To save our mother Earth from any alien attack, The EDF deploys~! WAIT–NO OTOME REFERENCES?!

July 19th – Galaxy Adventures


Welcome to Geeky Sundays on Gray’s Otome, starting off on a good foot this week, I’m following the tag created by Heather at I’m all about Otome and Visual Novels, but in today’s blog, I’m going to take you to outer space with me with different book & game references. I’m slowly building the blog to have different areas to explore, and Seriously Gekky Sundays have become a fun part of the blog.

However, I will always have my heart as a casual gamer, and I’m a book dragon at best. I thank everyone who has been following my blog, and visiting every now and then to see my part of the gaming sphere. Now, before I keep going off subject, let’s explain what has inspired this #sguns7 prompt this week!

So, July 19th is National Moon Day so in honor of the anniversary of when Apollo 11 landed on the moon. It’s a day in our history when our world got that bit bigger and that means it’s time to talk about adventures in Galaxies Far Far Away. (Get your game on folks, and don’t forget your laser blasters, or mini Mobile Gundam Suit!)



What is your favourite sci-fi fandom?

Screenshot (1387)

Screenshot (1388)

I can go on and on about favorite sci-fi fandoms, but I’m going to put these two fandoms for this question. My favorite fandoms are Hell Squad & Galactic Gladiators from the kick-ass author, Anna Hackett. These two series saved me when I had stopped reading for almost a year (GASP!!!), nothing I picked up or tried to read kept my attention. I found myself in the worst book slump in such a long time, I practically cried.

Then, one day these two book series popped onto my Kindle Unlimited radar, and I never looked back. These two fandoms are uniquely different but they are the most  creative sci-fi/action/romance series I’ve ever read. I mentioned a while back one of my favorite games was Dino Crisis, and Hell Squad takes a similar premise but–with a Second Extinction twist. Fighting alongside a specialized military group created to combat mutant-alien dinosaurs? Romance, action, and kick-ass female & male protags? Count me in!


Galactic Gladiators takes place in outer space, where a space station above Earth is attacked by a sinister race aliens knowns as Thraxians. Humans who were captured and taken in as slaves upon the Thraxian ship are brought to the alien world called Cathargo, where they are sold in what is called the Kor Magna Arena. Now, this world is a combination of John Carter, Gladiator, Star Wars, and Sin City, as you’re swept away into a world of battles and glamour.

The amazing world that Anna Hackett has created in this novel alone makes me want to visit it, badly, as you get to mess with alien technology; fight alongside gladiators, learn advanced medicines, and gamble at the hottest underground casino Cathargo has to offer. Besides swimming pools that are literally up and above the cityscape too!

giphy (1)


What is your favourite fictional planet?

[Anna Hackett’s “Cathargo.”]

My favorite fictional planet is Cathargo from Anna Hackett’s Galactic Gladiators and House of Rone. Somewhere in the deepest crevices of the universe, there is a wormhole that the Thraxians use to travel billions of light-years away to the gladiator/Sin City run planet. Where you can watch NON-LETHAL gladiator fights, and no one dies; and enjoy the company of alien friends.

If watching fights in Kor Magna Arena isn’t your thing, head on down to the Dark Nebula and gamble with the rich and famous. Maybe get a drink or two and listen in to some enchanting songs from Mia at the small concert hall inside of its compound. Whatever you do, just don’t wander into the darker cityscapes where the paths are less lively and quieter…



Who is your favourite alien character?



My favorite alien character? Oh man, it has to be Erginus from Earth Defense Force: Shadow of Despair 4.1 because that shit is fun as hell to kill. On my past streams on Twitch, I did stream this game with my brother, and oh my god was this so much fun. My brother had told me that EDF had created a monster similar to Godzilla and that I needed to play it. So I did, and now I’m an EDF fan. I’m terrible at PvP, but I’m pretty awesome on team efforts until the FPS drops and then we go BOOM.


But hey!!! It’s EDF, we’re supposed to blow shit up and have a good time–while drunkenly singing the EDF Theme Song; SING IT WITH ME!

To save our mother Earth from any alien attack
From vicious giant insects who have once again come back
We’ll unleash all our forces, we won’t cut them any slack
The EDF deploys!

Our soldiers are prepared for any alien threats
The navy launches ships, the air force send their jets
And nothing can withstand our fixed bayonets
The EDF deploys!

Our forces have now dwindled and we pull back to regroup
The enemy has multiplied and formed a massive group
We better beat these bugs before we’re all turned to soup
The EDF deploys!


What is your favourite alien species?



Long time horror fan of 80s/90s scream flicks which include the amazingly well done, Alien series by Ridley Scott. The Xenomorph is my favorite alien species to study and examine, while it is a fictional entity, this incredibly well-made predator is unique as it is also terrifying. Its evolution across the movie series has been a wild ride from it having human chest-bursting births, animal births, and then tearing itself out of a Predator shell.

This sinister apex creature is incredibly intelligent and manipulative, working with a hive mentality as it serves their queen. The Xenomorph makes it to my top list of favorite alien species–to watch out for!



What alien creature would you like to have as a pet?



Okay, it’s not an alien from outer space, but it is an alien creature to our world and reality! I would love a Carbuncle as a pet, not only is this a cute and fluffy summon, it is absolutely magickal and can kick ass. I’ve watched this amazing entity’s evolution over the years, and it never ceases to amaze me how much cuter it can get. I want one, and more so, I probably would want to cuddle it more than send it out to fight anybody or anything, unless necessary.




What is the most visually stunning alien landscape you’ve seen in a fandom?

[NORN 9]

Ahahaha! I did include an otome in here! Welcome to Norn9’s stunning sci-fi game with incredible visuals and elegantly depicted gardens that don’t exist here. This is by far one of the best visually stunning games from Idea Factory’s Otomate line, and the MC(s), (you read that right, there is more than one MC in this game) they have voices, which is rare in an otome game, but not this one–this game is story-rich and captivating. However, if you don’t have the time to figure out all the questions and play, you can always watch the anime.




I’m glad we didn’t get sucked into a black hole while on this mission, but it sure as hell was fun! Now it’s time to gear up and the get the Wing Divers, Fencers, Air Raiders, and Rangers ready for battle as we head back onto Earth. I hope you enjoyed the detour into Seriously Geeky Sundays this week, and if you enjoyed this blog and want to do one too. Don’t forget to tag Heather at so she can see your answers as well!

As always, thanks for reading, and I’ll catch you on THE EDF BATTLEFIELD! CHARGE!!!!



2 thoughts on “To save our mother Earth from any alien attack, The EDF deploys~! WAIT–NO OTOME REFERENCES?!

  1. First of all, please accept my apologies for finally getting the chance to leave you a comment! I’ve been really sick for the past few weeks and ended up stuck in a never-ending loop of playing catch up. It was easier for me to just give up trying as it was so exhausting trying to do everything and just play restart 🙂 It is wonderful to have you join us for SGS!

    I’m really surprised at how many people *love* the alien queen, I swear I must be one of the few who don’t, hehe. You should check out Winst0lf’s post!

    Liked by 1 person

    • No worries 😉! I hope you feel better today, and your week is more abundant. I’m not sure if I liked the queen alien as others did, I felt something was missing from her creation. However, welcome to my tiny corner of the blogosphere 🥳!

      I’m really happy to participate in your SGS, they’re awesome and fun to jump in on🥰

      I’ll definitely drop by winst0lf’s post now ❤️

      Good vibes and prayers for a good week to you 🙏


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