Cute, Pink, and Fluffy Teddy Bears, Will Not Protect Me, Sir! [Subaru Ichiyanagi Review]


One day, you suddenly learn that your life is in danger… and you will be assigned your very own 24-hour personal bodyguard! While he protects you from danger, your relationship with the bodyguard takes a romantic turn…

The story begins with you, walking down to what is to be the Shibuya Crossing as the news blared about the new prime minister of Japan. As you wonder about the new prime minister, a man holds a gun out and began to ask your name through which you confirmed it.

The man attempts to kidnap you but is stopped by a cross-dressing Sora who tries to save you by pretending to be your friend. Disarming the stranger immediately, a helicopter appears and a guy named Subaru tries to pick you up, while you are obviously surprised.

In the helicopter, you meet Mizuki, who gives you candy to try to calm you down. You were surprised at what a nice person Mizuki is. Later, you meet Subaru who is an arrogant and amazing bodyguard. Your thoughts are different and you are so surprised that this is happening to you. Angered by Subaru’s arrogant personality, you slap him in the face and he was amazed at how you are much stronger than an average woman your age which is the mid-20s. Arriving at the Prime Minister’s house, you meet Katsuragi and Kaiji who tells you that you are actually the Prime Minister’s daughter and that your life is in danger. After explaining what will be happening to you, you must select a bodyguard who will be protecting you until the danger on your life ceases. (Fandom Wiki)


The Bodyguards


From the top left and going towards the right: 

  1. Daichi Katsuragi-This tall, dark, and brooding man is the head of the ‘Party Police’ aka The Bodyguard unit that is assigned to protect the prime minister of Japan. He’s a complete fanboy of electronics and home devices, and he’s good with fixing them too. Don’t be fooled by his gentlemanly behavior though, Daichi is the strongest and the fastest of all of the men of the crew, he ain’t the boss-man for nothing!
  2. Kaiji Akizuki– Childhood friend trope ahoy~! He’s the Tsundere butthead who likes to tease and bully you but always makes sure that you’re well looked after. Kaiji is tall and muscular, but those muscles aren’t for show, as he’s a trained Aikido champion. Meeting him again after all these years eases your anxiety a bit, but what’s this about him calling you his first love?!
  3. Mizuki Fujisaki– The Mysterious tease of the Party Police, Mizuki is a retired pop star turned bodyguard. He may seem slow and lazy at times, but his sixth sense and ability to talk with animals surely will throw you for a loop. Asking him to be your bodyguard, there’s a bit of hesitancy as he asks you not to fall in love with him. Yet… Why is Mizuki the one making the moves to get closer with you?
  4. Subaru Ichiyanagi-Oh boy, it’s an Oresama/Dom-type about to go crashing in like a wrecking ball into your home. Literally. Deemed as the best bodyguard besides the boss, Subaru is a career-oriented man who seems to like everything to be under his control. However, choosing him becomes both stressful and interesting at the same time as you realize this man likes pink, cute, frilly things and can sew better than you. What…?
  5. Sora Hirosue-The Flirty and boyish shota of the group, Sora is not someone you are happy to first pair up with as your bodyguard. Girls constantly call him while he is on duty, yet he’s always making sure to keep an eye out for your well-being. Albeit you disregard his remarks and gestures as him being a playboy until you realize… He was being serious about being with you all along.


The Public Safety Department

From the top left and top right:

  1. Hideki Ishigami-When you first meet Hideki, he comes off as cold and robotic towards you, making it very uncomfortable to be around him. However, a situation that takes place draws you both closer and getting to know one another. You realize the head Deputy Inspector isn’t as cold and icy as everyone makes him out to be, and underneath that stoic mask he wears is a passionate man who will do anything to make sure you are safe, even at the cost of his own life.
  2. Seiji Goto-The gentle and quiet type, Goto usually keeps to himself and rarely picks a fight unless it is with Subaru. Usually, this man keeps himself closed off from others as if he doesn’t want people to get close. Just why does he keep everyone at a distance…? And what exactly are Subaru and he hiding from you (Psst… I totally ship Subaru x Seiji)?
  3. Toru Kurosawa– The newest addition to PSD, Toru is goofy and lovable, but he’s always getting in trouble with his superiors. He’s always making you laugh and seems to have a knack for making people smile… Yet, what exactly is he hiding behind that clownish mask he wears? Something dark lurks behind the shadows of this jovial character, are you willing to find out what it is?


