There Are Things I Cannot Tell You… [Gray’s Cozy Nook Review]

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Kasumi and Kyousuke are polar opposites when it comes to personality. Kasumi is reserved, soft-spoken and shy; Kyousuke is energetic and has always been popular among their peers.

As the saying goes though, opposites have a tendency to attract, and these two have been fast friends since elementary school. To Kasumi, Kyousuke has always been a hero to look up to, someone who supports him and saves him from the bullies. But now, school is over; their relationship suddenly becomes a lot less simple to describe.

Facing the world – and one another – as adults, both men find there are things they struggle to say out loud, even to each other.



Hello everyone and welcome to Gray’s Nook where I discuss and review manga, short stories, and novels! In today’s blog, I was graciously allowed a copy of “There Are Things I Cannot Tell You…” by Edako Mofumofu from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. I went into this novel with high hopes as the vibe from the cover and overall summary implanted the seed that this is going to be a wholesome yaoi manga.

The story has a narrative where we flip back and forth between the memories of both main characters, as they come to grips with their childhood traumas and the shadows that stop them from moving forward with their lives. It’s a bittersweet beginning as we meet Kyousuke Shiina and Kasumi Amemiya, both have known each other since the fifth grade. Both are in love with each other, but.. certain circumstances keep them from admitted to each other truthfully about what they really want from one another.

Screenshot (1316)
Kyousuke Shiina

Kyousuke is a graphics art and advertisement director hopeful, he’s hardworking and seems to project an outward personality much like the sun. He seems jovial and put together, and he portrays someone who is self-confident, however, that is a guise to hide the fact he is actually deeply flawed. Due to the fact he feels he lacks self-confidence to go after what he really wants in life and love, which causes him to be self-deprecating and pushes his ideals onto his best friend, and secret love of his life, Kasumi.

Screenshot (1310)
Kasumi Amemiya

Kasumi is a cute but introverted type of man, he’s usually aloof and tries to keep his thoughts and feelings to himself. He does this due to his sad upbringing with a family that never even showed an ounce of love towards one another. While Kasumi is shy and reserved, he does speak his mind when it comes to certain matters even when he feels he doesn’t have the self-confidence to do so. A situation in the past between Kyousuke and him has guided Kasumi to to stray into the arms of a married woman, causing certain issues between the two.

Screenshot (1317)

The story is a slow burn pacing, where we follow both characters as the narrative is divided between the two of them talking about the past and bringing the story into the present. Many life lessons are brought up in this manga, which I appreciated as many others can relate to the deeper subjects that the book discusses in the conversations that the characters talk amongst others. What is right, isn’t always right, and what is seen as wrong isn’t always wrong.

This story is wholesome, loving, and most of all a great addition to the Yaoi mangas out there. Placing real life hardships and thoughts into a BL comic is hard, but the execution in this book was done well. Overall, I’m looking forward to more works of Edako Mofumofu in the future and waiting to buy a hard copy of this book to add to my collection.

As always, thanks for reading, and see you all on the fictional side~!

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