HELLO DOCTOR… Is This Another Episode of Criminal Intent? [Glass Coffin Demo Review]

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Professor Rei Sun is paired with the well-renowned Dr. Jin Moon as part of the newly-introduced Loving Hearts Therapy Program at Kalroze National University. Although Rei is initially reluctant to participate, he’s unable to resist the doctor’s charms and agrees to become his first patient. The fateful connection between the two unearths dark and twisted secrets buried beneath the surface. Will Rei be able to confront the vengeful ghosts of the past or fall victim to his own mistakes?




When we meet Rei, he’s already disheveled and running to work. While he tends to act like he has everything together, we, as the readers know he’s pretty disorganized to some extent. However, I don’t mind that he’s not collected on his thoughts all the time, but he knows how to be professional in front of a crowd and work. Except… 


When we meet Jin, he’s quite the teaser of the two, and although he means well when he teased Rei–Rei didn’t take to well to it. Especially because they had just met, but there’s something very mysterious about the new doctor on campus. Even I am still not certain if we can truly trust him fully, as I feel a lot of what he says or does is also an act to get closer… 

This is actually, quite interesting, as usually in other BL games I’ve seen multiple romanceable LIs. I’m surprised as there is only one LI in the entire game, at least, so far–but I’m not against it. As it’ll be interesting to see what kinds of endings will unfold between the two characters, and we also won’t be caught between who the heck we wanna ship for the entire game. 



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If you’re someone who doesn’t like graphic or explicit content, this game is not for you, as it is intended for mature audiences. While there is an option to turn off some explicit scenes, the ‘normal’ version only takes out maybe part of the images and words. I’m glad that this option is available, as I believe there will be sensitive subjects in the game and having the opportunity to not see some of the commentary or visuals will help avoid triggers. However, I do want to put out there, that although the game has this option, it is intended for mature audiences, so be advised not all scenes that contain sensitive topics may not be censored.

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The ‘follow your own adventure’ option is prevalent in the game, as we see different choices appear in the game. However, depending on your choices, you can actually change the choices that are presented as well. What you choose also dictates how Rei’s personality will be like, and also Jin’s personality as well!


I love this concept, as it helps drive the story differently through the game. So your choices dictate the types of answers that appear on screen for you, and also changes how Rei acts and speaks. So be careful on what you choose for him, as we have yet to know what kind of endings are in store for our MC. 


Now, this, is amazing to see. Not only do we influence Rei’s personality, but our choices also change how Dr. Jin Moon acts as well? This is unique, as I’ve never actually seen something like this before, which makes the game more intriguing to me. My question is… If we choose choices that make Rei more ‘chaos’ and ‘intuitive’… What does Jin become…?



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The beginning opens with the shadow of dark events to come, as our main hero seems to be plagued with a nightmare that he can’t quite place. While he’s certain it’s linked to the trauma of an incident that occurred a few years ago, the malicious dreams start becoming more vivid. Consumed by the chaos of his dreams, when he finally wakes, he realizes that he’s going to be late for a meeting at the university.

While he is about five minutes late to the meeting, it doesn’t stop the head honcho of the school from assigning Rei to be Dr. Jin Moon’s new test subject for a brand new program.

Dr. Jin Moon doesn’t get off on the right foot with Rei, due to teasing our MC for being late, however, he does apologize to him. This puts Rei at ease and accepting the proposal to be the guinea pig for the new program Jin is planning to launch. It’s already brought out in the beginning that Rei is interested in men, however, it is more of a mystery for Jin, if he swings both ways or plays for the same field.

However, I feel he swings both ways as there were plenty of nuances and questions that Jin asked, which felt like a double entendre. Albeit, he teasingly manipulates the questions to seem innocent, but it’s the subtle looks and gestures he does that even made me raise a brow at his display of patient to doctor closeness. The questions Jin does ask do provoke you to answer either honestly, or to stretch the truth–I chose to tell the truth and be honest for the first round of this game. I was not denied a very good ending for the demo–HAHA XD!

Screenshot (1433)

If you choose to be truthful towards Dr. Moon when he questions you on certain aspects of your life, and also you choose to not allow people to walk all over you either. Instead of a nightmare, you get a pretty hot dream with the doctor, but wake up with needing to do laundry. LMAO!

Screenshot (1435)

Now, on my second round of the game… Choosing to be deceitful, lie, and be an asshole… Your end to the demo if very much a nightmare as you run through the train and encounter demons of the past. From what I can understand, these shadows are people from the incident that occurred a few years ago when Rei was still in college. My question is… what exactly happened to Rei and his parents?

What are these freak migraines he keeps getting? And is he really… a reliable narrator?



I loved this game demo, it was engaging and suspenseful with its narrative. The fact of the matter is, I’m left with certain questions to ponder as we wait for the game’s full release. There’s a lot of potential in the game and the concept of being able to change the way the LI acts according to how you act, that definitely impressed me. It really does make me wonder just what exactly is going to happen between these two characters.

We’ll just have to find out when the game comes out, but until then–

Thanks for stopping by, and see you on the gaming side~

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