Assessing Subaru Ichiyanagi


When first meeting Subaru, we slap him in the face for saying something uncalled for in the magical helicopter that rescues us from what seems to be Shibuya Crossing. Surprisingly, this action makes him snap to his senses and realize you’re not some brainless heroine without emotions. After the fateful rescue and you meet your father for the first time under unfavorable circumstances, you’re asked to pick a bodyguard.


This time around, I chose to go against the Dom/Oresama character, Subaru Ichiyanagi, and have him as my bodyguard. I know I’ve mentioned that this type of character isn’t my type, but I have a history with Mr. Ichiyanagi, and I recommend him for any beginner Otomelandian wanting to explore the character types in Otome/VNs. Let me explain a bit about this obsessively career-oriented character, and why he’s an interesting fellow to have assessed.


Subaru Ichiyanagi is the son of the Superintendent of the Police Department, he’s been groomed since he was a child to be the best and seems to be a shoo-in to become the next Superintendent after his father retires. A graduate from Harvard, he speaks French, and possibly another few languages he hasn’t disclosed, but he is… or appears to look like he’s got his life planned. Except he didn’t plan it for himself.

I feel that because he’s not been able to control his own life choices, he chooses to control things he knows he can. Like cleaning, learning new subjects, cooking, and dabbling into things that are extremely cute… Like frilly pink aprons with bears on it. He seeks control in areas that he knows he can take possession of, which is why he has his tendency to want to even control the heroine. However, that DOESN’T GO WELL for him, especially when she rejects his idea of being prim and lady-like.


With the heroine being something of an anomaly to him, where she is someone who can live her life freely and choose her own path. This draws Subaru closer to her and makes him see things in a different light. As her way of living and the fact she is always very carefree and stubborn to follow orders intrigues him, as he’s always been told to be a good follower and be excellent at school (aka the perfect person).

Also, because he’s always pitched to be someone who is very perfect, when people get close to him they start to find out his flaws. Like how he isn’t really great with women, and his skills at being tactful are terrible, considering the up above scenario. While he can act arrogant and is excellent at what he does as a bodyguard, Subaru fails in trying to understand human empathy since he wasn’t given that benefit as a kid.

Which is why I feel he turned to things like cute and fluffy decorations to fill in the void that was his uncolorful childhood.

Subaru has his moments at being hard-headed, but only in the beginning, as your days pass with him you start to learn about this ‘entitled’ man, and the truth behind his superior mask. Behind it, all is a caring individual who seeks to have someone see past his flaws, and accept him for all that he is. Even though he’s impressively better at sewing and cooking, did I mention he makes his carrots into flower shapes?



Falling in Love with Subaru


Falling in love with Subaru is an easy ride on your heart as you delve deeper into understanding and creating a relationship with him. When you find yourself in this man’s sights, he won’t let you go unless you bring him along. Subaru changes over the course of the days he spends with you and learns to understand the passion the MC has for acting and working on stage.

At first, he doesn’t seem interested, however, he grows to love theater and even help you out from time to time with both acting and sewing the costumes.


Also, he does make it clear he likes to be in control of things, it’s been obvious since the start, and when he mentions it again. The comment sounds more like a double entendre for the MC and me, as he also announces that he is possessive of his lover (RAWR~). When I mean possessive, not in a Yandere way, it’s the good type where you know he’ll be glaring at other people who are trying to hit on you or get your number.

I choked on water~ (HOW DARE YOU! I WILL NOT SHARE! XD). In some aspects, I do believe his possessive nature is because he doesn’t want to lose control of what he holds precious and dear to his heart. I don’t disagree with his line of thinking, as I like how he properly displays his affections even if he happens to yell at the other ‘Party Police.’ When he falls, he falls hard, and he does everything in his power to keep you safe in his arms and out on the stage.






Before I close out this review, I’d like to give a shout out to my girl, Kosugi, because we need more friends like her around. I’m not sorry how she always spoke her mind and I’m definitely amazed at her skill to catch onto things quickly. The girl really is a chameleon and can act her way out of anything, she’s a literal queen. YOU GO KOSUGI!



Gray’s Corner

I loved Subaru’s route and his incredibly fluffy side of his personality. He is an easy playthough without much hassle of clicking around, the heroine is also very good at keeping him in check. These are the types of Oresama/Doms that we need more of in games, overall I’m sad that I finished his route so quickly. However, there is his sequel, and I’m thinking he’s a good gamble to try and see what his and the MC’s future will be like…

As always, thanks for stopping by, and see you on the gaming side~!


5/5 STARS ★★★★★




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