DUALICE (TAISHO x ALICE episode II) is a fairytale visual novel in which YOU must save your Prince Charming!

The game is fully voiced in Japanese (excluding the main character).

As you progress through the story, you will be asked to make choices at key points that will lead you to different endings. You will take on the role of the fairytale heroine in order to rehabilitate your chosen love interest and guide him to his “happily ever after”!

At the end of the prologue, you will choose your prince and enter the Looking-Glass World. Each love interest has his own standalone story set in an alternate universe where the relationships between the characters will vary.

*Episode 2 features two love interests: Kaguya and Gretel. (Steam)



Once upon a time, in a topsy-turvy world…

In the beginning, you find yourself lost within a world of utter darkness. Your memories are gone; even your name is a mystery.

But just when the bitter loneliness threatens to break your spirit, you meet Alice—a blond-haired, blue-eyed young man who promptly christens you “Arisu.”

Like you, Alice cannot remember anything beyond his own name. Ignoring his protests, you drag him along with you through the darkness… until you happen upon a massive mirror made of crystal.

You stumble through the glass and into the Looking-Glass World, an antiquated fairytale dreamscape that feels oddly familiar…

There, amid a colorful cast of gender-swapped fairytale characters, you take on the role of the heroine and join them in their twisted tales.

How will the story end? It’s up to you!


ONCE UPON A TIME, a dramatic breakup unfolds at the cafe where you work.

Everyone is scandalized—but then the guy turns to you and says, “Fancy going out with me?” So obviously, you say yes!

His name is Kaguya, and he’s your new boyfriend. He’s everything you could possibly want: sweet, caring, and… HOMELESS?! Day 1 of the relationship, and you’re already living together!

Where will it go from here?!



ONCE UPON A TIME, you awaken to find yourself in a strange, unfamiliar log cabin.

But don’t worry! Here you have food, clothing, and everything else you need to survive. Only one small problem: you’re tied up on the bed…

“We’re going to live here from now on, where it’s safe.”

So begins a life of confinement with your younger brother Gretel.

What inspired him to take you captive?

What is his true objective? And can you make it out alive?!




The main character, Miku Asanaga, is just a regular girl in high school. But she has one secret.

This is a heart-warming story that takes place in high school during the early summertime.

Face the tragic truth and spend a short, sweet summer with your new romantic interest.

The main character doesn’t have any memory before high school.

She goes on a journey to find out about her past and discovers the shocking truth.

The game is based on original character designs by the illustrator, Hazuki Futaba.

The entire dialogues are recorded by excellent voice actors including Yuto Suzuki,

Daisuke Kishio, Kazuyuki Okitsu, and Yoshitsugu Matsuoka for the roles of romantic interests.

We have cast popular voice actors who are active in many areas including anime and games.

An outgoing and optimistic classmate, a sociable painter who speaks in Kansai dialect, a doctor who’s a pioneer of genetic engineering, and a mysterious new student.

Please enjoy the storylines prepared for each of these unique characters with their charming voices, to your heart’s content.

[Nintendo E-Shop]




Sosuke Okochi(大河内壮介)  CV:Yuto Suzuki(鈴木裕斗)

Hayato Minakata (南方隼人)  CV:Daisuke Kishio(岸尾だいすけ)

Kazuma Yukawa (湯川数馬) CV:Kazuyuki Okitsu(興津和幸)

Rin Okazaki (岡崎凛)  CV:Yoshitsugu Matsuoka(松岡禎丞)


Hazuki Futaba




Murder at the scene of a collapse in an audition show. Find the truth hidden under the mask!

“Buried Stars” is a new mystery adventure game developed by Team Largo and LINE Games Corporation.


◆ Murder at the scene of the collapse of Survival Audition

A collapse that broke out at a live broadcast of a survival audition TV show.

A fatal incident occurs in front of trapped performers and staff.

Who is the murderer? Why… How could this happen?


◆ Harmonized 3D & 2D graphics and production

Beautiful 2D characters in a realistic 3D environment that depicts the scene of the collapse, giving the game more dramatic and dynamic effects.


◆ Variety of sounds and realistic performances by veteran voice actors

Various original scores and sound effects with outstanding voices of veteran voice actors provide a more immersive game experience.


◆ Social Networking Service ‘Phater’

‘Phater,’ a fictional social networking service, shows the responses outside the collapse site and sometimes provides hints to help find the truth.


◆ Various Scenario

In conversations with survivors, there are various choices. The story branches out in different directions with each decision made, and the results may vary dramatically depending on these choices.

[Nintendo E-Shop]




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