And Thus, She Ate Mayo to Satisfy Her Rage… [Have You Ever Tag~!]


Gray here, and welcome back to Otomelandia and VN Helldom/Heaven, in today’s blog I’m here to chat about stuff I may or may not have done while playing otome games. I do love myself some visual novels and otomes, but then I do have moments that can hinder me from playing a game altogether. So buckle up and get that Slurpee, as I spill the tea about myself on the Otome Edition of ‘Have You Ever..?’


Rage quit a game


Yes, I have, and it has to deal with those ridiculous moments where you have to bend to the will of a LI rather than them learning to accept what you feel. I rage quit Amnesia Memories because of one guy, in particular, Shin, and I was told he was the favorite in the game and the Tsundere. I’m okay with Tsunderes as long as they are written well and are created with the intent of growing as a person alongside the heroine.

I did not get that with Shin, I was pretty much a sourpuss with him and practically got the bad ending because I was consistently picking answers that would fight against his wants. Call me an asshole, but I had thought I would get along with him fine in his route. Considering when he was in other people’s routes he was more frenemy than an actual enemy, but due to his crude and harsh remarks, I rage quit the game for about a day. After cooling down some, I got back into the saddle and finished his route with a good ending.

My whole mantra towards Shin in his own route was:



Earned all achievements in a game

Screenshot (1216)

Screenshot (1215)

I’ve had the prestigious honor of getting all the achievements in two different otome games from STEAM, I have yet to get all the trophies in my PSVita but I’m proud to gloat like a peacock showing off their feathers that I have accomplished getting all achievements in certain games. The two listed above are for Fashioning Little Miss Lonesome and These Nights in Cairo, and I will say, they were long and arduous tasks to accomplish. I’ve also just recently finished all the achievements in Higurashi: Onikakushi! However, I felt relieved to have finished the games at 100% just like how I felt when I finished Final Fantasy X/X-2 and the KH series.



Pulled an all-nighter gaming


I have pulled an all-nighter for games, that isn’t new for someone like me who technically is a night owl. However, Amnesia Memories both Kent and Toma had me going two days straight of all-day to night otome jamming. Their stories were both either gripping, cute, hilarious, and a lot of heartache because of the memory loss the heroine had. I want to say I preferred these two the most out of all the romanceable LI, as they both had their moments of grief and challenges. Yes yes, Toma is a Yandere he was more than a challenge for other people, but listen, I sought to understand rather than freak out.

Except for Shin, his character’s route didn’t make the upmost sense at all regardless of how I tried to comprehend him. 

Kent was highly misunderstood as his stoic nature and robotic-like statements caused a lot of turmoil between himself and the MC. In Toma’s route, it was more of his inner turmoil to express himself towards the MC, that he did things that were unorthodox to protect her. These two men captivated me and thus, had me up all night.



Livestreamed your gaming?

Screenshot (1217)

A while back ago, when I felt I could be a streamer, I used to stream on Twitch and it was Visual Novels and Otome. I wasn’t the type to play all the new games coming out and itching for the algorithm to find me, I wanted to meet other Otomelandians. However, Twitch happens to have its good and bad audiences, and it got difficult to stay there due to the toxicity that occurred.

Maybe one day I’ll stream again, but that isn’t in the cards right now, instead, I’ll be watching others gaming and having a good time.



Pre-ordered a game?


Hahaha, I’m always pre-ordering games or waiting for them to go on sale, and my recent addition to my pre-order is Collar x Malice. I have this game also on my PSVita, but I usually buy multiple copies to help support the company to keep bringing out Otome games to the US market. I think the only time I don’t pre-order certain games is if it sincerely didn’t capture my interest at all and I’m waiting for a review to come up about it.

Safe to say, Collar x Malice is a great thriller otome game, and I do recommend it for those who want an engaging and action type otome. Especially if you enjoyed The Nonary Games! Huys, if you loved the Nonary Games series, you’ll love Collar x Malice and the intensity to race against time, or… you’ll die. Cheers~!




