Your Underpants are Showing, Sir…

July 12th – Summer Time

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It’s time for another Geeky Sunday Tag curated by Heather from! As we spend our days more inside, or out in our home gardens, we definitely can feel the temperature rising. It’s summertime in the western hemisphere so this week we’re thinking about the warmer time of year and tropical climates.

I’m the first one to always admit that summer is not my favorite time of the year, as I never do well in hot temperatures. However, I’m pleasantly happy that the weather right now in my part of the US isn’t so steamy but closer to early autumn temps. Alright my friends, light up some tiki torches, grab your favorite tropical drink, and sit by the poolside as we talk about ‘Summer Time.’



What is your favourite summer movie?


Yes, it is not otome or a visual novel based movie but I wanted to bring up that I am a monster movie fan. When I think of summer, I love watching old 80s-90s horror slasher flicks and big monsters clashing on the big screen. Godzilla is my childhood, and I remember those days when my grandma would tune into the Saturday and Sunday cartoons to see the ‘Zilla’ spin-off of the mighty King of the Monsters.

However, after I’d watch those cartoons, my grandmother would find the older black and white movie versions on some channel, and we’d binge watch at seeing Godzilla versus Gamera and such. Monster movie madness is a huge thing for me, even if it’s not for my family. I am a lover of this amazingly giant titan, and his movie will always be my go to summer flick.

Honorable Summer Time Mention:

I did say Godzilla is my favorite movie to watch during the summer, but I also have a favorite series I do love going back to. Guys, when I first came upon this series, it was through the anime adaptation of the infamous Higurashi: When They Cry Series. I did post a recent review of the VN adaptation for the first chapter of this amazing series, and there are slight differences.

But, this psychological mindfuck of a series is captivating and chilling, it spins itself as a tale about a group of teenagers who seem to be going through a normal slice-of-life journey. Don’t be fooled by the cuteness of its presentation, as you dive deeper, there’s reapers waiting in the wings to dig their scythes into your mind. Beware game lover and anime purveyor, you’re in for a scare!


What is your favourite summer scene/moment from a fandom? This could be something specific to hot weather i.e. trip to the beach or a holiday/road trip, or something that happened during the summertime.

My favorite summer time moment/scene/story is from Class Trip Crush, one of the older Voltage Inc games that have officially ended awhile back. It’s a sweet high school to adulthood type of otome that has some real-life scenarios incorporated into it. I do recommend checking it out if you’re looking for “cute and fluffy” type loves and teenage angst, because you get it 50/50 in here.

My favorite out of the summer holiday side stories is the Seaside Summer School Substory where you head to Okinawa with your LI. I loved all the stories in the substory, since you can either go with Taketo, Yasuto, Kanji, Homare or Nagisa to certain places. Whether it was playing dress up with Nagisa to visiting an Aquarium with Yasuto, the summer time vibes make me nostalgic of my own teenage years. It certainly makes for a good stroll down memory lane in this romantic otome!


What is your favourite fictional tropical location?


Favorite fictional tropical location….–>Whatever heck island these guys from Castaway! Love’s Adventure shipwrecked on, because they found an abandoned hotel and ancient ruins on the island. Not only that, there was still food stocked in the kitchens, places to bathe, and an underground labyrinth of history untold. While I’m still finishing up a couple of seasons for this game, I think the island would have been perfect if there was a library in the hotel.

If there is a library located in the hotel, I have yet to stumble upon it, but this tropical getaway definitely would be on my list. Just, I wouldn’t want to have to get shipwrecked in order to find it…



If you could go on holiday to any fictional place where would it be?

While Wales is a real place in the UK, I would love to travel to the Steam Punk version of it in Code: Realize where Finis and Cardia Beckford reside. I love the countryside, while I was born in the city, I had my first real taste of country life when I went on assignment somewhere in South Dakota. I lived in a small town where everyone knew everybody, and I liked being able to walk into my backyard and see the forest.

Deer roamed freely and I could breathe in fresh air, and just like the Beckford twins could in their home estate. There were hardly ever crowds and the town is sleepy and calm. Wales in Code: Realize made me long to actually see this universe further, and also want to visit the real Wales location as well.

Lastly, the other place I’d like to visit would be Steel London of Code: Realize as well. I do prefer the countryside more than the city, but it’s not a bad thing to visit the capital every once in awhile to see what is new and pick up some delectable treats too.



Which fictional characters would you choose for a road trip?

My roadtrip buddies would be a split group between Code: Realize and Amneisa Memories crew, Ikki and Kent would definitely keep the crew entertained with their math problems, and their unbridled rivalry on who can outsmart the other in math. Sawa would definitely help keep me sane while I drove through the back roads to our destination, more than likely asking “why are these two talking about math problems on a vacation?

The other half of the crew that would be traveling with us would be Lupin and Impey because just like Ikki and Kent, the dynamic of the two would keep our lively bunch balanced. As Impey will more than likely try and wage some type of war with Kent on physics and perhaps math, Ikki and Lupin would more than likely try their hand at playing card games and trying to one up the other. Whilst me and Sawa listen to 80s jams while we cruise towards our travel goal.


Pick a fandom and create an ice cream flavour based on it!


Considering this game adds the elements of death and is on a darker spectrum of otome, I have a few flavors of ice cream for this game alone. If you’ve ever played Bad Apple Wars, dying an unconventional death, and heading into a war right after? Well damn, your afterlife got more busier than your life when you were alive. This is a different kind of an otome, not overly pouring and flowing with massive amounts of romance but the elements are there.

When taking into consideration about the plot and story itself, I present to you one of the first ice cream flavors that comes to mind when I think about this game.


Flavor #1 Death’s Apple


Candy red apple and cinnamon flavored ice cream with touches of black caramel in its mixture, it’s sure to entice apple lovers alike, and invite an appealing nature of looking death in the face. In a delightfully yummy way of course!


Flavor #2 Life’s Redemption


Life will always have its ups and downs, but at least we have ice cream to help us get through the wicked times. A soft vanilla flavor with a hint of sweet miso and browned butter sugar, topped with black sesame seeds; the balance of salty and sweet combine in this combination of textures to create the feelings that go with life.

However, life throws curveballs, so get ready to add a shot of sakura sake syrup onto the ice cream for added adult fun!



Flavor #3 Graduation Day


Last flavor, representing your graduation day in the game, coating the milkshake cup with raspberry drizzle, start adding pieces of sponge cake and mochi to the base, next– add two scoops of white sesame ice cream and splash some grenadine on top. Finish topping off the drink by adding Sprite, whipped vanilla cream, and blackberries for garnish.



These are the things that remind me of summer, and also the ice cream question was really awesome to have in here. I was stoked to get creative with ice cream flavors and have them represent another game that isn’t talked much about on MSM. So what are games or fictional places that remind you of summer? Let us know in the comments or create your own tag and don’t forget to tag to let her know your answers!

As always, thanks for stopping by and see you on the gaming side~!


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  1. I nearly bought one of those sakura liquor bottles. The small ones are so cute with the whole flower in it! I’m curious to how it tastes too, so I should’ve bought two. One to display, one to drink. The ice cream flavours are really interesting!

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