Are You My Mummy? [These Nights in Cairo Review]


Margaret Dawson is girl dreaming to become full-fledged archaeologist. Together with her father she departs to the excavations of mysterious tomb in Egypt, but there she faces some oddities.
The director of the museum plainly hides something, the father’s friend tries to force them leave the excavations, and Margaret realizes that something unusual is about to happen. Soon after the girl gets in deadly swing of things…
Will she be able to deal with the threats she and the world are now facing, and while at it to date with one of the guys?
Or, maybe Margaret will choose to take the villain’s side?



I’m a big fan of The Mummy movies, and when I found out there is an otome game based in that timeline, I was quick to jump into its world with extreme excitement. I love anything that has to do with ancient worlds and lore, I practically fangirl over historical games and books alike. Created by an indie game company Salamandra88, the artwork to the small details of the game are unique and overall is an enjoyable experience for newbie Otomelandians looking for indie developed otome games.


Our Heroine:

Margaret Dawson

When we first dive into the game we meet our lovely heroine, Margaret Dawson, a fiery package of energy and self-confidence; I practically went gaga over her. For a lady of the early 1900s, Margaret carries herself well in front of others including her idiot father. You find out very early that her father is forcing her into a marriage with a disgusting man, the reason, her buffoon of a brother gambled away so much of their money it has put their family into debt.

Margaret is an MC that evens the playing field when it comes to what she wants and does not want, including that her future in Archeology does not get drowned in the sands because her father is an imbecile. As we walk with her upon the destiny that she comes upon, I found myself falling in love with her passions and her will not to give up on her dreams.

Screenshot (1166)

As a means to try and continue her work as an archeologist and convince her father in breaking her arranged marriage off, Margaret comes with her father to Cairo to assist on a new discovery that had been made by one of her father’s long time associates. Little does she know, that what they are about to uncover, is something dark, sinister, and basically the end of the world.

giphy (3)


Imbecile Father (ahem~):

Screenshot (1167)
Richard Dawson

Introducing supporting character and fool of a father, Richard Dawson, a man who you can’t believe will marry his daughter off to some count to pay off the debts of his son. Richard is not my favorite character as you may have noticed, and regardless of how he gets “redeemed” in certain parts of the routes. I still dislike him, and his idea of marrying Margaret off to get their bills paid when it was his son’s fault in the first place for the debacle.

Richard is an egotistic man who doesn’t listen to reason when it comes to his work, especially when it is something that can benefit himself in furthering his career as an archeologist himself. He is deeply dejected that his own son never took a liking to ancient ruins and civilizations, as he feels Margaret is not suited for such things and wants her to do what he wants her to do. Not what she prefers to do, and what makes her happy. He’s pompous and just an overall a$$hole of a father…

giphy (2)


Love Interests(?)

Screenshot (1188)
The Priestess

It’s not actually a LI route, but it is a route you can play if you’re looking for some gay fun. I’m serious, the trophy you get if you decide to pursue the priestess in this game is called ‘Gay Fun.’ The priestess herself is a mysterious but flirty individual of the oasis that you tread upon on certain routes when you ask her for help. Overall, she’s one hell of a sexy MF, who can get under your skin, and set your face ablaze with heat that isn’t related to the desert.



Screenshot (1175)

Amin is one of the LI routes you can choose to pursue but isn’t necessary to get a happy ending, he’s a very cool and aloof type. However, when we first meet the man, he comes off as a stalker and doesn’t get into my good graces at the beginning of the game. However, if you choose to fall for him, you’re in for a lot of scintillating BST type of situations happening between himself and the MC.



Screenshot (1177)
Duncan McKenzie

Duncan is the arrogant and over-confident ‘bodyguard’ that Richard hired to watch over Margaret as they went to the dig site. He’s also someone who seems easily influenced by money, but don’t let that fool you, as he is someone who truly cares for the heroine and her well-being. When we first meet Duncan, it isn’t the greatest of moments, and it doesn’t help that at first, he tries to make you go home to get married quickly to that disgusting man Richard had set Margaret up with. Overall, he actually reminds me a lot of Rick O’Connell, as he shares some similarities to him.



Screenshot (1194)

Now then, here’s the character that really made me wonder about my life choices in this game (LMAO). Meet Ramessu, the character that can or will change your life, if you could turn The Mummy movie into an otome, and romance the evil guy… Here you go! This man… er… Mummy… Was fairly hard to fall for, as he feels he is entitled to everything, including Margaret. He doesn’t see what he is doing is wrong, and there is only one way that is right for him… Taking over the world and conquering everything in his sights, with having Margaret by his side, that’s all he states he needs…





Racing against time alongside Margaret has definitely been one of the best experiences I’ve encountered here in Otomelandia. While the men all have their quirks, Maragaret handles their comments by hurling fireballs at them whilst being a dignified young lady. The end of the world didn’t seem all too scary when you’ve got a level headed MC who can think for herself and go against her father’s idiocy. Not only that, go head to head with an ancient God/Pharaoh–She’s hella awesome.

Screenshot (1185)

The steady world-building of the game and the overall character development were amazing. Much of the game had some interesting elements and fairly well-done backstories for a lot of these personalities, including the priestess. Many otome games rarely give options for the heroine to end up happy and independent by herself.  I appreciate romance in games, as long as it is well written, however, for other people who aren’t much into courtship but love VNs– this game offers an independence route to which you can succeed with becoming a self-sufficient archeologist, best friends with the men & women, and have a happy ending like Elsa in Frozen 2.

Falling in love with any of the LI is a wild ride, as each character has a couple different ends, especially Ramessu. I do advise that if you pursue Duncan or the priestess, to please make sure no children can see your screen or family members–the scenes are very erotic and I had to close my door fast when I got surprised with ‘certain‘ scenes. Overall, this otome is an enjoyable and laid back type of playthrough that has many endings that will surprise the heck outta you.

I appreciate this game on a whole new level as I binged through it in six hours and adored everything bit of it, except the bad ends, of course.



This is one of my rare times reviewing a game as a whole and not breaking it down by routes, but I feel this game was overally exceptional. The style, to the character development of each person is unique, and engrossing to the point that you’ll sit at your desk for 6hrs trying to complete the game. It’s a much shorter VN/Otome, so for anyone who is short on time but wants to get a good VN in this is your game.

As always, thanks for reading, and see you all on the gaming side~!

tenor (1)


4.5/5 Stars ★★★★⋆



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  1. […] These Nights in Cairo is a wonderful and perfectly easy game to complete all in one work shift for anyone who is working at home. This game takes us back in time to Cairo where you work as an archaeologist, however, being a woman in the field you do get quit a bit of push back from your father. However, Margaret is capable and strong willed all on her own and can take care of herself and she’s spitfire, she’s a wonderful MC, and knows exactly what she wants out of her life. […]

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