The Adventures of Gray and the Catty Furball



How This Works (Straight from the Aggronaut)

Since I apparently have a knack for over complicating things, the way this is going to work has changed a little bit after some discussion with the Blaugust community as a whole. Here is an attempt at a straight forward rundown of how the process is going to go, and here is also hoping that we manage to pull this off without someone getting confused along the way.

  • On the date specified above, a given content creator is going to share a prompt with the community.
    • The content of the post is in theory going to address that specific prompt.
    • Content creators have been assigned a prompt, but also have been given leverage to swap these out as they see fit.
      • Side note: Prompt bearers, please let me know if you plan on swapping topics so I can keep the master list updated. Any topics that are getting swapped out are listed down below as “spares”.
  • Near the bottom of a days post, the content creator will share the name and site link for the next content creator in sequence. This will lead the community to where they can find the next days prompt.
  • Everyone “playing along at home” should receive thirty one days worth of fresh prompts to pick and choose which ones they wish to create content based on.
  • The process should also shine the light on the various prompt bearers sites and hopefully drive traffic to them for participating.
  • When a prompt based topic is shared, please use the Hashtag #Blaugust2020 in order to increase visibility and allow folks to find them easily.


AUGUST 1, 2020

If You Could Change Anything About One Thing of Your Core Fandoms, What Would it Be?


To be honest, I feel that one thing that should be changed in core fandoms is how we can learn to agree to disagree. Yes, there are really good groups out there who respect each other’s differences and don’t blow things out of proportions, or end friendships. However, these groups are hard to find at times and we end up going into a fandom thinking that everyone can speak calmly or be open to listening to one another without throwing them into the fire as soon as they open their mouths.

giphyIn every fandom, there is always pros and cons, and groups who don’t agree on certain ships or characters. A good example would be how there are those who like Yanderes and those who oppose Yanderes but like Oresama/Dom type characters. There’s plenty of different situations I can throw out there, but these are the ones that are more common in the area of gaming I stay in.

giphy (3)

This is where the absurdity usually begins where if one party light-heartedly posts something about a character they prefer, and someone who hates the character comes storming in and blasts a lot of comments that throw the light-hearted post into a war zone. Thus, the fighting begins, and even if third party mediators are brought in to help calm the situation–it turns into more of everyone taking sides rather than having neutral grounds.

giphy (1)

Most of the time it turns out where the point of the argument gets lost, and we don’t know exactly how to help one another ‘ceasefire’ and try to come to a place where we can talk without screaming. It’s become really hard to join any fandoms when there are always going to be conflicts of interest, but those conflicts of interest become more of an argument than a healthy debate. I feel because of this kind of toxicity, it gets harder for fans of fandom to join and try to voice themselves, but there is a double-edged sword to what I’m saying.

giphy (2)

Not all fans can be calm or peaceful when they feel strongly towards their own opinions, they have every right to those feelings. However, the consequence of this for both sides, regardless of what stand they take, is that you take responsibility for what YOU have said. Otherwise, when we go through the arguments over i.e. Eisuke Ichinomiya is better than Victor from MLQC, we look like children slapping each other back and forth at the playground. When in all honesty, we all came to the fandom, for one thing, to share in the laughter and good times of a mutual platform that has either saved us or brought us joy.

giphy 4



tenor (1)

Whether the fandom is the Harry Potter book series, and you’re reaching out to find others who love the book series just as much; or the otome fandom, where not only are we visual novel players but we all have certain likes and dislikes for a game, but we love otome and casual gaming. Fandoms are a melting pot of differences and that’s what makes them great, but it can come with it’s a small share of grievances. Nonetheless, I do believe there is more good than bad out there, and that in any case, I just hope we can change the way we debate rather than always seek to argue.

Our awesome leader for Promptapalooza, Belghast , does a huge deal for the blogging community, he annually runs Blaugust year-on-year (this year it was Blapril ) all in an effort to bring people closer and welcome newcomers to the blogosphere. Belghast also hosts the Blaugust Discord (which In highly encourage any newcomer or veteran blogger to check out and say hello!), many praises for the Aggronaut, he is an amazing guy and the work he does for the blogging community goes above and beyond duty.

As always, thanks for stopping by, and see you on the gaming side~! 

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