I Prefer Strawberry Flavored, Thank You! [Tsubasa Shirai Review]


From the moment you wake up, great things have been happening to you. You win the lottery, you get raised at your job, and you also get to have dinner with one of the reputable bachelors of your company. All seems well in order except for one thing… Your apartment blows up without warning before you even reach the building. In a daze, you are thankful that someone from the heavens was watching out for you until five men who have appeared throughout the day reveal that they are devils!

In a strange turn of events, you find that your luck was actually scheduled by these demons and you were supposed to be ‘toast.’ To your dismay, they tell you you have to die, but being an awesome person you fight for the right to have ten more days to live because of various reasons.

It is from here you choose whether you side with living with demons or angels… Who will take your destiny?

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The Devils

From the Left and going towards the right: 

  1. Shiki Kurobane-The silent but intelligent one of the group, ‘Sheeks’ is the brains of the group and he’s often maintaining the checks and balances of the ‘Fate System.’ His favorite pass time is to sleep, he hates the sun or doing anything that is strenuous or annoying, but he also has a soft spot for ‘toy prizes.’
  2. Satoru Kamagiri– He’s the vice-captain of the crew of demons, but be on your guard he’s a very big flirt with a sadist streak. He’s confusing at times but when you go into his room you’ll notice that he’s a slob at taking care of himself, but hey, he has a LOT of books for any book dragons out there!
  3. Haruhito Amano– One of the two cinnamon rolls of the group, Haru seems like a child when you meet him as he collects a lot of cute stuffed animals and keeps his pet puppy, Cerby, in the home. He’s also the major liaison between both the demons and angels. Fair warning, he does flirt but not as aggressively as Satoru.
  4. Meguru Kamui-The super cinnamon roll of the group, he is the half brother of Kakeru and heir to the demon kingdom after his older brother. He is the youngest out of the crew, being the demon-in-training of the house, he does a lot of the chores which includes cooking. He has to constantly wear gloves and be aware of who he touches due to a mysterious power he has…
  5. Kakeru Kamui-The leader of the group, aka the Dom-Daddy, Kakeru is the first in line for the throne of the underworld and flaunts his arrogance like a badge of honor. He is also your co-worker who asks you out on the day of your ‘toasting,’ it is with him that you make a deal to live for another 10 days…


The Angels


From the top left and top right:

  1. Tsubasa Shirai-One of the newer angels of the heavenly crew, Tsubasa is a master of seduction and flirtation, his day job is modeling. Similar to Kakeru in a way, he has a pretty big ego when it comes to his sensual appeal for an angel. However, this cutey is definitely possessive and can easily overtake anyone trying to get in the way of his love for you.
  2. Rein Isaka-Okay, Rein, the guy with the glasses, is a bit of a comical character with the gracious heart of an angel. He has an Irish accent from my understanding, which at times causes some confusion between himself and the MC, but he is a kind spirit. He loves sweet things and he has a really good nose at sniffing out people who are supposed to be ‘toast.’
  3. Seiji– He never got a route which made me sad and I’ll update this spot as soon as I get his name. However, he helps both Rein and Tsubasa in their routes and he’s a good guy, it was sad that he never got a playthrough. However, we can always ogle him from a good distance in Rein and Tsubasa’s route.


Assessing Tsubasa Shirai

download (5)

When we first meet Tsubasa Shirai, he’s truly an impeccable angel with an alluring smile that could melt even the iciest of souls. His comments towards staff and the MC are amicable and laced with honey, making anyone feel at ease in his presence. However, to the raving fans and work staff, his angelic persona is nothing but a mask disguising his true nature.


The most prettiest of faces usually hides the darkest of personalities or secrets. In this instance, the MC who is the ‘innocent and the good-hearted’ type, is drawn to Tsubasa for his aesthetic appearance. Yes, it is superficial, but I won’t discount her for it as we all have that part of us to ogle good looking things like intricately designed pottery or paintings. However, she isn’t the only sinner in the room, when she accidentally stumbles upon a situation that reveals Tsubasa’s true character. It may have shocked her for about a day, but given the circumstances of her life’s deadline, she seeks to understand and talk with Tsubasa about why he keeps his real self hidden.


Oh, that sweet face turned a little scary, but not enough to frighten myself or the MC away from becoming friends with him. We learn from Tsubasa there were certain events that happened in his past that made him the way he is now. He states he doesn’t like conflict, which is why he does his best to put on a show for everyone even if he’s feeling miserable or wants to scream.

This poor child, he acts benevolently for the benefits of others even if it depletes his own energy to keep the peace. He’s a people pleaser, sacrificing his true self for repentance of something that happened long ago in his past. When the impish angel unravels the truth about him and what shadows ravage his frozen heart, it’s saddening but he makes a good point about genuine intent to help others… “even if your heart is filled with good intentions, it may not be what the other party wants.”


However, I appreciate the MC and her empathic nature in understanding where his suffering is coming from. She recognizes the toxic cycle Tsubasa has trapped himself in and seeks to help him break free from the prison he’s created for his heart and mind. By no means is this heroine an action hero, but her strong morals and ability to say the truth (even if she is scared) is refreshing.

She extends a helping hand to Tsubasa, and while he acts like a Tsundere and says some childish stuff towards her, the pair gets closer. This dynamic of Tsundere x MC pairing is another good example of a well written romance, even with the time limit on the heroine’s life… We slowly see the pair falling in love under the most difficult conditions.




Falling in Love with Tsubasa


Falling in love with Tsubasa is not difficult if you are a patient person who wants to seek to understand first, before jumping into the bed and rolling around. This angel is a slow burn of a romance, and with his teasing ways, and his ability to make your cheeks turn red from just a simple smile. It’s hard not to like him, even when he shows his silly side to you.


He’s a goofy individual with a hunger for salty foods, such as pizza pockets and the ever so delicious Takoyaki balls from food stalls. Tsubasa may have a cute face but he’s not a huge fan of sweets, unless the dessert happens to be you. While he may also seem boyish and have his moments of being a complete brat, Tsubasa does care deeply about people even if part of his mask was to be a people pleaser.

He certainly wants to be there for the ones he loves and cares for, he doesn’t hesitate to jump into the fray or say a comment to protect them. Falling for this cheeky angel wasn’t a bad ride at all, and while his route doesn’t have angst and lots of bittersweet painful love in it. His route is a cute and light detour from heavier story-rich routes, which is very attractive to someone who is pressed for time and wants to read something gentle for their mind.


Gray’s Corner

I love Tsubasa and his Tsun-Tsun moments, he has relatable characteristics that even I can identify with (except being a model–and disliking sweets). The Ex-People-Pleasing Angel is a diamond in the rough, in the sea of MSM Tsunderes in Otomes that are more verbally harsh. He’s kinder and easy to get along with, and I can see him as a friend in real life. IMO Tsubasa Shirai is a memorable route, and should be talked about more often!

As always, thanks for stopping by, and see you on the gaming side~!



5/5 STARS ★★★★★



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