Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner~!?


Kyo_LGBTQ+Hello everyone, and welcome back to Gray’s Otome and Visual Novel Corner, I’m an avid fan of otome, visual novels, and JRPG/RPGs. However, maybe a lot of you already know about my VN obsession more than my JRPG one, and also my moments of fangirling or rage moments about certain games. In today’s blog, I wanted to invite everyone to my breakfast/lunch/snack/dinner table, to learn a little bit about me and also what kind of person I am outside of the blogosphere. So put on your casual attire or pajamas, bring your favorite dish to the table, and sidle up for some conversation with me, as I invite certain people to portray my daily life (Otome, Anime, and Rhythm Game Characters LOL) and the people I’m surrounded by.

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Who is Your Best Friend, What Are They Like?


My best friend, who I shall call, Queen Victoria (that’s not her real name, but I’m sure she loves the title) has been my closest friend since freshman year of high school. When we first met, she had been trying to get my attention by throwing herself out there in front of me, and I would just tilt my head in bemusement at her antics. As I wasn’t really sure what she was trying to do, she has a himedere personality and is very straight forward with what’s on her mind.


If I can explain exactly how she acts and speaks, it would be Yukako Tabe from Office Lovers 2. While both she and I have our differences, with the fact I’m a sadodere and she’s a himedere, our relationship is unique. As she cuts through the crap and hates dallying around with useless conversations, however, she doesn’t seem to mind when I squander her time on purpose, as she appears to like being teased to death by certain people.

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Meet the Husband, and What is He Like?


The husbando, his name is really Yuta, and he’s not a comedian that got caught in a scandalous photo with me (poking fun at My Forged Wedding). He’s one of my oldest friends (I met him back in my freshman year of high school), we were great friends but he was a total Tsundere with a huge appetite. He would consistently buy out the food stall cart of all their chicken sandwiches when lunchtime came around and he’d eat all of it. Since he always seemed to have a hot/cold disposition, it was fairly easy for me tease him to get a free sandwich and cookie out of him.


To be honest with you, he was exactly like Tennoji from MPD: Close to You, and unlike the heroine who would roll her eyes. I’d smile coldly and say something towards him that would make him turn red. We didn’t formally start going out until my senior year in high school and have been together ever since. Has his personality changed since high school? Only a little. He’s still a Tsundere, and it’s amazing that I don’t like Tsundere’s in Otome games versus real life hahaha. My husband is also the reason how I found out about Otome Games!

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Who’s the Furball?


My furbaby is a black cat named Jasper, that I rescued when I was still working for a company overseas. She was about six months when I first saw her and couldn’t take my eyes off of her, I ended up coming back the next day to the rescue and adopting her. She’s been traveling with me ever since, and she’s also a bit of a queen as everything I own, is her property. Basically, I’ll buy a new pair of scrub pants and I’ll lay them out on the bed while I go take a shower–as soon as I come back, she has decided that it is her new mattress.

I love my furball very dearly, even if she believes that she is the Empress of Homestead in the home we share.



One Big Dys-FUN-ctional Fambam


I have an older sister who is sincerely in love with Prince Wilfred from Be My Princess, I was the reason she got into otome and she isn’t sure if she hates or loves me for introducing her to it. I get along well with my older sister, she has a deredere personality which often gets her mistaken as the youngest sibling in the crew. She usually takes advantage of this because it makes her feel young… Maybe she’s also a himedere..? Even though she has a happy-go-lucky personality people are often think she is gullible, until she shows them a combat move from her military days (Ouch~!). She is also an artist, and draws otome scarcely due to something happened awhile back with Voltage Inc. However, I hope that one day she draws more so everyone can see her amazing skills.


With Permission from Crystalline_Dragon: Fanart of Yu Akagi from Butler After Midnight

I also have a younger brother who is not afraid to say he also got into otome and bishojos because of me. He’s a darudere who does come out of his lazy slumps when you dangle food in front of him, mostly curry buns and curry anything. He sometimes will cook in dinner when he feels like it, but other times I’m mostly dragging him out of his room to go out and get sunlight. He is currently working with our older sister on regards to creating a visual novel/otome game, as his dream job is to become a game creator.





Okay, so when Kissed by the Baddest Bidder came out there was already a buzz about Fifty Shades of Grey, and there was big surge in the Tumblr fandom for people to RP Eisuke Ichinomiya because he carried ‘similar’ traits to Christian Grey. In my honest opinion, I did not like this book series and I’ve mentioned I am not a fan of Eisuke, however, I feel that the reason I don’t like him is possibly because of how the MC is towards him.


But let’s get back to the point, I had lost a friendly challenge of sorts on Tumblr and my punishment was to RP as Eisuke Ichinomiya who ended up having a similar personality to Christian Grey (…I don’t know how it happened, but it did… Not sure if I regret it or not still LMAO). While I did RP the Napolean of Crime for about a week, the name, ‘Gray‘ stuck with me after that; so I never changed it. My blog name is a tip off to my days on Tumblr and the infamous week I RPed as Eisuke Ichinomiya.




Illustration by: Mitsue Mori

My favorite holiday to celebrate is Samhain (Sow-Hween) aka Halloween, I love the change of colors and the shift of summer becoming winter. From the costumes, to the candied apples, and harvest festivals that parade through the small towns and cities, it is my favorite thing to celebrate. It’s also the season for tricks and treats, so I usually keep candy on hand to keep the goblins at bay.


I love creepy, spooky, and all things that can give you full body shivers. I guess the adrenaline rush from horror games and movies are one of my weaknesses hahaha! However the case, Halloween is my favorite holiday to celebrate because not only is it a time for ghosts and jack-o-lanterns to come out on display. It’s also a time for my family and I to decorate our home for the holiday and prepare for welcoming of winter to come.



Thanks for coming to dinner and getting to know me a little better, I hope it gives you insight on why I happen to favorite certain character types and games. I also hope it gives you a bit of oversight as to why I’m finnicky with Tsunderes and that I’m the middle child of the family. If you enjoyed this blog and wish to do one of your own, please tag me or comment below!

As always, thanks for reading, and catch you on the gaming side~! 


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