Can I Get a Rain Check On My Destiny, Please? [The Divine Speaker Demo Game Review]

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The gameplay is a traditional click and point with the added element of ‘choose your own adventure’ type of feel, it’s a casual gamer jam. What also is added is that the background moves, causing certain situations to give a vibe of anxiousness portrayed by the main character in the story. I feel that adding this kind of interact element into the game keeps the reader’s engaged and not just focusing on the text. As the moving scenery behind the story-rich gameplay surprised me and caused me to look up at the scenery in which the main character had found themselves in. 



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I went into this game without any prior knowledge or understanding of what I was about to get into. We are invited into the world of Aurelia Cavella, where our main hero, Raen, currently resides with his family. He has just become of age and is given a small gift of money from his family to buy what he wants for himself. Though they wanted him to buy something for himself, Raen heads into town to buy something for everyone in his family to share with him on his birthday.

However, something strange happens when he heads into town this day, and this event will forever change Raen’s life and awaken him to his destiny.

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The event that transpires after these symbols appear on his arm is both intriguing as it is saddening, as we realize just how gullible Raen is. He’s quick to trust people he doesn’t know and seems unable to think outside of the box or rely on his intuition. As we realize he’s possibly been sheltered from everything, but not just him, more than likely the whole town may be under some kind of blanket of innocence.

After a decision to take the word of a stranger to visit The Divine Speaker’s domain, our MC is punished to be exiled for trespassing on the grounds of the noble divine’s house. With the pardoning by some luck to not be executed, we are instead, exiled into the forest that is stated to be deadly and evil. One thing that bothered me, but provoked questions in Raen was what the Divine Speak stated after he placed us at the mouth of the forest:

This statement disturbed me. The fact that the Divine Speaker showed some semblance of sadness or remorse by mentioning Raen’s father… as we find out early on in the beginning about the MC not knowing his parents–yet, this man does. Regardless of how beautiful this holy man is, something darker lies beneath that holier-than-thou appearance. But, we don’t take time to ponder what kind of secrets this man has hidden from the town of Aurelia as we run into the forest like a mad–and disappear into the darkness.

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Fret not though! We survive so far in the domain of the so-called wicked forest, as we find a very interesting person who dwells in the deeper parts of the land. We happen to run into one of the fated love interests, Fawn, and oh my goodness he’s adorable AF. However, how we meet him is by accidentally scaring him, then chasing after him–scaring him even more, then practically jumping him and landing on top of him. That was a pretty awesome way to introduce ourselves, hahaha, I jest, but it made me laugh.

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The game demo for this awesome game left me wanting more even after I touched down at the last sentences of the gameplay. There are so many questions that need answers, and also, so many other LI that I need to meet, LOL! Most of all, I want to know what the Divine Speak knows about the true history of Aurelia and if Raen’s heritage is part of the mystery surrounding the town. So many things to ask but those questions will have to wait until the game’s full release.

Overall, I am greatly happy to have stumbled upon this demo, the art, to the story itself is beautifully done. I’m wondering for Raen’s safety, and what his future has in store for him as well. For now, just like Raen, we will have to dive deeper to find the truth, and go into the unknown.




If you are interested in checking out this game or supporting the team, please click on the links posted above to get the word out about The Divine Speaker! If you’ve played the game, tell me your thoughts and let me know in the comments ^_^

As always, thanks for stopping by, and see you on the gaming side~!

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