Bought a game and never played it?


So… back before I really going into otome games, my husband bought me this beauty. I never played it because I was always working and never had the time, which was saddening because it is a good game. Unfortunately, I no longer have a PS3 so this game is just sitting on my shelf being dusted and looked at like a trophy. It’s a damn shame too, considering this was the edition that includes the side stories for Hakuouki SSL Spinoff.

While I know that this game is via downloadable through that new fangled thing called Playstation Now, I don’t know if it’ll be beneficial for me to buy the subscription for just one game… Usually, I’m pretty good with stuff like that, but times are pretty rough at the moment and I’ll have to wait on the decision for the purchasing the membership.



Been jump scared by a horror game?


I’ve been jumped scared by plenty of horror games, and I was surprised to get scared by an otome game. Like regular visual novels with horror elements can scare me, but it’s damn rare as hell to get me scared from an otome game. Ukyo’s route took the cake for an otome game that scared the hell outta me during one scene of homicidal nature.

While Ukyo is actually a feeder, his other half is a Yangire a more terrifying subgenre of the Yandere. Unlike how Toma kept you in a cage to protect you, Ukyo’s other half didn’t give a rat’s ass about protecting you, he wanted to enjoy the love of killing you. In the scene above I think I wasn’t paying attention to the shift of the images and the sound effects and his cackling scared the living heck outta me, it didn’t help I was submerged in darkness in my own room.

My husband was asking me if I was alright for a good minute LMAO.



Have a set go-to squad for a specific game?


Let’s give it up for my SITSC gang as they are always my guys for a day when I feel down and they’re all doting guy friends towards you regardless of anyone’s route. The guys in the crew are always supportive of the MC regardless of who she is with or is not with. When you get to the NYC part of the SITSC series, you get the chance to romance another guy that isn’t quite in their circle. Yet, these guys are always the best bros to hang with and get advice.

While IRL I can’t say I can be comfortable with all the riches and glamour, to the say the least, I’m thankful for their friendship throughout the game. They can be the greatest lovers or the best of friends on your journey to success as an editor for Cinderella Magazine. These guys make the game worthwhile to keep playing even when you’ve finished the game and all its side stories.



Bought a game on multiple platforms?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I cannot be the only person who happens to buy two copies of a game for different platforms, LMAO. When I first started doing this, it was because otome games were far and few, and I wanted to support the game industry to try and localize titles for them. While I am still an active person who speaks on forums and such, I started buying double on the games to support it on all platforms.

No, I don’t think it was a waste of money, considering from when these games first started getting recognition, we only had ONE TITLE out for the PSP for otome games. Now, we have several titles and STEAM games from well-known companies starting to infiltrate the market with their otome games and visual novels.



Got a console for the games specifically?



Yes, I did buy a console specifically for games. Which would be my Nintendo Switch Lite, it was Valentine’s gift from the hubby, and appreciate him everyday for having bought it for me. I wasn’t a fan of the regular switch, but I can state that I am in love with the Switch Lite and that it makes it easier for me to carry around. My Switch is the second most used console in my gaming corner, and it may end up becoming my most used one as time progresses with the otome game releases.


With the way game creators are changing their platforms and such, I feel that Switch will possibly be the new go-to for VNs and Otome altogether. Albeit, I prefer if the games come out on the computer, but that in itself is a slow and steady trend that is rising up in the gaming world.



So… Have You Ever done any of these as well? No shame here, as I’m certain I’ve aired out a few of my own bad and eccentric moments to the public LMAO. Whether you’re a die-hard game player or a relaxed type, we all have our quirks and moments of obsession or complete game rage. I hope this was a fun post to read about my gaming habits! If you find that this tag is fun and want to do one of your own, tag me so I can see what you’ve done too!

As always, thanks for reading, and see you on the gaming side~!

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