Adventures of Gray and the Fanatic Soup Dumpling [Geeky Sundays]

116July 26th – Conventions

Welcome back to another Geeky Sunday here at Gray’s Otome and Visual Novel Corner, please know that this is a fabulous ongoing blog tag curated by Heather at I have been loving all the prompts she’s created over the weeks, and thus, will continue to keep posting content about my geeky-butt for a long while. On today’s blog, we are going to talk about conventions–I unfortunately have only been to two conventions in life. However, I did have hopeful plans to go to the bigger ones in the Souther Los Angeles area, however… due to the Covid-19 restrictions, we resorted to conventions online! Let’s get to it XD!

“It was supposed to be San Diego Comic-Con weekend this weekend. So many conventions have been cancelled this year so we’re living vicariously this week as by talking all things conventions.”-Heather at


Have you been to a convention and if so, how many?


My first real brush with a convention was when my husband bought me a VIP pass to the first Kawaiicon in Honolulu, HI. I was completely shocked because I had never been to one of these before and I had been dying to know what it’s like. I do want to state there was a couple of issues that happened when Kawaiicon made it out to Honolulu, as the convention was held right on Thanksgiving Week, and a few other problems. Yet, it didn’t deter many of us who went as we did enjoy the panels that were there, and the cosplay cafe.


download (1)

The other convention I went to was Comicon, which was also in Hawaii as well, and it was pretty crazy for me. I was actually lucky I booked a hotel closeby and the line to get into the convention was practically wrapped around the building. I got to see a few of the Kawaiicon panels back again for the Comicon, and I was pretty happy to see a few familiar voice actors there. Compared to Kawaiicon, this event was really loud, fun, and exciting for a lot of us–maybe in the future I’ll book another ticket to see it.

download (1)



What was the last convention you went to?

download (1)

Comicon was the last convention I went to before I made the decision to take work back in the mainland. My memories are a bit fuzzy from how everything was but I do remember a few things, that it was hot, humid, and crowded. Plenty of music concerts and I think I was eating a lot of cold stuff because it was so damn hot and I felt like I needed to be swimming in ice. LMAO!

download (2)


What is your favourite convention memory?


My favorite memory was meeting Johnny Yong Bosch at Kawaiicon and Comicon, I mean, I didn’t even know he was going to be there for Kawaiicon. I was so scared to even approach and ask him for an autograph and I regret that LMAO. However, it was seriously awesome to sit down and listen in on his panel and the stories he has. From Power Ranger to amazing VA in games and anime. It was definitely a wonderful surprise to see him not once but twice with the cons held in Hawaii.



Which convention would you love to go to?


I would love to go to Anime Expo, this has been my goal convention to go to since I was in high school. When I was a teen, I would daydream about going to this con one day, but when I became an adult, and was finally making money to buy tickets. My career overtook my life, and I never could make the time to buy the ticket and go when I lived in the area. One day, I hope to actually see this con, and also get to buy some otome and visual novel merchandise too!


Who are you hoping to see at a convention next?


To be completely honest, I don’t know who I would new looking forward to seeing at a convention. There’s a lot of people I’d like to even snap a picture with, but I truly want news about game localizations from both indie and big name game developers. I think that’s what I actually like to do at these cons, get information and what is the next game or anime to watch out for.

It would be cool if I had a favorite cosplayer or one favorite VA, but I don’t, I feel everyone is talented–Well, you know what? I think what I would hope to see at a convention is LOTS OF FOOD STALLS THAT HAVE RECREATED THE DELICIOUS DELICACIES FROM ANIME AND GAMES!



What is your favourite purchase from a convention?


Hahaha, no shame, I bought a bunch of doujinshi of BL manga, and stuff to feed my love for the genre. I came back with a huge bagful of stuff that my husband, as much as he loves me, was like:


In another life I was a BL fanfiction writer, so these comics fueled my writing inspiration and also created a massive area in my library.



That’s it for me here in my corner of the blogosphere for this edition of Geeky Sundays! If you had fun reading this blog or want to create one of your own, don’t forget to tag Heather at so she can see your posts as well!


As always, thanks for stopping by, and see you on the gaming side~!

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  1. I’m exactly the same when it comes to guests at events. I’m happy to meet whoever I can and I’ve got to meet some amazing people just by checking out panels. I got to meet a wonderful artist and had a long chat with her at the last con I went with, it was great.

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