Festival. I’m always up to seeing what the next new visual novel or otome concept game is, especially from the indie gaming side. I was very pleased with the aspect that this game relied on how you speak and dress, as in this time period, your looks to how you held yourself meant everything. You either make it or break it, but I hope, for Yvette’s sake, we conquer.


As always, thanks for reading, and see you on the gaming side~!

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