2nd August – Supporting Roles


Welcome back to Geeky Sundays where we take a detour from reviews and game talk, to focus on other elements that may or may not be related to gaming. Not only are we now moving into the final half of the summer season, but it is now time for the hot climate to hopefully calm down, and for us to embrace a little more cooler weather. Now, enough about me talking about the temperature, and let’s see this week’s lovely topic is!

“Up until now we’ve talked about all sorts of characters and this week we’re giving some love to the supporting roles in fandoms, the minor characters, the NPCs and the sidekicks. The smaller parts that are necessary for the whole thing to work.” (Heather from geeking-by.net)

Sidekicks? Hmm… this is going to be one helluva interesting post as I have too many HAHAHA XD! So grab your capes and get ready for the hero signal in the sky ya’ll, it’s time for the sidekicks to stand out and shine.




Who is your favourite sidekick?

tenor (3)

Favorite sidekick of all time is Yosuke Hanamura from the fabulous interactive, story rich, JRPG visual novel, Persona 4. My love for Yosuke goes above and beyond, and it doesn’t help that I love both his English VA and Japanese VA. Yuri Lowenthal is amazing as Yosuke in his English variant, as Showtaro Morikubo for his Japanese version. Yosuke is an amazing bro, and secret lover for the main hero of Persona. I ship Yosuke with the hero, they’re awesome as hell together and their friendship goes above and beyond.

tenor (2)

This dork is both cute and compassionate, and while he may have his moments of being an airhead–he has a good heart. Even after all this time, Yosuke still stands as my number one side kick forever, and I wish there was a way to let him have his own story. However, I’ll take what I can get with all the Persona 4 spinoffs with him and Souji (hero of Persona 4), because those two together are the dream team.




Who is your favourite minor character or NPC (non-played character)?


Cardia (Left), Hansel (Middle), Dr. John Watson (Right)

My favorite non-playable, minor character is Dr. John Watson of the Code Realize Series. I was so peeved that he didn’t have a route in the spin off of the game or the fandiscs, but I’ll just have to let it slide and just make fanfiction about him. Dr. Watson is portrayed as a kind and good-natured fellow who is faithful to his wife even after her death. He loves sweets, but he also is somewhat of a caretaker for Sherlock Holmes until Cardia appears.

He’s amazing and also a good shot thanks to his days in the army, but even if he pretends he doesn’t have a crush on Cardia, we all know he has one (even if he won’t admit it).


Another character I’d like to add is Finis, while he did have a spin off route in the fandiscs, he didn’t originally have one in the first game. Finis is the twin brother of Cardia, and he’s got a sister complex–I adore his character and also, I felt for his character’s heartache and pain in the original game. It shouldn’t be a surprise, since I’ve mentioned before I don’t like the original Code Realize; Guardian of Rebirth, I prefer the value of family in the other two fandiscs that spinoff from Finis’ true ending.

He’s a nonplayable character that is a must, and I adore the hell out of his character growth and his heart to face his fears.


Which minor character do you wish had more ‘screen’ time?


Lupin (left), and Sisi (right)

To be completely honest with everyone, I wish Sisi had more screen time, I love dogs and I love Corgis of all types. Sisi is a loyal fellow and he also is a tough pooch who can handle the craziest things that the Lupin crew gets into. While Sisi does get a bit more screen time in the last fandisc of the Code Realize series, he still deserved to be everywhere in the game. I feel he would be a very trustworthy and dependable sidekick for Cardia and would of helped out in a pinch.


Also, Sisi is a good judge of character when it comes to someone about to do something very perverse to the heroine. He guards her very well and makes it known that he’s not a cute and cuddley type of doggo, baring his teeth when necessary or for shits and giggles. Sisi needs more screen time, and he should appear for cameos in other games. Just saying…


Sisi and Impey


What is your favourite scene with a minor character?


Delly-chan and Sisi

Wow… This is turning into a Code Realize extravaganza ahaha XD! I actually have two scenes that I love with minor characters of the game. This first one is above with Sisis and Delacroix the 3rd aka Delly-chan. In the spinoffs you can unlock side stories with Delly-chan and his daily life at the mansion with the Lupin crew. One of the scenes that unfolds is how he was given the task to water the garden outside with an invention that Impey created, while it was an easy task… The machine suddenly went haywire and drenched both Delly-chan and Sisi, causing the garden to be overwatered and for the two minor characters to get soaking wet. Poor things…


Shirley Gordon and Cardia

My second favorite scene with a minor character is when Shirley Gordon from the Gordon Mafia group shows off her skills. The young mafia princess is a great shot with excellent precision on her aim to take down the targets in front of her in a child’s game of balloon shooting. She practically kills it and wins most of the prizes in the tent, which causes some strife for the shop owner, but Shirley is an amazing lady. I wish she had a bit more screen time as well, or if Code Realize could of made a spinoff series just for her…


What has been your favourite cameo role?

So…. I love mystery and crime novels, so it shouldn’t be a surprise to read that one of my favorite shows is Detective Conan. My favorite cameo is when his ‘character’ made an appearance in a food based anime called Yakitate Japan!! It was the most hilarious moment when it happened, I was crying with how he was portrayed in the anime, it sincerely was one of the best episodes to encounter out of the whole Yakitate Japan series.



Sota from Inuyasha

This is an honorable mention as the outfit for Detective Conan appeared on Kagome’s little brother, Sota, in the anime Inuyasha. I was in shock when I saw it and had to freeze the episode for a moment and just scream,


giphy (4)


If you could have someone play a cameo role in anything what would it be?


I would love a cameo from both Conan and Kaito Kid in any mystery and puzzle otome based game. My reason? Just like Ace Attorney, these guys are well-known in the crime solving department and it would of been hella awesome to see them. I’m down to see more crossovers in games as well as in anime or books, there really needs to be more of them.


Speaking of Ace Attorney, I would love for these guys to crossover as well, because… come on… I need more of them in my life since there’s been no news if the other game spinoffs are coming out (LOUD UGLY SOBS). I need these idiot babies. LMAO!! I mean even their ancestors would be a great element for a crossover as well HAHAHA!


I’m surprised he didn’t hurt his hand….



I have no idea how his heel doesn’t hurt from that chopping motion.



tenor (1)

Had it to bring my boy back for the wrap up of the Geeky Sunday post! I feel supporting characters are pivotal personalities in a game, because they can either make or break the story plot. As they either further the main character’s growth or try to hinder it in the process, regardless of who they are, some of these awesome characters deserve to have their own mini episodes in the game. Thank you Heather for another awesome Geeky Sunday!

As always, thanks for stopping by in my corner of the blogosphere, and see you on the gaming side~!


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