You Do Realize That You Can’t Have Your Cake and Eat It Too–Wait…



Trouble Comes Twice features two playable protagonists, 20-year old twins Jace and Hazel.

Life isn’t easy when you’re competing against your identical twin at every turn. A confident flirt with a narcissistic streak, Jace has breezed through life thanks to his charm and good looks but lacks ambition. On the other hand, Hazel is a talented but short-tempered pianist who has few friends due to the haughty facade she uses to hide her social awkwardness. Already halfway through their university years, the twins realize neither of them have ever truly been in love before. Like any other not-so-rational person, they  turn it into a competition. Whoever gets a girlfriend/boyfriend first wins!




。・゚゚・ She does seem to hide her insecurities behind a persona of being ‘mature,’ when I think she hardly is–I understand to an extent as to why she’s acting the way she is, but it’s not good to suppress you’re true self.  ・゚゚・。



。・゚゚・ Oh my, he’s low key oresama, while it seems everyone knows he’s bisexual. He seems to enforce that he isn’t, which does make me question as to why he’s shutting down that aspect pretty fast.  ・゚゚・。



。・゚゚・ Oh goodness, there always has to be that one person who acts like the hotshot and needs all the attention. Alright, I don’t know you completely, but I’m gonna barely give you an olive branch for now…  ・゚゚・。



。・゚゚・ IDEAL BOYFRIEND ALERT, HELLO~! Okay, he’s cute, it’s over–I want him for both twins LMAO.  ・゚゚・。



。・゚゚・ Hmm… I’m quite ambivalent towards you right now, as I’m not friends with many party girls–anymore. I do think you have a good heart, but I’m a bit wary (this is just my own opinion though).  ・゚゚・。



。・゚゚・ IT’S OVER. I WANT YOU AS MY GIRLFRIEND. It’s always the quiet types that catch my eye and the soothing nature they give off, she’s beyond adorable and sweet sounding.  ・゚゚・。



Screenshot (1623)

  • Four Love Interests + Eight Routes (depending on the protagonist)
  • 16 Endings: Dramatic or Romantic (both are generally happy)
  • GxB/GxG/BxB Romance Options: Romance cute boys, girls or both regardless of which twin you’re playing as
  • At least 24 unique CGs (more if certain stretch goals are reached)


。・゚゚・ This game has a questionnaire? That’s new, considering that rarely happens, I think this happened in Chromatose as well, and I actually dig that factor. This game also runs along the same system of click and point, and casual reading, which is good for causal gamers. Another thing that is interesting is the questionnaire basically leads you to someone it believes is to your liking. That in itself is very interesting, and you can choose between either playing as Jace or Hazel.・゚゚・。

Screenshot (1620)

。・゚゚・   I like the fact we can play as either twin, have either G x G, B xB, B x G or G x B type romances. So we have different endings for both twins, and that is really amazing, as I haven’t seen this kind of ‘pick your own adventure’ in most games. Each twin has a unqiue personality, and every character encounter is different depending on who you are playing as. This is fantastic, as it give different perspectives, and ultimately new ways to engage the audience. ・゚゚・。 



Screenshot (1622)

When I first went into the game, I played as Jace, as I either prefer to play as non-binary or male. Playing as Jace the first round with the male characters was funny as it also included some eyerolls for both Jace and some of the LI introduced into the story. The artwork in the game is very well done, including the line work for the characters as well.

Screenshot (1627)

While this is a demo, I did expect a few areas of the game to have areas of shadows or the characters seeming to look like they were constantly shaded by an umbrella. However, that doesn’t deter from the conversational narrative being conducted between the character and the LIs. The easy going and somewhat carefree sounding Jace to the calm and collected Adrian was entertaining! I wished the demo was longer for Adrian, since I got him as my first pick for the game demo.

Screenshot (1639)

Going into the game a second time as Jace, I met with Cameron, and OH BOY~ I already know this boy is gonna be a lot of troubel for both twins with how cocky he is. Haha, I’m not saying it’s bad but I know he wouldn’t be a close friend in real life, his overly big ego attitude is a bit much for me, and also Jace. However, I do think he has his good points as being someone who can be the life of the party and cheer people up.


Screenshot (1645)

Before this scene occurred, Hazel was actually repeating a mantra to herself, or perhaps–Psyching herself up. As she kept repeating that she was a ‘mature’ woman who is calm and collected, but she was practically taking over the bathroom for an ungodly 30mins (I can’t even fathom people who do that). However, Jace bugged her enough to get her to say some pretty sarcastic comments in the afternoon. HAHAHA!

Screenshot (1648)

Meeting Zoe was interesting, same as Cameron, she wouldn’t be the first person I’d drift to and I wouldn’t really be close with if we met in real life. However, she is charming, and knows that she is gorgeous as hell. When Hazel goes out with Zoe we get to see Hazel’s inner monologue, and that she’s not all calm and collected like she seems to be.

Screenshot (1657)

Playing as Hazel the second round I was in complete awe to go into a piano room and meet Stephanie. I like how we got to read Hazel’s inner thoughts about the meeting between the two women, and how she thinks Stephanie is cute (because I think she’s adorable AF). The two ladies exchange numbers and go out for a lunch date in this route, but dang it… Just like Adrian’s route, I wish there was more for Stephanie!



One of the qualities I ADORED in this game is the relationship between Jace and Hazel. As I have siblings of my own, we act very similar to these two characters, I was laughing my ass off between their banters.I love games that have family values in it’s core, and this was the trait of the game that won me over–besides the Adriand and Stephanie XD.

I enjoyed this game demo so much and I cannot wait for the full release. I’m anticipating the kickstarter for the game to happen soon, and I’m more than ready to back it and promote the heck out of the game when the times comes. If you want to play the demo and follow Foxglove Games on social media, click the links presented above and show your support for the game!

As always, thanks for visiting my corner of the blogosphere, and see you on the gaming side~!

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